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IGNOU Courses & Syllabus

Maximize Your Learning Potential with IGNOU Study Material

Published on Thursday February 22, 2024 11:16 by G team

Have you recently enrolled at IGNOU and are still awaiting your study materials? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you. IGNOU, which stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University, is the world’s largest open university and educates thousands of students every year. You might be surprised that it has an extensive repository of online self-learning material, which you can use for learning purposes. Let’s look at how you can utilize IGNOU Study Material online.

How to Get Direct Admission in MA English (MEG) Second Year?

Published on Tuesday September 19, 2023 17:59 by G team

For all those students who want to do an MA from a prestigious university and in distance mode, IGNOU happens to be a natural choice. Understandably so because this is arguably the only university that has a range of options when it comes to Selecting the Subject, has respectable positions across the globe, and after the successful completion of this course, students get lucrative job opportunities in diverse fields. In addition to all the attributes of IGNOU mentioned above, there is one big benefit that Indira Gandhi National Open University provides. If students complete its Post Graduation Diploma in Writings from India, or PGDWI program, they can directly take admission to the MA(English) (MEG) Programme under the lateral entry scheme.

The Courses of IGNOU that Provide Lateral Entry:

Complete Detail about Master of Business Administration in Financial Management(MBAFM)

Published on Tuesday September 19, 2023 17:59 by G team

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) stands as a leader in India’s distance education. You name a popular course, and you will find that in IGNOU. Master of Business Administration in Financial Management is one such popular course, that admission seeker students from almost every part of India want to get information about. Read this blog till the end to know all the relevant information regarding MBA in Financial Management.

How to fill the Front Page of IGNOU Assignment?

Published on Monday August 28, 2023 12:08 by G team

Preparing and submitting an IGNOU assignment becomes super easy when you do it correctly. If you’re an IGNOU student and looking for an IGNOU Assignment Front Page Download, then you are at the right spot; in this article, we are not only sharing the Temple for Front Page of the IGNOU Assignment but also guiding you on how to fill it appropriately so that you don’t get confused with lots blank field in the A4 size sheet.

Things you can’t miss about Master of Business Administration (MBA)-New

Published on Monday August 7, 2023 12:32 by G team

The IGNOU MBA program now allows aspirants to enroll directly without having to take an entrance examination. The council has given its approval for one lakh admissions to IGNOU from the July, 2023 session. Candidates must possess a three-year graduation degree from a recognized university or institution with a minimum of 50% marks (45% for reserved category). The link for online admission and additional information can be found on the IGNOU website. The university spokesperson announced that the last date for admission is July 31, 2023.

IGNOU MBA New Syllabus: All those students of IGNOU, who are planning to get enrolled in IGNOU MBA New, have one question in common: What is the syllabus of IGNOU MBA New?

IGNOU BBA Term End Examination: About, Overview and the Frequently Asked Questions

Published on Friday August 4, 2023 17:40 by G team

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) schedules BBA Term End examinations biannually, typically in June and December. For those students unable to attend an examination due to unforeseen circumstances, they have the opportunity to retake the same test during the course duration. Presently, the examination forms for the BBA course of the December TEE 2023 are accessible. Students can visit IGNOU’s dedicated examination portal at and must complete and submit their examination forms by November 24, 2023.

The university has publicized a provisional timetable for the IGNOU BBA December TEE Exam. This examination plays a crucial role in the comprehensive evaluation of the program. According to the final schedule for the December TEE, the tests for IGNOU BBA, BBRIL, and BBASM will commence on December 1, 2023, and wrap up on January 5, 2024.

The university had previously issued the hall tickets for the BBA program for the June Term-end examination. Those students who applied for the December TEE Exam can obtain their admit cards from the university’s official site before the exam. The outcomes of the BBA December term-end examination 2023 have been notified by IGNOU. Students can retrieve their scores by navigating to the official university website at

IGNOU BAG Admission 2023: Qualification, Fees and Application Process

Published on Thursday August 3, 2023 18:35 by G team

IGNOU has started the admission process for the July season, in which interested candidates can apply online by visiting the official website of IGNOU from May 15 to August 10, 2023, in other UG and PG courses including the BAG course. While the date of IGNOU re-registration has been set as August 10, 2023, students must complete the re-registration process before the last date.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a university that offers students the opportunity to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various fields through distance and online learning modes. Through this, you can take admission in any course according to your interest. Most students are admitted to the BA course in Bachelor’s program from this university, so today we will discuss in detail about IGNOU BAG (Bachelor of Arts General) course.

IGNOU allows students to pursue Bachelor of Arts General (BAG) courses in 12 different specializations. In these specializations, admission in political science, history, civics, and philosophy can be taken on the basis of merit, while in other specializations, you can take direct admission.

IGNOU MSCPH: Program Overview, Objectives, Eligibility, Details

Published on Thursday August 3, 2023 15:07 by G team

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in science stream from a recognized university can enroll in the IGNOU MSc. Physics Programmer, or MSCPH, which is a two-year postgraduate course. The MSc. Physics helps students gain the skills and connections needed to work for major companies. Students who complete the MSc. distance in Physics become experts in the fields of classical mechanics, biophysics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, etc.

IGNOU Updates MBA Banking and Finance admission criteria

Published on Thursday July 27, 2023 13:32 by G team

Unlocking opportunities: IGNOU Breaks Barriers in pursuit of excellence! AIIB certification, experience not needed

Candidates without CAIIB certification and experience in the banking financial sector, are now eligible to apply for the course as IGNOU has revised its admission criteria and made it easy for aspiring students who want to try their luck in Banking and finance. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has revised the admission criteria for its Master of Business Administration (Banking and Finance) or MBF program.

IGNOU Assignments Update 2023 – Check your Academic Success

Published on Saturday July 22, 2023 16:06 by G team

Education is the cornerstone of personal and societal growth, offering individuals the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of the world. In this digital age, distance education has gained immense popularity, breaking down barriers and reaching learners from diverse backgrounds. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) stands tall as a pioneer in distance learning in India, empowering countless students with accessible education. In 2023, IGNOU took a significant step forward by updating its assignments, enhancing the learning experience, and paving the way for a brighter future. This blog explores the recent updates to IGNOU’s assignments and their potential impact on the education landscape.

IGNOU launches PG Diploma Course in Journalism and Mass Communication in 3 languages

Published on Wednesday February 1, 2023 15:30 by G team

IGNOU PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication: Students who have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline can apply for this course.
IGNOU PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has launched a new Post Graduate Diploma course in Journalism and Mass Communication. This PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication course of IGNOU is available in online mode and in three languages, i.e., English, Hindi and Tamil.
Students who want to take admitted to this PG Diploma course in Journalism and Mass Communication can apply for it by visiting this official website, i.e.,
Talking about the eligibility of this course, students who have a bachelor’s degree in any subject can fill out the online application form for this course. It is important to note here that the duration of this course is 1 year.
IGNOU PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication:

IGNOU Introduces Post Graduate Diploma Courses

Published on Wednesday January 11, 2023 17:49 by G team


  • IGNOU Launches Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • 31st January 2023 is the last date to apply for the courses

IGNOU CPIP-104 : Things you may want to know about

Published on Friday December 9, 2022 11:15 by G team


This course aims at creating an overall awareness and training on Consumer Affairs with special emphasis on Consumer Protection. After completing this programme, the learner can work as a consumer activist in the industrial sector, with NGOs and government departments on consumer affairs. The Maximum duration of this Course is two years and the minimum is six months.

Objectives of the Synopsis and Project Report at IGNOU CPIP 104 (Certificate in Consumer Protection) Level

Within this framework, Synopsis and Project Report Work of CPIP 104 (Certificate in Consumer Protection), the following specific objectives to enable a learner to:

  • Identify and formulate research problems
  • Write a good research proposal
  • Identify and use appropriate research design
  • Conduct scientific investigation in a systematic way
  • Collect and analyze the data
  • Learn to use appropriate statistical methods


  • Who Can Be the Guide/Supervisor for IGNOU CPIP 104 (Certificate in Consumer Protection) Synopsis and Project Report(The learner will require a Guide/Supervisor for carrying out the Project)

The eligibility criteria to be a Guide/Supervisor are as follows:


  • a)From Study Centre/ Regional Centre/ otherwise direct can from Maidan Garhi also.
  • b)Phil/PhD. in Consumer Protection with a minimum of two years Undergraduate/Post Graduate teaching experience Or
  • c)Master’s Degree in Consumer Protection with a minimum of two years’ experience at Post Graduate level                              Or
  • d)Master’s Degree in Consumer Protection with a minimum of five years of teaching experience at the Undergraduate level.
  • The student while submitting the synopsis should also submit the bio-data of the supervisor, duly signed by the supervisor (Refer to Appendix-I).
  • The learner will submit the synopsis along with the bio-data of the supervisor (wherever it is required), at the Study Centre/Regional Centre.
  • The Study Centre/Regional Centre will then send these synopses to the Discipline of Tourism Management, IGNOU, New Delhi for necessary approval.
  • There will be remuneration to the Supervisor/Guide for guiding each project. He/she can claim Project Guidance remuneration using a Pro forma (Appendix-II), after the final submission of the project/dissertation of the learners at the Regional Centre.


Preparatory Course in General Mathematics (OMT-101): About and the Syllabus

Published on Thursday December 8, 2022 11:29 by G team

Preparatory Course in General Mathematics (OMT-101)




In every activities of your life, you have been using some mathematics. In the future too, you will come across many instances where you need to use basic mathematics directly or indirectly. The idea of this course is to give you some understanding of such basics which will help you to study other subjects as well as to tackle some problems that arise in day-to-day activities.

You must have studied some mathematics at your school level. But you may not have developed a clear understanding of the basic concepts then. In this course, we are explaining several concepts in the context of situations where you would use them. We expect this to help you gain more confidence in these areas.

This is for BPP Pragramme. This Programme is for all those students who are 10th, but for some reason or the other have not done 10+2. Students with BPP can directly take admission in graduation. This BPP Programme is just for 6 months. So, in this way this programme is for great Help and Benefits for such students. However, it is important to note here that BPP is the eligibility for taking admission in  graduation only for IGNOU, and not for other universities.

The course is developed in a manner that includes concepts which you will come across while studying for your Bachelor’s Degree Programme. Apart from this, it chiefly aims to develop your logical thinking abilities, and your ability to be precise in thinking and communication.

The syllabus is broadly divided into four areas in mathematics, and presented in four blocks as shown below.

Block 1 Numbers

Unit 1 Why Do Mathematics?

Unit 2 The World of Numbers

Unit 3 World of Fraction

Unit 4 Decimal Fractions

Block 2 Algebra

Unit 5 Algebraic Expressions

Unit 6 Counting Without Counting

Unit 7 Permutations and Combinations


Block 3 Geometry

Unit 8 Some Basic Concepts

Unit 9 Flat Shape

Unit 10 Symmetry and Tilings

Unit 11 Studying Three-Dimensional Objects

Unit 12 Mensuration

Unit 13 Coordinate Geometry


Block 4 Handling Investments and Data

Unit 14 Commercial Mathematics

Unit 15 Handling Data

Unit 16 Probability


IGNOU’s BAHIH Course—Information you cannot afford to give a Miss

Published on Tuesday December 6, 2022 12:00 by G team

BAHIH is the short form of Bachelor of Arts Honours History. This course is designed in such a way that the learners of this course get a strong foundation. This course enables the students to get acquainted with history and know about the basics of this subject. This understanding of History helps students to comprehend this subject with great ease and convenience in their post-graduate years.


B.A. Honours History (BAHIH)

Minimum Duration: 3 Years

Maximum Duration: 6 Years

Course Fee: Rs. 9,600(this fee structure may change; hence while submitting form, check)

Age: No bar

Medium of Instruction: Both Hindi and English



10+2 or its equivalent.


BAHIH programme is of 148 credits with a mix of five types of courses:


  • Core courses (CC): All of 6 Credits

BHIC 101: History of India-I

BHIC 102: Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World

BHIC   103: History of India-II

BHIC 104: Social Formations and Culture

BHIC 105: History of India-III(c.750-1206)

BHIC  106: Rise of the Modern West-I

BHIC 107: History of India IV(c.1206-1550)

BHIC 108: Rise of Modern West-II

BHIC 109:  History of India-V (c. 1550-1605)

BHIC 110: History of India-VI (c. 1750-1857)

BHIC 111: History of Modern Europe-I (c. 1780-1939)

BHIC 112: History of India –VII (c. 1605-1750)

BHIC 113: History of India-VIII (c. 1857-1950)

BHIC 114:   History of Modern Europe-II (c. 1780-1939)

  • Discipline-Specific Electives (DSE): All of 6 Credits

BHIE 141: History of China (c. 1840-1978)

BHIE 142: History of Environment

BHIE 143: History of Modern East Asia: Japan (c. 1868-1945)

BHIE 144: Traditions of History Writing in India

BHIE 145: Some aspects of European History: (C. 1789 – 1945)


  • Generic Electives (GE): All of 6 Credits Each

BGDG 172: Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture

ONR 003: Water Harvesting, Conservation and Utilization

BPCG 171: General Psychology

BPCG 172: Youth, Gender and Identity

BPCG 173: Psychology for Health and Well-being

BPCG 174: Psychology and Media

BPCG 175: Psychology for Living

BPCG 176: Psychology of Gender

BPAG 171: Disaster Management

BPAG 172: Governance: Issues and Challenges

BPAG 173: E-Governance

BPAG 174: Sustainable Development

BSOG 171: Indian Society: Images and Realities

BSOG 173: Rethinking Development

BSOG 176: Economy and Society

BHDG 173: समाचार पत्र और फीचर लेखन

BSKG 173: आधार संस्कृत

BEGG 171: Media and Communication Skills

BEGG 172: Language and Linguistics

BEGG 173: Academic Writing & Composition

BEGG 174: Creative Writing

BABG 171: Understanding Ambedkar

BPYG 171: Applied Ethics

BPYG 172: Philosophy of Religion

  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC): All of 4 Credits

BEVAE 181: Environmental Studies

BEGAE 182: English Communication Skills

BHDAE 182: हिंदी भाषा और सम्प्रेषण


  • Skill Enhancement Course (SEC): All of 4 Credits

BANS 183: Tourism Anthropology

BANS 184: Public Health and Epidemiology

BECS 184: Data Analysis

BPCS183: Emotional Intelligence

BPCS184: School Psychology

BPCS185: Developing Emotional Competence

BPCS186: Managing Stress

BPCS187: Managing Human Resources

BPCS188: Application of Social Psychology

BPAS 184: Logistics Management

BPAS 186: Stress and Time Management

BSOS 184: Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making

BSOS 185: Society through the Visual

BHDS 183: अनुवाद सिद्धांत और प्रविधि

BHDS 184: रेडियो लेखन

BEGS 183: Writing And Study Skills

BEGS 185: English Language Teaching

BEGS 186: Business Communication