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How to Write IGNOU AHE Project?

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:43 by Umesh Singla

IGNOU AHE-01 Project The common question that hounds the students of IGNOU is: “how to write the IGNOU AHE-01 Project? Even those students, who get some information, online and offline, do not find the comprehensive and conclusive and this is one of the important reasons why they too want to get reliable and comprehensive information on how to prepare for the IGNOU AHE-01 Project. If you are also among those IGNOU students, who want to get concrete information about how to write IGNOU AHE-01 Project, the given tips and tricks will prove to be of great help and benefit:

Why Students Choose GPH Books?

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:43 by Umesh Singla

1.  The GPH Books cover all syllabuses as prescribed by Universities/Boards/Institutions. This helps students to understand and study the whole syllabus in a quick way. This makes students confident for the examinations.

2. The GPH books are written in easily understandable language and format that save hours of frustration for students and they get prepared for exams in a short period of time.

3. The GPH books are published with an exam-oriented approach, hence prepared in question-answer format which provides students the instant understanding of a correct answer.

4. The GPH books cover the maximum solved previous year’s question papers which help students to understand the unique examination structure and equip them better for the exam.

5. One of the important features of the GPH books is that both semesters’ question papers (June-December) are included with solutions.

6. In the GPH books, data are updated instantly as and when any change occurs.

7. In the printing of GPH books, recycled paper are used which consumes very less energy, and water, produces lower carbon emissions than non-recycled paper, and at the same time, reduces the amount of waste to landfill — as paper can be recycled 4 to 5 times.

8. The GPH books are handy, so you can carry them anywhere and study when you want. The books are reasonable in price.

9. For every book sold, we contribute to society/institutions/ NGOs/ underprivileged.

Top IGNOU courses after graduation

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:43 by Umesh Singla

IGNOU  is regarded as the world’s largest university on the parameter of enrollment. This is the university that provides nearly 500 degrees, diplomas, certificates, and doctoral courses today. Today, IGNOU boasts of having 4 million students in India as well as three dozen other countries of the world. Therefore, the curiosity about its various courses, especially IGNOU Courses after Graduation is, I think, quite natural.

In order to know about the IGNOU Admission Last Date, you will have to keep on visiting the official website of IGNOU from time to time. Once you fill out your application, even in that case you will need to keep on paying visits to the website so that you can come to know about IGNOU Admission Status.

Given below is the various IGNOU Courses after Graduation, the knowledge of which will Pave your Path to higher education and help you choose the right course based on your interest and needs:

IGNOU – Solved Assignments of MBA, MCA, BCA, B.SC and B.COM

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:29 by Umesh Singla

Since its inception, Gullybaba has been engaged in offering Complete Solutions to the IGNOU students. Gullybaba assignments are considered as Best Solved IGNOU Assignments in India. Our self-learning material enables students to learn about the subject thoroughly and prepare for their examinations. Also, during the course, students have to answer a few assignments to get the course degree or diploma. Gullybaba assists them in solving assignments as well by drafting their assignments with the help of our subject experts. Concerned students can also contact us and get free consultations during office hours. Our dedicated team of professionals and subject experts has great command over their subjects and has in-depth knowledge of the standards followed by IGNOU.

IGNOU BES B.Ed. New Course Details (Based on New NCTE Curriculum)

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:28 by Umesh Singla

Undoubtedly, IGNOU BES B.Ed. The course is one of the most sought-after courses today. Understandably so, because those who successfully complete the course, become able to get vistas of opportunities in education, right from the job as a primary teacher to a suitable teaching job in the most prestigious institute in India and even abroad.

How to do B.Ed. from IGNOU?

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:28 by Umesh Singla

Doing B.Ed. from IGNOU is more desirable for the students of today than any other university. Bachelor of Education or B.Ed. from IGNOU is recognized by the National Council for Teachers’ Education. It is probably the only university that has a flexible class with a degree that is recognized globally. IGNOU does also have got the distinction of being the only university that has the most renowned study materials. The university conducts an examination twice a year for its IGNOU B.Ed. course, respectively for January and July sessions.

Given below are the eligibility criteria, reservation, duration, of the course, medium of the exam, how to apply, entrance test, the structure of the entrance exam, admission process, admission, application fees, course fees, and admission confirmation in B.Ed. from IGNOU:

Why GPH IGNOU Help Books Are The Best?

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:27 by Umesh Singla

IGNOU December 2022 exams are just around the corner and students have got engaged with the study to clear exams in one go. But have you considered what help book you are using? If they are from the reputed publishers?
Yes!!! Most of us do the same mistake leading us either to get fewer marks or failed. www.gullybaba.com is a distinguished name in this field ruling over many hearts. On this platform, a comprehensive range of IGNOU Help Book For December 2022-23 Exams are available at the best prices. It does not matter which subject you are looking for since a wide array of books are available including

➤ B.Sc
➤ B.Com
➤ M.Com
➤ B.Ed and so on

What is the Scope of IGNOU MBA Course?

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:19 by Umesh Singla

IGNOU MBA: Distance Education is always referred to as the poorer cousin of regular degree programs. However, it is a complete blessing for students who are unable to do full-time courses due to their circumstances and want to pursue their studies further with their jobs. Usually, students are worried about the value of distance education. The value of the IGNOU degree mainly depends upon the students, as some of them make the best out of it, whereas others are unable to cope with the pressure. Hence, if you want to pursue MBA from IGNOU, then it has its own pros and cons.

How to Prepare for Competitive Exams?

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:19 by Umesh Singla

Getting selected in a competitive examination today is like being able to search a needle in a haystack. Given the number of students that appear for the examination and the limited vacancies, selection in any competitive exams is not less than a lifetime achievement. The common question among all the aspirants is: how to prepare for competitive exams? Given below are some of the tips that will help you answer this question:

How to get the Best History Books?

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:19 by Umesh Singla

There are so many subjects that students choose out of compulsion—maybe because they provide greater career opportunities, a skill you want to acquire and the demand for the subjects, so on and so forth. But, history is altogether different from all of these. Students choose this subject out of curiosity, and inquisitiveness to know the past of their country, culture, civilization, social system, evolution, and the like. It is rightly said, “history is the darling of the curious mind”. The subject called history explains some portions of the past and gives a sequential explanation of why the present situation is like this. And this is perhaps one of the most important reasons why people say, “We should learn from history”.

There are so many students, who select history as their subject, out of their sheer curiosity and quest to know about the past. Those who pursue their education in distance mode through Indira Gandhi National Open University, get confused by the abundant presence of these books from various publishers. If you are among those students who want to know as to how to get the best history help books, given below are the tips that will help you decide on the best book:

How to select the best book on Hindi Language?

Published on Tuesday July 5, 2022 09:19 by Umesh Singla

You might have seen people arguing against the relevance of the Hindi language. They might argue that gone are the days of the Hindi language, for it is no longer a good career provider. There is no Premchand or Nirala today, Google does not come up with the content of Hindi unless you type in Hindi font, so scarce study materials, top-notch publishers of today do not publish Hindi books, in the era of globalization it is only English language that can prevail, only those students who do not understand English, go for Hindi language, so on and so forth.

Whatever may the so-called intellectuals of today argue, the fact of the matter is that Hindi is nowhere less important than any other language, including English. Hindi is one of the most suitable languages for those who want to prepare for the prestigious examination, like UPSC, NET, etc. In addition to these, there are so many lucrative career opportunities that this language provides, such as Interpreter who accompanies Prime Minister and other important dignitaries on a foreign tour, Hindi Translator, Hindi Officer, Hindi Assistant, manager in several departments in central/state governments.

When you will take a glance at the market today, you will find so many books from different publishers. The availability of an astronomical number of books may clutter your mind and make you feel indecisive when you want to select a book in the Hindi language. To help you how to decide on the best help book for the Hindi language, I will like to give you some suggestions. Given below are some of those:

How to select best sociology books?

Published on Monday July 4, 2022 17:02 by Umesh Singla

The subject of psychology deals with the study of the behavior, performance as well as mental functioning of people. The study of the subject that is called psychology enables students to get the required knowledge that can be essential to understand events, treat mental health issues, improve education, relationship and augment the level of education. Psychology has got the distinction of being the intersection of theoretical, applied, and educational science. The subareas of the subject include but are not limited to sports, education, business, media, physical conditions, and human development. The subject does also interact with other areas of study, such as social science, natural science, and humanities. In essence, it can be said with absolute certainty that psychology is central to various fields of study.

Cognitive Psychology is one of the most read-about branches of psychology. The subject teaches how the brain acquires knowledge and uses that knowledge to produce behavior. As this subject is included in the course curriculum of various prestigious universities, so many publishers have made a beeline to publishing books on this subject. Though the availability of several books on a single subject augurs well for the students, it has its downside as well. The students have to face the Problem of Plenty.

If you are among those students who are in a dilemma to choose the best help book on cognitive psychology and hence you want to get some tips on how to select the best book on cognitive psychology, here are a few of these:

Gullybaba IGNOU Help Books

Published on Monday June 27, 2022 11:36 by Umesh Singla

Gullybaba makes education easy for distance learning students, thereby fulfilling the dreams of education for many. GPH excels in assisting IGNOU students in all aspects like providing IGNOU Reference Books/ Study materials/ Refresher Books/Assignments/Question Papers/Project Report Synopsis for all Courses and university updates also. Learners who believe that Correspondence studies are difficult to pursue… Should think again!!!   Many dropouts leave their studies in between or don’t appear for exams. And for all such students, Gullybaba Help books serve as a big boon. Gullybaba Publishing House is among the Top IGNOU Book Publishers in India Committed to the Quality and Deliverance of the best IGNOU help books in India. And this has been made possible with our in-house excellent team of professional writers and subject experts who help us to publish material which:

  • Provides quality material to keep students focused only on those aspects which are important to get SURE SUCCESS in EXAMS & enhance knowledge.
  • Offers IGNOU Help books that summarize the chapters of IGNOU books. It is like a weekly dossier.
  • The dossier aims at providing necessary study material which is not available in the textbooks and other resource books, with the latest news and updates from IGNOU along with added features of the latest happenings in the world of education.
  • Attempts to impart not just academic knowledge to students pursuing their education through IGNOU and other distance learning institutions and universities, but overall knowledge of various aspects which is required for complete development of the personality.

Gullybaba offers help books for all IGNOU courses like MBA, MCA, BCA (old course), BCA (Revised Course), M.com, M.A (Economics, English/Hindi, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Rural Development), B.SC, B.Com, Application Oriented Course, Foundation Courses, CTE, MTM, BA (Economics, English/Hindi, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology), B.ED (Hindi), B.ED(English), M.ED, BLIS, BSW, BPP, BTS, DNHE, MBA  Entrance Examination Books and other. Buy IGNOU help books Online Gullybaba at a 40-50% discount in just a few seconds. Click on the IGNOU help book menu, chose the relevant course, choose your product and add it to your cart. GPH help books are considered the most trusted IGNOU help books.

NIOS D.El.Ed. Course Syllabus, Books, Study Materials, Exam Fee and Exam Date Full Details

Published on Monday June 27, 2022 11:33 by Umesh Singla

A diploma in Elementary Education or (D.El.Ed.) is a big boon for all those untrained teachers that are employed with any Government or Private institution. Any in-service teacher can get the tag of “Trained” by clearing the exam known as D.EL.ED. On the initiative of the Ministry of Human Resources Development(MHRD), the NIOS or the National Institute of Open Schooling conducts this course. It holds 10 papers which means aspirants have to give five papers in two semesters of 9 months.

All that you may want to Know about NIOS PDPET 6 Months’ Bridge Course

Published on Monday June 27, 2022 11:32 by Umesh Singla

The importance of NIOS – PDPET 6 months bridge course rose sky-high after the HRD ministry directed that the teachers teaching primary students should compulsory have the D.EL.ED by March 2022. If they do not get embraced with the degree, they would lose their jobs. The Union Government has issued notification for the state governments and has asked to ensure that all untrained teachers have registered themselves for the diploma course of NIOS.