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IGNOU MES-44 - Institutional Management

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IGNOU MES-44 Code Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title Institutional Management
  • Language(s) English
  • Code MES-44
  • Subject Education
  • Degree(s) PGDEMA, MA
  • Course Core Courses (CC)

IGNOU MES-44 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Management of Curriculum

  • Unit 1 - Classroom Management (Instructional Management)
  • Unit 2 - Curriculum Transaction
  • Unit 3 - Management of Evaluation
  • Unit 4 - Management of Academic Resources
  • Unit 5 - Management of Curricular & Co-curricular Programmes & Activities

Block 2 - Management of Financial Resources

  • Unit 1 - Educational Finance: Meaning, Importance and Scope
  • Unit 2 - Cost and Budgeting
  • Unit 3 - Accounting and Auditing
  • Unit 4 - Resource Mobilisation in Education

Block 3 - Management of Human and Administrative Resources

  • Unit 1 - Management of Student Support System
  • Unit 2 - Management of Administrative Resources
  • Unit 3 - Management of Human Resources

Block 4 - Management of Infrastructure

  • Unit 1 - Concept, Importance and Need of Infrastructure Management
  • Unit 2 - Management of Physical Resources
  • Unit 3 - Utilisation of Infra-structural Resources

Block 5 - Total Quality Management

  • Unit 1 - Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Indicators
  • Unit 2 - Tools of Management
  • Unit 3 - Strategies for Quality Improvement
  • Unit 4 - Role of Different Agencies
  • Unit 5 - Quality Concerns and Issues for Research
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IGNOU MES-44 (January 2024 - July 2024) Assignment Questions

Answer the following questions in about 500 words each: 1. Explain the concept of Pre-active and Interactive Phases of Classroom Management. Discuss the precautions and planning required for a teacher both in Pre-active and Interactive phases of Classroom Management. 2. Why providing Students Support System is important for an institute? Explain the necessary services provided by an educational institution for managing Student Support System. 3. Explain the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM). Assuming you as a Principal in a School, what efforts do you make to achieve Total Quality Management of your School? Discuss with suitable examples.

IGNOU MES-44 (January 2023 - July 2023) Assignment Questions

Assignment-1 a) Critically analyse the components of classroom management in terms of pre-active and interactive phase of teaching-learning process. b) Explain the concept of managing student support system with special reference to managing teaching learning strategies. c) Explain input, process and output indicators for ensuring quality education. According to you, how can quality in education be assured and improved? Exemplify.
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