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IGNOU Admission

MBA (NEW) MMPP-01 Human Resource Management

Published on Saturday January 6, 2024 12:00 by G team

The MBA (NEW) MMPP-01 Human Resource Management project at IGNOU is a crucial endeavor that delves into the intricate domain of human resource practices within organizations. Focused on the contemporary landscape of HRM, the project explores areas such as talent acquisition, employee development, performance appraisal, and workplace diversity.

The purpose of IGNOU MMPP-1 Project Work is to support working individuals and professionals in enhancing their managerial skills, abilities, and orientation. The IGNOU MMPP-1 Project Work is designed to be practical and address identified gaps in the corporate and business sectors. It caters to the needs of those seeking training while managing work commitments, offering a valuable resource for skill development in the dynamic professional landscape.

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Essential Timelines for Your Project


  1. Project Proposals: Ensure you submit your Project Proposals to the Regional Centre within 6 months of registering for MMPP-001. Waiting beyond this period may risk delays in processing, jeopardizing the timeline for your final Project Report.
  2. Acceptance Process: Once your Project Proposal reaches the regional centre, it undergoes a thorough review. If it’s complete and includes all required documents, it gets accepted. You’ll then receive a unique Project Proposal number (PP. No.), which is crucial for future communication about your project.

Remember, sticking to these guidelines and timeframes is vital for a smooth and successful project completion within the academic schedule.

Easy Steps for Submitting Your Synopsis:

Follow these simple steps when preparing your project synopsis:

  1. Choose Your Topic: Pick a topic of your interest, preferably within your specialization. It could be a comprehensive case study focusing on a single organization, a multifunctional area, or an empirical field study.
  2. Select Your Guide: Find someone experienced in the chosen area who meets specific eligibility criteria. Your guide could be a Management Faculty, Academic Counsellor, or an external person with 5+ years of experience in HR, Finance, Marketing, or Operations, holding a Master’s degree in Management. If you choose your guide, attach their bio-data for approval.
  3. Prepare Your Synopsis: Work with your guide to create the Project Proposal (Synopsis). Ensure it includes:
  • Introduction: Briefly introduce the chosen subject.
  • Rationale: Explain why this topic is selected for the project.


By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to a well-prepared project synopsis.

Study Objectives Simplified:


  1. Exploration: Explore the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
  2. Factor Analysis: Analyze the factors influencing _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
  3. Influence Investigation: Investigate the influence of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Research Methodology Overview:

This section outlines how the study will be conducted:

  • Research Design: Specify the overall plan for conducting the research.
  • Data Details: Describe the nature and source of data/information.
  • Sampling Approach: Explain the sample selection method.
  • Rationale for Choice: Justify why a specific organization and sample are chosen.
  • Data Collection Tools: Identify tools and techniques for collecting data.
  • Collection Methods: Describe how data will be collected.
  • Handling and Analysis: Explain procedures for data handling and analysis.
  • Statistical Tools: Identify any statistical tools used.
  • Project Limitations: Highlight any limitations in the proposed project.

Synopsis Submission Process Simplified

Submitting your synopsis involves a few steps to make sure it gets evaluated and approved correctly:

  1. Required Components:
  • Performa for Approval of Synopsis: Fill out this form, which you can download from the IGNOU website under ‘PROFORMA FOR APPROVAL OF PROJECT PROPOSAL (MMPP-001).’ Both you and your guide need to sign and date it.
  • Bio-data of the Guide: Provide a detailed and signed bio-data of your guide, along with the date. If your guide is an approved counsellor, this is optional.
  1. For ODL Students:
  • Submit to ‘The Regional Director’ of your respective Regional Centre. Find addresses in the Student Handbook & Prospectus on IGNOU’s website.
  1. For MBA (Online) Students:
  1. Post-Submission Process:
  • An expert will evaluate your synopsis.

Eligibility Criteria for IGNOU MBA Project Guide:


  • Educational Qualification: Hold an advanced degree in Management or a related field.
  • Academic Role: Work as a management professor at the Headquarters’ School of Management Studies.
  • Selection Guidance:

Students are advised to choose supervisors who are professionals in the specific field related to their chosen topic.

  • You’ll receive written communication about approval or non-approval from the Regional Centre within two to three months.
  • If your proposed guide isn’t approved, choose a new guide and resubmit, treating it as a new proposal.
  • Similarly, if you want to change your guide, submit a new project proposal with the new guide’s signature; it’s considered a new proposal.

IGNOU MMPP-1 Synopsis (MBA New Syllabus)

1) Problem Formulation and Topic Selection:


  • Brainstorm and identify your project’s topic based on personal interest.
  • Relate the project topic to the study objective and choose a descriptive title.
  • Keep the project scope local for quicker completion.
  • Classify the problem generically first, then narrow it down operationally.
  • Discuss with your supervisor and peer group, and review relevant literature.

2) Study Objectives:

  • Align your project’s objectives with research inquiries.
  • Limit objectives to two or three, reflecting the data and analysis.

3) Research Questions:

  • Frame questions that explore your topic, using ‘if, what, why, and how.’
  • Limit questions to two or three in your synopsis.

4) Hypotheses (if applicable):

  • Formulate hypotheses that align with your research questions.
  • Keep the hypothesis simple, with no more than two components.

5) Research Methodology:

  • Detail how your study will be conducted.
  • Keep your sample size under 100 observations, considering time limits.
  • Specify the analytic technique for your data.

6) Expected Outcomes:

  • Summarize the anticipated results of your study in two to three words.

Guide to Writing Your IGNOU MMPP-1 Project Report (MBA New Syllabus)

When crafting your IGNOU MMPP-1 Project Report, focus on originality and clarity, with an understanding that it showcases your analytical and communication skills. Follow these simplified points:

  1. Length and Structure:
  • Aim for 15,000 to 20,000 words (50-60 pages), typed with 1.5 spacing.
  • Organize your report into four to five chapters, each with sections and subsections for consistency.
  1. Introduction:
  • Start with a clear introduction presenting your project.
  • State-specific objectives and targets.
  1. Methodology:
  • Clearly describe your approach, covering theoretical perspectives, data collection procedures, and analysis tools.
  • Assess similar projects/studies by other specialists briefly (maximum two to three pages).
  1. Logical Flow:
  • Conclude each section logically, weaving together all points.
  • End each chapter with a concise paragraph.
  1. Outcome Compilation:
  • Compile a list of outcomes driven by your objectives.
  1. Language and Presentation:
  • Write in simple language and revise for clarity.
  • Include visuals like photos, maps, diagrams, and illustrations as needed.

Structuring the Report:

  1. a) Cover Page: Title, your name, address, year, and enrollment number.
  2. b) Contents Page: List the contents, followed by tables, maps, and figures/illustrations.
  3. c) Acknowledgments Page: Express your gratitude.
  4. d) Abbreviations Page: Alphabetical listing.
  5. e) Summary Page (Page Six Onward): Provide an overview of your project, including strategy, objectives, and methodology.
  6. f) Second Chapter: Main body of the project.
  7. g) Conclusion Chapter: Present findings and suggestions if applicable.

Following this structure will ensure a well-organized and comprehensive IGNOU MMPP-1 Project Report.

Submission of Project Report

Upon submission, a unique Project Report Number (PR. No.) will be assigned. Quote this PR. No. in all future correspondences with the Registrar (SED) regarding your Project Report.

Project Reports are accepted throughout the year. Submissions made between 1st June and 30th November will have results declared with December Term-end Examinations.

Guidelines for Writing IGNOU MBA Project in Simple Terms:

If you’re wondering about the format and style for writing your IGNOU MBA Project, follow these straightforward guidelines:

Title: Choose a unique title that clearly represents the main idea of your study:

  1. Employee Satisfaction in the Telecommunications Sector

In the telecom industry, companies like Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone-Idea employ millions, making it highly competitive. Work conditions are often stressful. This project aims to gauge employee happiness in this challenging industry. Subtopics include the impact of globalization and market rivals on employee stress and attrition rates, making it a relevant HR project.

  1. Employee Welfare Programs at FMCG

India’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector has numerous brands with robust employee benefit programs. This project investigates how these programs aid in retaining employees, contributing to low attrition rates. Subtopics involve comparing FMCG corporations, studying policy differences, and analyzing the impact of welfare programs through employee testimonials.

  1. Employee Training Requirements in the Banking Industry

The evolving banking industry in India demands continuous training for employees dealing with diverse customers. This project delves into the training needs of bank employees, covering topics like behavioral segmentation, handling demanding customers, and improving client satisfaction.

  1. Employer Branding Strategies in Failing Businesses

Exploring how employer branding attracts individuals to failing companies, this project aims to position them as desirable workplaces. Subtopics include building unique selling propositions, conveying welfare programs effectively, and using networking channels like LinkedIn.

  1. Performance Evaluation and Bonus Payments

This project assesses if the evaluation system fairly rewards top performers and examines bonus payment practices during prosperous years. Subtopics involve:

  • Case studies on evaluation processes.
  • Their impact on turnover rates.
  • Commonly used evaluation techniques.
  1. Human Resources Policies and Implementation at BPO

Focusing on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), this project explores HR policies and their implementation. Subtopics include factors influencing job satisfaction, causes of attrition, and the impact of career progression on employees in quick-service food chains.

  1. Employee Retention Techniques at Tata Group

Examining Tata Group’s effective employee retention strategies, this project explores how they have achieved low turnover rates. It highlights successful employee benefit schemes and the factors contributing to their success.

  1. Influence of Women in Top Management Positions

Analyzing the impact of women in top Management, this project explores their role, influence, and case studies comparing organizations with female and male CEOs. It investigates factors contributing to the gender gap in senior Management.

  1. Employee Engagement in Information Technology Companies

Focusing on employee engagement in the IT sector, this project aims to enhance satisfaction and address concerns. Subtopics include factors contributing to late working hours, attrition rates, and a comparative case study of IT firms’ policies.

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  1. How do I choose a topic for my project synopsis?

Choose a topic of interest within your specialization, like a case study or field study.

  1. What are the guidelines for selecting a guide for my project?

Your guide needs expertise in the chosen area from the School of Management Studies, an Academic Counsellor, or an external expert with 5+ years in HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and a Master’s degree.

  1. What are the required components for submitting my project synopsis?

Include a filled ‘Performa for Approval of Synopsis’ and the signed bio-data of your guide.

  1. How do I submit my project synopsis?

Submit in the specified format to ‘The Regional Director’ or through the LMS Portal.

  1. What happens after I submit my synopsis?

It undergoes expert evaluation; feedback is sent from the Regional Centre within two to three months.

  1. What should I do if my proposed guide is not approved?

Select a new guide and resubmit as a new project.

  1. Can I change my guide after submitting my synopsis?

Yes, submit a new proposal with the new guide’s signature.

8. Is it mandatory to submit the bio-data of my guide?

Yes, unless they are an approved counselor.

  1. Where should I submit my typed project report?

To the Registrar (SED), IGNOU, at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068.

  1. Will I receive any acknowledgement after submitting my project report?

Yes, a Project Report Number (PR. No.) will be allotted.

  1. Can I submit my project report at any time of the year?

Yes, at any time.

  1. When will the results of my project report be declared?

If submitted between 1st December and 31st May, results with June Term-end Exams; if between 1st June and 30th November, results with Dec Term-end Exams.

  1. Do I need to send any additional documents with my project report?

Generally, only the project report is required; check guidelines for any additional requirements.

  1. How can I ensure my project report has been successfully processed?

After submission, receive a PR. No. as acknowledgement.

  1. Is there an option for online submission of the project report?

Standard procedure is submission to the Registrar (SED); check the IGNOU website for online options.

  1. What if I need to make changes to my project report after submission?

Changes are typically not allowed after submission. Ensure your report is final.


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GUIDELINES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR IGNOU Re-Registration EXAM | IGNOU Exams | Re Registration Eligibility And Process

Published on Friday December 22, 2023 13:26 by G team

Looking to understand IGNOU re-registration intricacies? Dive into the details, covering eligibility, process, deadlines, and specific scenarios such as registering for failed subjects, re-registration for improvement, and addressing back papers.

The IGNOU Admission Process for UG, PG, and Diploma courses for January Session 2024 has commenced, with a closing date of 31 January 2024. Interested students can navigate the official portal to fill out admission forms, with registration fees ranging from INR 300 to INR 850 for various programs.

This opportunity extends to UG and PG courses, spanning disciplines like BA, BCom, BSc, BSW, MA Political Science, MA English, and more. The re-registration process facilitates students’ return to academic pursuits, even after a gap in studies. Navigate through the following sections for a comprehensive guide on the IGNOU Re-Registration process for 2024, ensuring a smooth academic journey restart.

Difference between IGNOU Re-registration and Registration

The registration and re-registration processes at Indira Gandhi National Open University are subjects of discussion among new aspirants.

IGNOU Registration: Registration is tailored for new candidates entering their preferred program for the first time, occurring in January and July sessions. Completing this process requires following steps on the IGNOU Samarth website, ensuring only registered candidates proceed with the admission form.

IGNOU Registration: re-registration is distinct, catering to existing students continuing their educational journey by opting for the next semester or year at IGNOU, allowing flexibility for those who have passed or failed term-end examinations to seamlessly continue their studies.


IGNOU Re-Registration Process

Navigating IGNOU Re-Registration 2024 is a systematic process ensuring seamless enrollment. Key elements like the last date, fees, eligibility, and guidelines are vital for a successful re-registration journey.

Addressing queries like “I need to know the deadline for IGNOU re-registration” and “Is it possible to re-register for an IGNOU exam that I failed?” clarifies concerns prospective students may have. The entire IGNOU Re-Registration process is user-friendly, accessible via the official website

Step 1. Re-registration


  1. Go to, the official website of IGNOU.



2. Now click on ‘Re-Registration’ post selectin on the ‘Register Online’ option from top menu.

ignou re registration

3. There will be a window on the screen for login.


ignou reregistration

  1. Enter the password and username, then complete the captcha
  2. Select the “login” tab.


Step 2. Completing the Re-Registration Form with Details

  1. Click “Continue” to proceed.


2. Select the IGNOU elective or optional courses from the listed program subjects.

3. Save your choices now, then select the “next” tab.


4. Verify the information by checking the specified details, and then validate the information.

5. Next, candidates must click “Next” after checking the “self-declaration” box.


Step 3. Fee Payment

  1. To complete the payment of application fees, choose the “Accept and Proceed Payment” option.
  2. Make the online payment for IGNOU re-registration fees using an ATM card (specifically PNB), credit card, debit card, UPI, or Netbanking.


Step 4. Confirmation of Payment

  • After completing the fee payment, candidates are recommended to produce several printouts of the fee receipt and keep them for future reference. 
  • Select the ‘next’ button to access the ‘form preview’ option.


  • Upon successful submission of the form, candidates will receive a confirmation message on their registered email ID and mobile number. 
  • Candidates who do not receive a confirmation message should promptly contact university officials for assistance. 
  • Check the student portal to confirm the successful completion of the IGNOU re-registration process online.

This straightforward process facilitates a smooth re-registration experience, with eligibility criteria acting as a crucial checkpoint.

Details Required for Re-admission:

The IGNOU Re-Registration procedure encompasses the collection of crucial details to guarantee a smooth and secure enrollment process. 

  • Enrollment Number
  • Program Name
  • Password
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Bank Details:

By providing accurate and up-to-date information in these categories, you contribute to a successful and seamless IGNOU Re-Registration process.


IGNOU Re-registration Last Date 2024

Events Dates 
IGNOU Re-registration 2024 Last Date 29 January 2024
IGNOU BA Re-registration 2024 Last Date 29 January 2024
IGNOU BCA Re-registration 2024 Last Date 29 January 2024
IGNOU MBA Re-registration 2024 Last Date 29 January 2024
IGNOU MA Re-registration 2024 Last Date 29 January 2024
IGNOU MA Re-registration 2024 Last Date 29 January 2024
IGNOU BEd Re-registration 2024 Last Date 29 January 2024
IGNOU PhD Re-registration 2024 Last Date 29 January 2024

IGNOU Online Re-registration Fee 2024

The IGNOU Re-registration process involves the mandatory payment of fees during the form-filling process, and students are required to pay the fee in installments. Taking the example of a student pursuing the BA program with a total fee of 12,000 rupees for the first time, they must pay the fee in three parts corresponding to the three years of the program. Therefore, the IGNOU Re-registration fee for the BA program is Rs. 4000.

Upon completion of the fee submission, students will receive confirmation through email or SMS on their registered mobile number. The IGNOU Re-registration It’s important to note that fees differ between general and other categories, and candidates can refer to the dropdown list for course-wise fee structures.

For students in the second and third years, the registration fee is payable, ensuring registration for the subsequent year. In the case of IGNOU Re-registration, the fee is determined by the university, considering the previous semesters and years. For example, a student enrolled in the BDP program with a total course fee of Rs. 6000/- has it divided into three years, amounting to INR 2000 per year.

IGNOU Re-registration Status 2024 

After finishing the process, students can verify their Re-registration Status online. Following the submission of the form, IGNOU sends an SMS or confirmation email. By logging in with the provided credentials, students can track the status, usually updated by the university within 30 days or more.

Process To Check IGNOU Re-registration Status 2024?
Here are the steps to check re-registration status:

  1. Go to the official IGNOU Registration portal 
  2. Sign in using the enrollment number & code provided by the University. 
  3. Click the submit button. Review the program details, including the course code. 
  4. Course names will be displayed, indicating IGNOU has refreshed the re-registration status for 2024.

Post Registration – What To Do For IGNOU Exam?

After registering for your IGNOU exams, a crucial step is to get self-help books and solved assignments to kickstart your journey towards success.

Gullybaba, a trusted name in the education industry, offers a comprehensive range of study materials, including self-help books and meticulously solved assignments. Gullybaba’s offerings cater to the specific needs of IGNOU students, ensuring a holistic and supportive approach to academic excellence.


IGNOU Admissions: Admission process begins at IGNOU, interested candidates can apply till this date

Published on Saturday October 7, 2023 10:30 by G team

IGNOU Admission 2023 Last Date: The enrollment process for the July 2023 session in IGNOU is still in progress. The last date for admission has been extended to October 10, 2023. The aspirants can enroll online and re-register through the official website of Indira Gandhi National Open University, At IGNOU, enrollment is open for 256 Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programs and 42 online programs.

The coordinator of AS College Deoghar, IGNOU Study Center3606, Dr. Janaki Nandan Singh stated that the last date for online enrollment and re-registration in various courses (BA General, BA Prestige, MA, Diploma except for certificate courses) for the July 2023 session in IGNOU (except certificate courses, with a fine of Rs. 200) has been extended till 10th October 2023. Moreover, candidates belonging to the SC/ST category can enroll for free for any undergraduate program.

IGNOU Admission Last Date for July 2023-24 Session Extended till 30th September

Published on Wednesday September 27, 2023 17:31 by G team

IGNOU Admission Last date for July 2023-24:

The last date for IGNOU July Admission for the academic year 2023-24, has been extended to September 30th, 2023. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has extended the last date for July session admission to 30th September 2023 for both online and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programmes except for the certificate courses. The university has also extended the last date for re-registration, charging a late fee of Rs. 200. The eligible candidates who haven’t applied yet, can fill out the application form for admission. And, the previous semester or previous year students can also re-register themselves on the official website of the University.

IGNOU offers fresh admission and re-registration to the candidates. The students who desire to enrol for new admissions for the ODL programme, have to register at For admission to online programmes, the aspirants have to register at To know the last date for re-registration along with a late fee of Rs. 200 for online and ODL programs, the students shall visit the official website of the IGNOU

IGNOU BBA Admission 2023: The Enrollment and Admission Highlights

Published on Friday August 4, 2023 18:00 by G team

Enrollment for IGNOU’s BBA program 2023: The deadline for applying to IGNOU’s BBA program is August 10, 2023. Potential students can access the application forms for the undergraduate management course both online and offline. To enroll in any program for the IGNOU admission cycle, students must register online at For the July 2023 session, IGNOU has opened the BBA re-registration, and students are advised to complete their applications before the August 10, 2023 deadline on the official website

The Faculty of Management Studies at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) program with a span of 3 years. Those who are keen to build a career in the service management or retail sector may find this program at IGNOU, fitting their aspirations.

IGNOU BAG Admission 2023: Qualification, Fees and Application Process

Published on Thursday August 3, 2023 18:35 by G team

IGNOU has started the admission process for the July season, in which interested candidates can apply online by visiting the official website of IGNOU from May 15 to August 10, 2023, in other UG and PG courses including the BAG course. While the date of IGNOU re-registration has been set as August 10, 2023, students must complete the re-registration process before the last date.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a university that offers students the opportunity to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various fields through distance and online learning modes. Through this, you can take admission in any course according to your interest. Most students are admitted to the BA course in Bachelor’s program from this university, so today we will discuss in detail about IGNOU BAG (Bachelor of Arts General) course.

IGNOU allows students to pursue Bachelor of Arts General (BAG) courses in 12 different specializations. In these specializations, admission in political science, history, civics, and philosophy can be taken on the basis of merit, while in other specializations, you can take direct admission.

Last Chance Alert: Don’t Miss Out on IGNOU July Admissions!

Published on Tuesday July 18, 2023 18:29 by G team

IGNOU Extends July Admission 2023 Deadline for Fresh, Re-registration

The fresh admissions and re-registration deadline for the July 2023 session at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has been extended. According to a tweet from IGNOU, candidates now have until July 31 to complete their registration for various programs. Registration for ODL programs can be done on the official IGNOU website at, while online program candidates can register at Those candidates, who want to re-register, can do so by logging in at

IGNOU Admission 2023 July Session: Important Updates The Last Date For Submission of Application is Released

Published on Wednesday May 17, 2023 17:25 by G team

IGNOU Admission 2023 July Session: Indira Gandhi National Open University commenced the admission process for the ODL programs in July 2023 session. 30 June 2023 is the last date to apply for IGNOU Admission 2023 July Session. Various certificates, diplomas, and degree programs at the undergraduate, and postgraduate levels are available for enrollment. Students could fill out the form for all the UG, PG, Certificates, Diplomas, and PG Diplomas programs through IGNOU’s official portal.

You can now watch the admission process video on our Youtube channel and learn how to pave your way to success!

There is big news for all the students who want to get enrolled in IGNOU July Session for an Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Certificate, Diploma or PF Diploma course. The admission process for the ODL programs in the July 2023 session at Indira Gandhi National Open University has begun. Students can submit their applications through the portal of IGNOU,

IGNOU Online MA English Admission 2023 | MEGOL | Eligibility, Fee & Process

Published on Thursday March 16, 2023 10:50 by G team

IGNOU Online MA English Admission 2023: Registration for online MA English at IGNOU in January session 2023 has started on its official website. The last date for registration in the online MA English course is 20 March 2023. The university has recently launched an MA English programme in online mode. The MA in English degree gives students a solid understanding of English and American literature as well as Canadian, Australian and Indian literature. Now the question is here What after Getting Admission to MA English from IGNOU?

IGNOU January 2023 Admission: Latest update of IGNOU for January session 2023 re-registration

Published on Tuesday February 14, 2023 14:46 by G team

IGNOU January 2023 Admission: There is big breaking news for the students of Indira Gandhi National Open University. IGNOU has once again extended the date of re-registration 2023 for the January session 2023. It is important to mention here that it is the third time, that the university ha has extended the last date of re-registration for its students seeking admission in the January session.
New Delhi.

IGNOU Admission 2023 – January Session, Registration (Start), Syllabus, Re-Registration, Dates

Published on Saturday February 4, 2023 17:20 by G team

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has extended the last date of admission for the January 2023 session from January 31 to February 10, 2023. IGNOU 2023 admission for the January session started in online mode on December 28, 2022, on the official website. Applicants can complete the formalities related to IGNOU Admission 2023 by visiting IGNOU’s admission portal Interested candidates for IGNOU Admission, 2023 will be able to complete their IGNOU Registration Process 2023 before the deadline.

Candidates belonging to SC/ST category applying for the IGNOU programme can claim a fee waiver. Candidates who want to register for the second or third year can take IGNOU Admission, 2023 by filling out the re-registration form till the last date of submission. IGNOU offers admission to various UG, PG, Certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma and Doctoral level programmes in distance learning and online education.


Last date for admission and re-registration in IGNOU extended till 10th

Published on Friday February 3, 2023 15:17 by G team

JAMMU: IGNOU has extended the last date for fresh admission as well as re-registration till February 10 for the January, 2023 session. Before filling the Admission Form online, the candidate will have to create a User ID and Password on the Samarth Portal.

What comes next after Admission in IGNOU?

Published on Wednesday February 1, 2023 15:30 by G team

Every year lakhs of students get enrolled in IGNOU. But after enrolling, many students do not know what do students have to do after admission to IGNOU is confirmed.
The students of IGNOU tend to get very upset because they do not get any correct information about their program from anywhere. In this blog, we have incorporated all the information that is worth knowing after a student takes admitted to a program IGNOU.
So if you have also taken admitted to a program and want to know what you have to do next, for this you must read this blog carefully and completely so that if you want any information related to your program, you could be able to find it through this blog. This will help you complete your program easily, without any interruption.