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IGNOU Grade Card – Result

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:56 by Editor

IGNOU examination can be categorized as Term-End Exam (TEE), On-Demand Exam, OPENMAT, and Revaluation. All result-related information can be checked through the official website of IGNOU.

Term And Exam: In order to access the performance of students, the University conducts the term-end examination in the months of June & December every year. Students can check their results year-wise by simply providing their enrollment number.

IGNOU OPENMAT Result: OPENMAT results for Management courses can also be checked from the official website. Qualified candidates have to submit the application form to the regional center with a fee of INR 1800.

IGNOU Revaluation Result: If you are not satisfied with your IGNOU result/grade in the term-end examination, then you can directly apply for the revaluation process for your concerned course. Students must keep in mind the following important points in order to apply for the revaluation process.

Evaluation Process in IGNOU: IGNOU follows a unique three-stage process to measure the performance of a student.

  • Self-Assessment: In terms of marks weightage of this section is nil, but it is very important for student’s mental growth
  • Evaluation through Assignments: It includes 25 to 30% of the total weightage.
  • Term-End Examination (TEE): It includes 70 to 75% of the total weightage.

Computer Marked Assignments (CMA) are required to be sent to the IGNOU campus while the Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) have to be sent to the respective study center.

When you check your grade card status, they find commonly two types of status “completed” and “Not Completed“.

If all your courses show “Completed” Status, congrats, you have done your course. You will soon receive a provisional certificate and mark sheet from IGNOU. If one of your courses shows “Not completed” status, there might be some reasons for this.

  1. Your assignments not submitted on time. In IGNOU, submission of assignments on time is mandatory to seat in the TEE, and also it influences the grade card.
  2. You might have not attended all practicals for your particular course. Contact your respective study center for practical.
  3. You might have failed in the term-end examination.
  4. Your program has expired. It depends on your program because different programs have different validity periods.

Please make sure that you have submitted Dissertations and project on time because some IGNOU programs have compulsory Dissertations or project.

For example, MCA (Master of Computer Application) can be completed within 3-6 years (minimum 3 years and maximum 6 years). So your grade card might not be updated if your program’s validity is over.

How to calculate IGNOU grade card percentage.

IGNOU calculates the percentage for every subject based on assignment marks and theory marks. The board of IGNOU Considered the percentage on the basis of 70:30 ratio weightage in the subject.

IGNOU will calculate the students’ mark based on 70 % theory mark and 30 % assignment mark in the subject. The students who are studying IGNOU should attain a minimum of 40 out of 100, 20 out of 50 in theory as well as 50 out of 100 in assignment for the semester exam. If the students have failed in theory exam, but they have got 50 % in the assignment. Then, the students need not submit the assignment paper to the regional center of IGNOU.

IGNOU grade card and result 2018

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IGNOU Grade card App

Download IGNOU Grade Card App for your Android Device. If candidates have attended their last session Term End Examination so they can now check their Grade Card with  IGNOU Grade Cards application. Candidates can find the latest declaration of grade card which is available after completion of the Term End Theory Exam.

Grade Card is a performance report which includes theory marks, practical marks, assignment marks and project marks of all your subject so you can get everything about your program and report at one place. In this way, you can check the result of your hard work and writing skills in your selected course.