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Learn more about the 100% Money-Back Guarantee by reading the terms and conditions given below.

To take advantage of the 100% Money-Back Guarantee, be sure that the date of your order is at least 20 days before your exam date. This is because it can take a maximum of 7-10 days to reach the book by courier following an order. You’ll need to provide proof in the form of a hall ticket.

We will process all valid claims within 15 working days.

We offer a 100% Refund of your purchase, if

  •  you find that at least 40% of questions are not from the GPH Help Books.
  •  you get a failing grade on your assignments.
  •  your synopsis or report gets rejected.

Only New Courses with less than 5 exams  are not applicable for 100% Refund.

Proof Required to Initiate a Refund

  1. Order Number
  2. Email Id
  3. Full Name
  4. Enrollment Number
  5. Programme Code
  6. Student ID Card
  7. Copy of Your Results / Grade Card.

The name of the person who ordered and your university grade card need to match with each other. If you have not purchased the GPH Help Books from Gullybaba, then you cannot make a claim for a refund.

As mentioned in these terms and conditions, requesting a 100% Money Back Guarantee is simple. Please send an email to [email protected] requesting the refund after meeting all the following pre-requisites: all information as asked above, with valid university ID proof.

These terms and conditions can be updated at any time with or without notification.