All You Need to Know about Re-evaluation Policy

Published on Tuesday August 22, 2023 17:40 by Ashish

There is big news regarding the IGNOU June 2023 Term End Examination. The result of the June, TEE has been released. Those students who have cleared the examination, are top of the world. But, those who have got very poor marks in comparison with their expectations, or 0 marks(though the number of students getting nothing is very less), tend to be very tense. They do not know where to go, what is the process of re-checking their paper, and re-evaluation of Marks?

This blog discusses in deep the Criteria of Re-evaluation. Indira Gandhi National Open University has a well-laid mechanism for these kinds of students. Those students of IGNOU, who feel that the marks that they have got, are very low in a particular subject, have every right to make a claim against the marks obtained.

Rules and Regulation for Re-evaluation of Answer Scripts

• The fee for Re-evaluation of answer script per course is Rs.750/-.

• The request for Re-evaluation by the student must be made within one month of the declaration of his/her results.

• The date of declaration of the result will be calculated from the date on which the result(s) are placed on the IGNOU website.

• After re-evaluation, the better of two scores of original marks/grades and the marks/grades after re-evaluation will be considered.

• The result of the re-evaluation will be made available on the IGNOU website www.ignou.acin. In case, if a student was already issued a final Statement of Marks/Grade Card and there is an increase in the marks/grades in the re-evaluation, a revised Statement of Marks/Grade Card will be issued to the student.

• The minimum time required for re-evaluation shall be 30 days from the date of submission of the application.

• Re-evaluation is permissible in Term-end Theory Examination only and not in any other component such as Practical Examination, Lab Courses, Assignments, Projects, Workshops, Seminars, Extended Campus Programme, Internships, Dissertations, Viva-voce, Teaching Practice, etc.
Note: In order to know all the important information related to re-valuation, that is worth knowing, the students of IGNOU can click on the link given below:

How to Apply ?

Applying for the re-evaluation of marks has been made super-easy by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. You are just a few clicks away from applying online and requesting a re-evaluation.
Just click on the link below and other things will follow almost automatically.