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With the advancement of time and technology, world has become accessible. We can easily interact, share and communicate with a person who is living in another corner of the world. The technology bug has bitten all and sundry. The magical touch of technology has made our current education system easier and student friendly, especially the distance education. You can easily study by sitting in a distant location and learn everything. There is phenomenal growth of distance education is remarkable. IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the most popular and reputed universities offering best online distance education programs.Find-IGNOU-Books-Assignments-Trendmagnet-36

IGNOU is renowned for its updated courses and student friendly administration. As there is no age bar for any of the available programs and you can pursue degree while doing your job, the university has become immensely popular amongst the working professionals and others who have to leave their studies in mid due to some unfortunate circumstances. IGNOU is certainly a pioneer in distance education as you can learn from anywhere and anytime. With best of the latest information, knowledge and updates being loaded in the IGNOU study material, the university is trying hard to make all the enrolled students competent enough to churn out great job opportunities.


The courses which are offered in IGNOU make you knowledgeable and well prepared for better prospects. With flexibility of time, students have the liberty to study in accordance with their comfort and ease. If you are busy during day time then you can go and study at night, as all you need to do is your computer, internet connection and study material. These three things are enough to make you prepare for your studies.

Another key advantage of learning through distance education is no commutation. There is no need to travel in crowded public transportation and you will save a lot of your time, money and energy. Pursuing degree from distance education is also cost effective, as it is quite less as compare to a regular degree. For those who have poor background, they can easily afford degree from distance education.


For working professionals, pursuing higher studies is very important for better career prospects. If you go for some regular colleges then it would be really tough to do job, as you need to attend regular classes. Being one of the topmost universities for distance education, IGNOU is certainly one of the most popular and preferred ones.

Latest and Updated Study Material

IGNOU offers study material for the listed courses. Being one of the largest open university in the world, IGNOU offers best updated study material for their enrolled students. it has been a popular belief that pursuing higher degrees through correspondence are tough. If you are looking for IGNOU study material then there is no need to worry, as they are available free of cost. All you need to do is to visit the official website of IGNOU, www.ignou.ac.in and you can easily view or download the study material for free. For those who want to view/download IGNOU study material, need to register at Page on egyankosh.ac.in.

Now select the registration type followed by pressing Go Key.

Now fill in the Registration form.

On your registered email id, you will get a mail with a special URL.

Now fill in the required information.

Now, you are log into eGyankosh. You can access the requisite course material which are available on eGyankosh

The following steps may be used to view/download IGNOU study material.

a) At search repository window (Top Left Corner) type Course Code or Course name or relevant Keyword for the content you are searching for and press <enter Key>

b) Click on Course code/Course name to View/Download (under Community hits)

c) Click on respective blocks

d) Click on respective links (under List of Items)

e) Click on ‘View/Open’ button to View/Download the Study Materia

f) The other option is to browse through the community list by clicking India in the Home Page.

Egyankosh is the official website for IGNOU study material.

Incase, you are unable to access the online website and you haven’t received the study material from IGNOU of the specific course which you have enrolled then no problem. Being one of the most popular and people centric university, IGNOU has varied options to make study easier and simpler to those who wants to enhance their academic qualification. All you need to do is to take your student I-card and visit the Regional center. You have to meet the authorised person who will sort out your issue.



It has been often seen that students often leave their courses in midway and quit.

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What is IGNOU Student Zone ?

About IGNOU Student ZOne : Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU is one of the most reputed and popular distance education universities.

The hugely preferred distance education university is located in New Delhi in the year 1985 after the name of former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. With more than 4 million students, IGNOU is certainly one of the largest universities in the world.

The university has been established to impart higher education opportunities to disadvantage segments of the society along with setting standards to the distance as well as open education in India.

The key objective of the university foundation is to empower via education the human resources of India.

ignou student zone

ignou student zone

Being a student centric university, it maintain best of the standards in the distance education in India. To make it accessible to more and more students, the University has initiated a decentralization process and set up five zones which includes North, South, East, West and North East.  In India, headquarters and 40 other countries, approx. 3 million students have been enrolled in IGNOU.

Other countries where IGNOU imparts education are UAE, UK, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Ethiopia, Namibia, Kenya, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Fiji, France, Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Liberia, West Indies, Samoa, Lesotho, Malawi, Switzerland, Nigeria, Mongolia, Zambia.


IGNOU has 21 schools and 67 regional centres, 2667 study centres, and 29 overseas centres, where approx. 20% are enrolled for higher education in India. With  more than 226 academia programs which includes certifications, diploma and degree for varied courses.

To make things easier for students, there are eleven major divisions which takes care of varied activities such as Academia and Coordination Division, Administrative Division, Construction and Maintenance, Computer Division, International Division, Finance and Accounts Division, Library and Documentation Division, Material Production and Distribution, Planning and Development Division, Regional Services Division, Student Evaluation Division and Student Registration Division.

IGNOU Student Zone

IGNOU also referred as the People’s University has a Student Zone, which you can check on the official website of IGNOU.

Student Zone has been dedicated to meet all the requisites and makes things easier for the enrolled students. In the Student you can get every kind of information related to students.

For more clear and easy to understand various student related activities, there are various subjects which have been addressed in this section.


Here are some of the key subjects which are addressed in IGNOU Student Zone:

  • Online Admission

Under this section, students will get information related to opening and closing date of admission, along with last date of Certificate Programmes or various other programmes.

Check the programmes available for online admission. For instance, you can opt for Bachelor, Certificate, Diploma, Master and Post Graduate Diploma in accordance with your qualification.

In order to fill online admission form, you need to Register yourself. Before filling up the form, you must read the General Instructions followed by Registration Steps.

You need to have scanned copies of photograph, signature, age proof, relevant educational qualifications, experience certificate, SC/ST/OBC certificate and BPL or Below poverty line certificate. 

You can also program fee via debit/credit card or net banking.


  • Online Re-Registration

If you want you to check your admission status then enter your enrollment number and Program code.

Now, you would be accessible to see your admission /registration details.

This is meant for second or third year students for registration. This system is applicable only to those who are second or third year student and enrolled in undergraduate or post graduate programme.

  • Admission

If you want to gather relevant information related to the eligibility  criteria of various programs then you must check the admission tab.

  • Admission Announcement

If you want to check updates related to admission announcements then you must visit this section on the official website of IGNOU.

You will get all the admission updates like Student Handbook and Prospectus, Admission in various academic and collaborative programs.

You will also get admission form for various certificate programs, post graduate diploma and master degree.

  • Library

This is another very important section, as students can easily access books, journals, periodicals and various other study materials of IGNOU.

  • Question Papers

  • Registration for SMS Alerts

For  any kind of student related information, you can register yourself for SMS alerts.

  • Programmes

In this section, you will get complete information related to doctoral programmes, degrees, diplomas and certificates. You can choose the program according to your requirement.

For instance, you can check various programme details available on the official website of IGNOU such as M.Phil Programme, Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma, Certificate, PG and Advance Diploma, PG and Advance Certificate, Non Credit programmes and various online programmes.

  • Forms

Under this section, student has the privilege to fill various forms online. For instance, you can fill online admission form, re-admission form, duplicates, provisional certificate, re-evaluation of answer scripts, application form for issue of official transcript etc.

For more form, you can visit the official website of IGNOU.

  • Results

Under this section, you would be able to access the status of assessment of assignments along with declaration of yearly and final result award of degrees. Students can check their OpenMAT result, Term End exam On Demand Exam, Grade Card, Revaluation, Hall Tickets etc.

  • Students Grievances and Redressal

This is another very important section under student zone, as it resolves various student related issues such as refund of fees, adjustment of fees, non-receipt of Self Learning Material (SLM), etc>

  • International Students

If you are an international student then you can check the specific program and its availability along with fee structure in IGNOU. You can also check the various study centres in overseas, programmes offered, collaborations, guidelines, annexure and forms, exam forms, ID and form submission details.

  • Assignments

Under this section, you can click and download assignment of varied IGNOU programmes. You can check your assignments program wise here.

Various other important topics covered under student section are as follows:

  • Virtual Campus
  • Downloads
  • Queries
  • Important Information
  • Registration Details
  • Alumni
  • FAQ

For latest update and detailed information please check IGNOU official website.

IGNOU Solved Assignments of MCA and BCA

Brief Intro

The Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU has been founded in the year 1985. This is one of the most reputed and popular distance learning national university which is positioned in IGNOU road, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India. The university has been named after former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. With more than 4 million students, IGNOU is undoubtedly one of the largest university across the globe. The university has been founded to offer education via distance and open education as well as offering higher education opportunities to disadvantaged segments of society. To empower the human resources of India, the University is encouraging and setting standards for open and distance learning in India.imagesdf

Popular IT Progs MCA and BCA

In the last three decades, University has gained immense respect and trust of learners from all across the globe. There are innumerable certifications, diplomas and degree courses for aspirants. Two such popular courses of IGNOU are BCA and MCA. BCA is Bachelor in Computer Application and MCA is Master in Computer Applications. If you are 10+2 and want to make your career in IT then BCA or Bachelor Degree in Computer Applications is ideal. The BCA programme offered by IGNOU has  a duration of 3 years minimum and 6 years maximum. For fee related details, you can visit the official site of IGNOU. Bachelor degree would enable the student to land up into entry level job in IT industry.

MCA or Master of Computer Applications is the Post graduate degree. The main objective of this master’s degree is to prepare students for prospective careers in software industry. The students are provided with powerful background in theoretical as well as application oriented courses which are in accordance with the latest and updated software development. MCA programme mainly emphasises in solving mathematical, computing, communication/networking and commercial problems. The post graduate degree has been designed with the semester approach.

The first year course of MCA aims to sharpen skill development in computers with varied technologies. The second year course offers conceptual frame work, whereas third year offers specialization and project work. To get enrolled in MCA, the student must have a three year degree course from a recognised university. The student must have Mathematics as one of the subject in 10+2 level or graduation level. In case, the student does not have mathematics as one of the subjects in 10+2 level then he/she has to clear BCS-012 course from IGNOU. For fees and admission related details, you can log onto the official page of IGNOU.

IGNOU MCA and BCA AssignmentsthatIGNOU-Assignments-Solved-papers-900x900

IGNOU Students always have this question  why IGNOU assignments are so important? Does the assignment part holds some importance in enhancing learning skills or is it just a matter of 30 marks?

As you have already enrolled in IGNOU MCA or BCA program, or about to get enrolled, you must know that these assignments holds a lot of significance for the learners. One of the key reasons is the enhancement of ability skills of students in writing, whereas to understand the subject matter which will be applicable in both the theory and practical.

IGNOU assignments are helpful in developing the ability to gather as well as understand all the reliable sources along with the ability of documenting all the relevant sources. It enable the student to offer information in simplest manner so that a layperson also understand it well. These assignments build a competitive advantage over others, as they make the students to write good essays and earn good grades to be hired by best of the companies in the market.

Tips for Solving IGNOU Assignments of MCA and BCA

If you want to solve IGNOU assignment effectively then it would be advisable to read it carefully once has received. You must not postpone the task of reading it later, as if you read initially then you would be able to save a lot of time, stress  and do best of your assignment. You might find the assignment quite simple to understand initially, as there will lots of instructions. It does not mean that assignment is easy and can be solved without putting any effort. You must pay complete attention to the order of question and no need to get compelled for answering every question.Ignou BCA exam result 2014

While writing the assignment, it would be advisable to be precise and you answer must be effective. It would be advisable to develop a particular schedule, as when you start writing the IGNOU assignments they will go on. If you are unable to understand the question then re-write the question in your words. There are various online sites also offer solved IGNOU MCA and BCA assignments for free or may charge some amount. However, it would be advisable to avoid downloading or buying solved IGNOU assignments, as this will block your skills of problem solving.


IGNOU assignments have been developed after lots of research by some of the finest IT  experts and educators to develop problem skills in students. If the student put best of their efforts and try to solve the IGNOU assignments as soon as they receive the material, then they would be able to do wonders even in their careers. Hence, it would be advisable to be honest with yourself and try to solve assignments on you own, as this is best to way to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Once you have solved your IGNOU MCA and BCA assignment, now go to the study centre along with your solved assignments and an application which will be addressed to The Coordinator of Your Study Centre or IGNOU. It must have all your code of particular courses. Now, submit your assignment and take signature of the person who has submitted your assignment. Now collect your INOU exam form and application to the study center coordinator. In the assignment column of your examination for, the coordinator will sign and put a stamp on your examination form. You need to submit this examination form to the regional center. It would be advisable to keep a copy of assignment response in case of unforeseen circumstances,

Visit our website GullyBaba.com for details or you can always call us on our helpline numbers 9312235086, 9350849407 during office hours for any assistance.

IGNOU Question Papers

IGNOU also referred as the Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the most reputed and popular distance learning education universities. Due to its no age barrier, the highly educative as well as prestigious online courses can be pursued both by the young as well as adults. This is one of the best Universities to pursue your post-graduation. There are a few major reasons which make it hugely preferred university for Masters. Firstly, the course duration is much lesser than a regular course. Secondly, you can easily pursue your degree along with your job. Due to its vast range of courses, it is certainly one of the most popular universities amongst the learners.


The various courses in distinctive fields include management, information technology and business studies. One of the key highlights of pursuing degree from IGNOU is that it offers productive careers along with some of the most popular courses such as doctorate, PhD etc. Due to its innovative methods of imparting education to all, the system is immensely beneficial for housewives, professionals and businessmen. There is no need to attend regular classes for any of the enrolled courses. You can complete your degree by studying in the comforts of your home and attaining knowledge online.

Students study with their comfort and ease by applying for IGNOU help books and can prepare in flexible hours. All you need to do is to visit the official website of IGNOU www.ignoubooks.com, and can easily avail the ignou help books which are ideal for knowledge and relevant information. You will also get best IGNOU assignment solutions along with the reference books. You can also avail solved question papers along with chapterwise explanation. Students can also buy IGNOU help books and guides via VPP or cash on delivery. If you want, you can also go for online payment method.

IGNOU Question Papers

To solve IGNOU question papers, it is very important to understand the course in a detailed manner. If you want to understand the course easily then you must go for IGNOU guides and helpbooks. These reference books will make you understand the subject in a detailed manner and you would be able to answer the questions in a much better way. You can avail guides for several IGNOU courses such as M.T M , M. A Rural Development , M . A History , M . A Economics, B . A, B . Com and various streams. If you study these guides thoroughly then you would be able to get some very important tips from them. These books are ideal for preparing your examination.


For those who are seeking previous year question papers of IGNOU, can also visit www.gullybaba.com/question-papers. Here you will get previous year questions papers of all the courses. If you are pursuing any courses from IGNOU, you can easily download previous year question papers by clicking the available links. Usually, students refer old question papers to score good marks in the Term End Examination. You can easily avail ten years solved question papers in PDF. As the exams are approaching fast, it would be advisable to download and start preparing with the previous year question papers. Once you have downloaded the IGNOU question papers, then you can share them with your friends.

Being one of the largest universities across the globe, IGNOU is renowned for its innovative ways of imparting education to the aspiring learners since1985. One of the major reasons for its huge success is that it provides distance learning, regular and private courses to approx. 4 million students. As the University follows semester system, it conducts examination twice in a year, i.e. in the months of June and December. For supplementary students as well, IGNOU question papers can do  wonders in clearing their exams. Students who are seeking IGNOU question papers for various courses comprises of BCA, MCA, BEd, ESO, BCom, BA, MA, CS, MBA, BDP, MPS, BLIS, MEC, MSO and FEG.

Steps to Download IGNOU question papers:’#

  • Just log on to the official website of IGNOU or gullybaba
  • Under the section student zone, select question papers.
  • You need to click year along with respective courses.

For those who want to prepare for the upcoming Term End Examination, these IGNOU question papers will be of great help. Learners from all across the globe are pursuing their degrees, diploma and certificate from IGNOU. The varied online programmes or distance education are immensely popular amongst the students for their flexibility and validity. Students have already started preparation for the TEE. To make things easier, university has uploaded varied links on the official website.

In order to prepare their examination, various students have already downloaded their exam time table. They have started their exam preparation for the upcoming Term End Examination. Hence, downloading IGNOU question papers will be surely helpful for them, as they will get an idea about the pattern of question paper. It would be advisable to all the students out there that you must download IGNOU question papers from the official site or gullybaba.com and try to solve them.


With ever growing competitive world, there is tough competition to get higher scores. Every student wants to get great grades which will lead to safe and secure future position in life and you will land up to a good job. Hence, it is very important for the students to prepare their TEE with best of their efforts. Download IGNOU question papers of your respective course, solve them and get best of the grades.

IGNOU is availing these previous year question papers to the students for free. As most of the IGNOU students are working professionals and do not have enough time to prepare for their TEE. It has often been seen that most of them are unable to attend classes in their study centres due to their tight schedule. In such scenario, if you download previous year IGNOU question papers then it would be certainly a great help in preparing for your examination. Students can download for various courses TEE question papers along with entrance examination papers.

Best Way to Complete IGNOU Assignment Quickly

IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the most popular and preferred distance learning education for various online courses. Both young and adult can pursue courses from IGNOU. For those working professionals who want to enhance their academic qualification, this is the best place to pursue degree and job simultaneously.

Being one of the most popular universities in India, IGNOU offers varied range of courses and few of them can be completed in just a few months. You can pursue your degree in your area of interest such as management, information technology and business studies. Some of the most popular courses offered by IGNOU are PhD and various other doctorate courses like AIPR and ACE. Due to its unique education system, the courses can be pursued by housewives, professionals and businessmen. In order to complete your desired course, you need not attend regular classes. Enrolled students are provided with relevant study materials and assignments for every course. If you are looking for latest update and more information about the IGNOU courses then you must visit the official page of IGNOU.


So, you are pursuing your degree from IGNOU under ODL i.e. open and distance learning mode! You must be aware of the significance of assignment submission in IGNOU and they are mandatory for TEE, i.e. Term End Examination. IGNOU assignment comprises of question which you need to solve from the books supplied to you. You need to write down the answers on papers on your own and should be submitted on the scheduled time on your respective study centre. Assignment is one of the essentials of IGNOU programs with 30 percent of total marks for a particular course out of 100, whereas rest of the 70 percent, you need to score in your TEE. However, you have to score good marks as essential to complete the program.

Significance of Assignment

For all the enrolled students, it is necessary to complete and submit their assignments in the allotted time. Thus, they will be allowed to attend the Term End Examination. Moreover, total marks of the students include assignment part also. Besides scoring good marks, students are able to improve their knowledge on the respective subject. Most of the students get confused in writing assignments appropriately and score low grades.

Here are a few Important Tips to Write Assignments

Usually, students solve their assignments by buying them from book stores or online blogs. These assignments are available at cheap prices or even free. But, this is certainly not the right way to complete your assignments as you are unable to learn and understand the subject which leads to bad score. If you really want to score good marks then it would be advisable to complete your assignment on your own.

  • Firstly, you must read your study materials properly and you will get best answers for your assignments. Moreover, you would be able to enhance your knowledge about the specific topic. Thus, whenever you receive your study materials, start reading them.
  • It has been often seen that solved assignments which you purchased from the book stores or download online are bit off the questions. It would be advisable to read the question appropriately and follow all the instructions. You must write the answer in accordance with the given word count.
  • Assignments must be completed on your own, as when you write them you learn a lot and get prepared for the Term End Examination. Hence, it is very important to solve the question on your own.
  • You must submit the assignment on the scheduled time. For instance, if you are pursuing your program in July session then you must submit on or before 31st October, whereas for January session learners, assignment submission should be done before 30th It is very important to complete assignment on given time to sit in TEE examination as well as prescribed course.
  • You must use foolscap size paper for answer and tie the papers carefully. Number all the pages and tally them before tying them.
  • You need to write the assignment in your best handwriting an tie them.
  • Answer sheets must be neat and clean.
  • Before starting the assignment, you must read all the instructions.

Steps for Writing Assignments


If you want to complete any course in IGNOU, then assignment completion is the indispensable part. With 30 marks out of total valuation in Term End Examination, it is very important to write them properly. It has been seen that many students in their last semester are unable to complete assignments properly. This is due to the lack of proper guidance for assignment completion.

Your first page of the IGNOU assignment must have the given below format:

Enrolment Number



COURSE CODE :      ……………………………..

COURSE TITLE :     ……………………….…….

ASSIGNMENT NO.:  ………………………….…

STUDY CENTRE :   ………………………..…….                                                                                                   DATE:…….

In order to write answers, you must have a foolscalp size writing paper. On the left, top and bottom of your answer sheet, you must leave 4 cm margin. Answer written must be precise and in accordance with word count.

When you start solving questions, you must write the question number which you are solving. During each step of calculations, you must write units, else marks will be deducted for such errors. You must take care of the all the digits, units and revise the assignment once before submission. Try to exceed the given word count.


Now, carry all your completed IGNOU assignments to the study centre along with application which will be addressed to The Coordinator of your study centre. It should include code of all the particular courses. After you submit your assignment, take signature of the person to whom it has been submitted. Now, take the IGNOU exam form with application being addressed to the study center coordinator. He will sign the project and place a stamp on the exam for. Submit your examination to your respective study centre. If you are looking for latest update and more information about the IGNOU courses then you must visit the official page of IGNOU.

All About IGNOU and Location of Various Centres

Indira Gandhi National Open University popularly known as IGNOU has spread all across the country and to each strata of the society. With such a massive exposure and acceptance, the university has certainly gained a unique identity of its own which is praiseworthy.

About IGNOU and Location of Various Centres

Moreover, its panorama of higher education in India is simply magnanimous and more and more people from different strata of society are pursuing it. Within the past three decades of its existence, the university has developed as one of the largest, diverse and cumulative strength of more than 3 millions students across the world.

Epitome of Excellence and Growth

IGNOU is certainly one of the leaders as well as pioneers in distance learning in India. The massive university is making great contribution in enhancing educational opportunities and developing the human resource of our country. By imparting quality education to the country, the university is ensuring to make the society academically strong. With consistently increasing student strength, it is very important to be well equipped with the effective and stable communication tools. IGNOU is living up its name as People Centric University as its communication tools are immensely effective in the form of e-Newsletters.

These e-Newsletters effectively broadcast the requisite information amongst the enrolled students and update about the latest alerts or announcement. This is certainly serving as an effective tool and making all the student aware about the latest updates and announcement. Earlier, people consider distance learning as the poorer cousin of regular degree.

However, with the successful prevalence of IGNOU across the country and the globe, it has been ensured that pursuing your degree from IGNOU is undoubtedly distinct from regular classroom based teaching and learning methods. More and more students are getting themselves enrolled in this University especially those seeking higher studies. The flexible system of IGNOU makes them pursue the selected courses in accordance with their need and availability. For instance, in IGNOU you can pursue your degree without quitting your job. Hence, you would be able to enhance your degree along with job expertise which will lead to better career prospects.

Being one of the largest family more than 3 million members across the globe, the cumulative growth of IGNOU is commendable. One of the key factor for its huge growth is Open and Distance Learning also referred as ODL. ODL mainly refers to learner centric as well flexible system of education. It means the student has the flexibility to study at his/her own pace. Isn’t it great? The core of IGNOU foundation was that higher education must be democratized and which has been attained up to certain extent, as it is accessible to all those who wants to pursue it. This ODL education drive has proven to be immensely beneficial for those who are unable to do on-campus degree or attend face-to-face education system due to their personal circumstances. The success saga of IGNOU is proved with the figures that about one fourth of the total student population are enrolled in IGNOU pursuing higher education.

What Makes It Successful

Besides flexibility and accessibility, there are a few major reasons which makes IGNOU one of the most popular and preferred Universities across the globe. The administration system of IGNOU is simply outstanding with world-class standards. If you have been a student of IGNOU then you must have experienced the sincerity and commitment of the university to deliver the best of services and support to the enrolled ones. In the form of high quality self instructional material, wonderful academic support via counselling sessions, assignment feedback, audio-video programmes, interactive radio and teleconference sessions, the University is providing latest and best of the services. In case of any problem, student has the privilege to ask their assigned Regional Centre and Study Centre. They offer best of the solutions with their assistance and appropriate guidance to make the student comfortable.

IGNOU is a national university and has been founded with the mission for the development of quality of higher education via distance mode. It is under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and is established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 (Act No. 50 of 1985). Since 1987, the University is offering academic programmes with a strength of 4, 528 students. It is imparting education to more than 3 millions students in India and across 42 countries.

Being the Member of Association of Indian Universities, all other Universities recognize the Degrees/ Diplomas /Certificates issued by IGNOU. The university has gained huge acceptance across the globe as recognised as Centre of Excellence in Distance Education” by the Commonwealth of Learning, Canada. (1993), whereas received “Award of Excellence for Distance Education Material” by the Commonwealth of Learning, Canada. (1999). In the year 2010, UNESCO has declared IGNOU as the “Largest Institution of Higher Learning in the world”.

Personal Grooming

In IGNOU, you will enjoy lots of flexibility and liberty. However, as a distance learner, if you want to make your endeavour successful then you need to be responsible as well. You must realize that role of distance learner is completely different from regular university learner. Here are a few things which you need to follow: 

  • You must be an active information seeker instead of passive recipient. For instance, if you are looking for certain information then you need not wait for its availability. On the contrary, you must immediately ask for it from the nearest available guidance.
  • You will learn to follow good time management to make your enrolled course successful. You must manage your time effectively to get the best out of your studies. You must make best use of the time flexibility.
  • You need to be very punctual about the varied important dates as well as activities such as assignment submission, re-registration, and examination form submission and deadlines.
  • You must stay in touch with your study center and regional center.

IGNOU Prevalence Across the Country and Globe

To make the highly developed education system of IGNOU available across the globe, the university has started decentralisation process. With setting up of five zones, north, south, east, west and north east. There are various regional centres across the country like Ignou kolkata, Ignou banglore, Ignou Jaipur, Ignou Ahmadabad, Ignou Delhi etc. It is also serving 40 countries abroad like UAE, UK, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Ethiopia, Namibia, Kenya, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Fiji, France, Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Liberia, West Indies, Samoa, Lesotho, Malawi, Switzerland, Nigeria, Mongolia, Zambia.

Visit our website GullyBaba.com for details or you can always call us on our helpline numbers 9312235086, 9350849407 during office hours for any assistance.

What is the Scope of IGNOU MBA Course ?

What is the Scope of IGNOU MBA Course ?

Ignou MBA : Distance Education is always referred as the poorer cousin of regular degree programmes.

However, it is a complete blessing for students who are unable to do full time course due to their circumstances and want to pursue their studies further with their jobs.

Usually, students are worried about the value of distance education. The value of IGNOU degree mainly depends upon the students, as some of them make the best out of it, whereas others are unable to cope with the pressure.

Hence, if you want to pursue MBA from IGNOU, then it has its own pros and cons.

ignou mba

Major Disadvantage of Pursuing MBA from IGNOU

  • Remote Faculty

There is no personal interaction with the teachers which affects the learning. It is very difficult to read such voluminous books without any mentor.

In the absence of teacher, there will be nobody to remind about your deadlines, assignment and exam preparation. While pursuing MBA from IGNOU, it would be very important for you to act in a mature way and follow a disciplined routine along with sincerity towards the degree you are pursuing.

  • Technology Dependence

Most of the online courses in distance learning programmes need to have internet.

If you are uncomfortable with this kind of teaching then it would be really tough for you to complete your program. Hence, if you are comfortable with internet then it would be easier for you to complete your studies.

One of the major drawbacks of pursuing MBA from IGNOU is that there are some employers who do not prefer candidates from distance education program.

Major Advantage for Pursuing MBA from IGNOU

  • Flexibility

While pursuing MBA from IGNOU, the major advantage is that you can earn as well as learn simultaneously.

Flexibility is undoubtedly one of the key highlights of distance learning programme especially for working professionals. Moreover, you would be able to save a lot of your time and energy in commuting.

Pursuing MBA from IGNOU will allow you to save lot of your commutation time and you would be able to concentrate on your studies and job.

  • Affordable and Convenient

MBA from Distance Learning will quite pocket friendlier as compare to the regular programme.

Moreover, you would be able to save a lot of money in commutation. Another key highlight of pursuing your degree from Distance Education is that you can submit your assignment with the click of button.

  • Accessible Study Material

For those who are comfortable with internet and technology, then you can easily avail the benefits of online study material. Moreover, you can join the discussion forums, exchange views and clear doubts.

According to various studies conducted on the distance learning programs, it has been observed that they are efficient and flexible as compare to a regular program.

Moreover, if you are pursuing your MBA from IGNOU then its learning program will be much better than a regular program.

Being one of the largest and reputed universities across the globe, the courses pursued here have immense credibility in the market.

Job Opportunities for IGNOU MBA

While pursuing MBA from IGNOU, you can also increase your work experience of specific industry.

With such a great work experience and studying from a reputed university like IGNOU, you can churn out some great job opportunities from the market.

Moreover, you will be able to complete your degree in a very cost effective manner along with huge opportunities of career growth. IGNOU degree has validity all across the country with great job opportunities in varied industries.

MBA from IGNOU is highly beneficial for those who have both the time and money constraints. All you need to do is to follow a disciplined regime with commitment towards attaining your objective.

The MBA degree from IGNOU will be helpful in gaining promotion in your job in both private as well as public sector.

There will be considerable increment in your skill set which will make your profile desirable and preferable amongst the recruiters.

Nowadays, companies are preferring candidates who have pursued full time MBA from IGNOU rather than one who is holding degree from distance learning mode.

As we all know that UGC or University Grants Commission has recognized the degrees of MBA, but still you may miss some great opportunities if you have pursued the program from distance learning instead of full time from IGNOU.

If you have completed your MBA from IGNOU then there will be great opportunities for factory supervision or operations in a company.

MBA from IGNOU will make you well equipped with latest knowledge as well as experience as compare to other universities.

For managers, who have pursued MBA from IGNOU can opt for careers in varied service organizations like transportation, banking, insurance, and government and organizations that are active in the production of goods for both the industries as well as for consumers.

Besides these options, other career options are forecasting, purchasing, inventory management and control, warehouse management, process methods and planning, quality management, operations scheduling and control, and production planning in multi-coloured industries such as manufacturing, banking, and retailing.Ignou MBA’s also offer several other career opportunities like management consulting firms along with development of computer systems for scheduling and planning.

MBA Admission Notice

If you are MBA aspirant and seeking  admission into IGNOU for MBA program then get set for the current session.

The Banking and Finance program in MBA has been designed mainly for the bankers and is provided all across the country in the Study centres of IGNOU.

ignou mba

ignou mba

This is a great program which has been developed with a unique collaboration of School of Management Studies, IGNOU and the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), Mumbai.

In this program standard IGNOU multimedia design and technology have been used. The admission announcement for July 2016 session has been announced by the IGNOU for MBA Banking and Finance.

The eligibility criteria of MBA are:

  • graduate of not less than 3 years duration from a recognized University/Institution,
  • have passed the CAIIB examinations of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai and awarded the requisite qualification/credentials thereof by the Institute, and
  • have been working in the Banking or Financial Services Sector for a period of at least two years.

Hope you get good idea about Ignou MBA. 

Buy Ignou MBA Books

Note : please check Ignou official website for all latest updates.


Looking for Teaching Job – Check About Ignou Bed Course !


The hugely sought after Ignou BEd program has been initiated with the aim of providing and developing the understanding as well as competencies which are required by the teachers to offer effective teaching-learning process.

This is a great program which has been developed with the aim for offering wonderful opportunities as well as sharing experiences amongst fellow teachers.

Teachers learn and develop skills to organise their experiences in accordance with the requirement of the student. Moreover, they are nurtured with significant knowledge related to varied areas like educational evaluation, school management etc.

ignou bedFor all those B. Ed aspirants who are seeking admission in this course, which is undoubtedly one of the most sought after programs in the country can attempt the written examination to be soon conducted by IGNOU University. Being student centric university, the students can easily fill the application form for Bed entrance examination and can also download online B.Ed Entrance examination answer sheet.

Eligibility for B.Ed Entrance Exam

The minimum duration of IGNOU B.Ed is two years, whereas the maximum is up to 5 years. There is no age limit for this course and fee is approx 20, 000INR.

  • For those who are seeking admission in this course need to have a minimum of fifty percent marks in Bachelor or in Master’s Degree in Sciences/Social Sciences/Commerce/Humanity, Bachelor’s in Engineering or Technology with specialization in Science and Mathematics with 55% marks or any other qualification equivalent.


  • Candidates who are trained in-service teachers in elementary education are also eligible for this program.


  • If you have completed a NCTE recognized teacher education programme through face to face mode then you are eligible to attempt the exam.


  • As per the rules of Central Government/State Government, there is reservation and relaxation in marks of SC/ST/OBC (Non creamy layer)/PWD and other categories.

Application form and student handbook is available online or website only. Thus, students can download from the IGNOU website or send along with entrance free which is 1000 INR via demand draft which will be drawn in the favour of IGNOU and payable at the city of Regional Centre, where the form will be submitted.

  • (Please check Ignou official website for Latest Information on Course fees and Course Module, duration and other details.)

Admission Process

IGNOU will conduct B.Ed entrance exam all across the country and admission will be done on the basis of obtained score in the entrance exam.

The candidate needs to submit filled-in application form along with the attested copy of all the requisite documents which are mentioned in the Entrance cum Admission form.

The candidate needs to submit original documents later once received the admission offer letter. Once the submission of Entrance cum Admission form is done then there will be no change in the category code from the candidate.


Candidates who belong from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, non creamy layer of OBC, War Widows, Kashmiri Migrants and Physically handicapped learners are offered reservation of seats by the University in accordance with the rules of Government of India to get admission in varied programs.

Note: In case of forged certificate submission under any category, there shall be cancellation of admission along with legal implication according to the Government of India rules.

Entrance Test Updates

As mentioned in the advertisement or official webpage of IGNOU, entrance exam will be held on the mentioned date.

If the candidate is allowed by the University to take exam then it does not mean that he/she will get admission in the program.

The final admission in the program will be done on the basis of rank in the merit list of entrance exam and need to provide proof of their eligibility up to the last date of application submission for B. Ed exam.

If you want to pursue your career in the field of teaching then B.Ed is one of the major requisites to get good job opportunity. In accordance with the University, the duration of the degree varies.

This is a post graduate degree and can be pursued via regular as well as distance mode.

Although, there are number of Universities offering degree in B.Ed, but for those who are working professionals then IGNOU is the best place to go for.

Moreover, the candidate need to have two years of teaching experience on temporary/permanent basis as Primary/Graduate/Post Graduate teacher in a primary, secondary/higher/senior secondary school with registration number recognised by the respective Directorate of Education or Central or State Government or Union Territory.

While submitting the application form, the teacher should be in the service and also during producing original documents at the Regional Centre.

Help Books

To prepare the candidate for highly competitive IGNOU B.Ed entrance examination, there are various books available in the market.

However, most of the aspirants prefer gullybaba books. You can buy books in accordance with your requirement.

Gullybaba.com is one of the most preferred and trusted online book shopping sites.

The site is renowned for offering some of the finest quality IGNOU Help books, solved assignments, project report, thesis, dissertation, question papers, competitive books, etc.

The online shopping site is a great as well as tension free experience for shoppers as books are offered at great prices with varied paying options like Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking.

The money transaction has been processed via secure and trusted gateways ccavenue and Paypal.

Gullybaba is also renowned for ultimate customer service, as they smooth delivery function offering great online shopping experience.

The hugely trusted publishing house of India has been founded in the year 2002 at Delhi and has become one of the premier publication houses. The publication house has worked a lot for distance for learning community.

So, if you are aspiring for B.Ed entrance exam, it would be advisable to go for brilliantly edited and well researched competition books.

With skilled and experienced team of editors, proof readers, graphic designers and marketing experts, effectively meet the student needs from all across the globe.

Once you got admission in IGNOU’s Bed program, you will be able to learn latest and updated teaching techniques that will make the future of next generation brighter.

All the very best for your B.Ed entrance exam and have a prosperous teaching career.

  • (Please check Ignou official website for Latest Information on Course fees and Course Module and other details.)

Entrance is the beginning for your IGNOU B.Ed. So, we have sure short solution “IGNOU BEd Entrance Exam Guide”  Buy Ignou Bed in English notes.

gully baba ignou bed book

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5 Best Story Writing Tips for Kids !

Story Writing for Kids :  Most of the schools ask their children to write stories to develop their creative and imaginative skills. Usually, kids write stories during their free time.

story writing for kids

Story writing for kids


If you make your children to write a story then they would be able to manage their thoughts. Moreover, they will use the written language for communication with the readers in varied ways. Another great advantage of writing stories is that child would better read as well as understand the stories written by other authors. However, writing a story can be challenging as it demands lots of hardwork, determination and will power.

Before you make your children to take a plunge in story writing, you must give appropriate support and guidance for better output. You need to make your child familiarize with the concepts of story writing and its various sections. You must make your kids experience the visual or written prompts, as they will inspire them with interesting story ideas. Before start writing, it is important to make an appropriate strategy and to follow it. Moreover, it is very important to assist your child in developing a story.

Here are some interesting tips to follow to make a good story:

  • Develop Your Ideas

Usually, most of us wonder that how the authors get interesting story writing ideas. If your kids are planning to write a short story or a big novel, they need to have many ideas which can come from their surroundings, books, library etc. 

The best way to look out for an interesting story idea by becoming more alert about their surroundings, as  they would be able to derive great ideas. For instance, they can observe some interesting people or some major incidents happened in school or playground.

Another great way of developing ideas is considering their favorrite stories. You need to add a few more elements to make it an entirely new story.

  • Theme of the Story

This is another significant part during the story development process. It is essential to form the theme as well as the basics of the story.

For instance, there must be a character with whom reader’s sympathies. There will be a character who always faces problems and one solves them effectively. Thus, the kids must have a complete idea about the major character as well the struggles of his/her life.

  • Building Characters and Their Conflicts

You must guide the child to develop the main character first, as the whole story and other characters will revolve around this character.

Now write down some major features of this character. For instance, the main character must be facing some crisis or need.

The kids need to decide whether the character would be able to solve problem or not.

Now, the kids need to start developing the secondary characters like friends and foes of main character.

tips for story writing for kids

Some of the secondary characters include Villains, Allies, Mentors and Jokers. Conflict makes the story stronger.

Thus, it would be advisable to create hurdles in the life of main character. This makes the story super exciting and the character will learn a lot followed by a valuable reward.

Some of the classic conflicts which the kid can build are person vs. person, nature or himself. 

If you are planning the plot for person vs. person then check the plot of Cinderella his wicked step mom. If you are looking for person vs. nature then go through the plot of Jurassic Park, whereas Person vs. himself is the conflict with oneself.

  • Plot Development

Now, start planning the plot which includes the character and conflict. Both of them are the real soul of the story.

The plot is mainly the events which happen due to the problems which the character is facing. This will be followed by his actions and decisions made.

Now the kid needs to plan the scenes of story. For instance, he/she  needs to determine whether the main character is introvert or extrovert.

Thus, the kid needs to develop the scenes according to the interactions of the main characters with others as well as his struggles.

The next topic to start is dialogue writing and you must do it patiently with your child, as it reveals the persona of any character. It will effectively advances the plot and enliven up the scenes.

While writing dialogues, kid need to follow some significant tips like there must not be long greetings or goodbyes, as it affects the pace of the story. Avoid using dialogue as a replacement for any significant scene.

Advise your kid to write the scene instead of dialogue then it would leave huge impact over the readers.

To give a huge canvas to the story, kid must plan a spectacular setting as it adds atmosphere.

Now, it is high time to start story writing with all the major details and tips. .


To give the book a complete professional appearance, you must check all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Before that you must ensure that the story is in good shape.

It would be advisable to recheck your plan, as the editors, reviewers or even readers will go through the book critically. It would be advisable to build a great story structure which is quite simple.

The actions in the picture book must be placed chronologically minus flashbacks.

The style and tone of the story need to be simple and direct. The kid needs to write short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.

It would be advisable to use dialogue whenever required. One-third part of the story should have dialogues.

Tell your child to avoid long narration and split into smaller part while conveying the information in the form of dialogue. While writing the kid must build the tone according to the mood and setting of the story.

Conclusion : Tips for Story writing for kids 

During the whole process of story writing, it is very important that parents need to be with kids whenever they need.

Once the kids have completed the story, parents must ask them to read the story aloud.

Thus, you need to give the final opinion about the story or any kind of changes if required. You must check that book is fully done with all the major as well as minor requisites like Title, Book Cover, Illustrations, Author Name etc.

How to Publish a Book ? – Important Publishing Checklist !

How to Publish a Book ? – Complete Publishing Checklist !

If you are an aspiring writer and looking for how to publish a book or  all set to publish your manuscript then you need to get ready for lots more workload.

For those who are planning to go to traditional publishing then publisher will take care of the most of the steps. On the other hand, if you opt for self-publishing route then here is checklist that needs to be followed.

how to publish a book

If you are first time self-publishing author then you need to work really hard. The team will comprise of the experts and experienced professionals.

The given below checklist will offer some of the basic guidelines which will be assist you in forming  solid plan which can be used for self-publishing your book.

  • Deliver Your Best Content

There are various ways to start writing, as some of the authors write according to the market and follow the most popular genre of the time. On the other hand, some of them write according to their instincts.

You must write the best book and put your best foot forward. A good book comprises of all, i.e. drafting, revisions, beta readers and editors.

It is very important that your manuscript need to be edited  or go for a formal copy editor. It would be advisable to send your manuscript to some of professional freelance copy editor.

The freelance copy editor will concentrate in various significant issues such as style, grammar and steadiness issues. You must be aware that manuscript which is around 80, 000 words, will need a copy edit for two weeks. Another major thing to be considered is that good copy editors need to be pre booked one month in advance.

  • Design

After the copy editing of manuscript, the next step will be designing. You need to start with cover design. There are various authors which can place their own cover design with the aid of some popular tools like Canva.

 It would be advisable to hire a professional designer, as cover is the one of the major marketing tools.

Another major thing to be considered before you go and hire a cover designer, you must research and analyse some of the best selling books which will be similar to your genre, theme or readers.

You need to check out two or three covers of your choice and pen down almost hundred words which explains the reason why the cover appeals you. Thus, you will be able to explain a creative brief to your freelance designer which will prove to be immensely beneficial in designing the cover.

You need to finalise other major topics like title, subtitle and book description. You need to use all this description at all the retailers which will be printed on the back cover design.

If you write two or three versions of book description in varied length, i.e. from very short one to short and one longer one.

You can create a front cover for your book before editing which will be followed by final title/subtitle, book size and the look of your cover.

Back Cover Design

There is only front cover design in most of the ebooks and no back cover design. On the other hand, if you are going for print-on-demand edition then you need to have a backcover and spine.

Most of the traditional publishers often go for front cover design first, whereas the back cover design and spine are not completed until the publishing date gets closer.

Designing of spine is impossible until you are not aware of the accurate page account. In case your page count is decided and you are aware of printers or PODs then your cover will be designed completely.

There are various authors who like to add appreciation or blurbs on the cover design.

If you also want to do like this then you must start collecting such blurbs and need to be done before the start of cover design process.

In case, your blurbs are not yet gathered then tell your designer to add dummy text and replace it later.


Interior Design

For those who have more time and money to invest can go for interior designing of the book.

You can make your designing more attractive by hiring a designer who can work over the interior of your book. Before considering the interior designer for your book, you can check the following:

  • Basic template designs are ideal for books with body text. You can also check Joel Friedlander’s Book Design Templates which is a cost effective way for the production of appealing print interior. You can apply his templates in generating e-book files.
  • If you are opting for template system then there will be considerable reduction on the required time for book production.
  • If your book has lots of styles or elements then custom interior design will be a major requisite. For instance, illustrations, graphics, or any color elements forms the major part of your book then your designer needs to know their appropriate set up which leads to great output values.
  • If you are planning your book to undergo both print and ebookedition then you need to ensure that final text of both the edition will be same after using InDesign. EPUB files can be exported by InDesign which can be done by professional interior designer. Independent ebook formatting professional will prove to be immensely beneficial for your book.

Before the start of interior designing process, the designing list comprises of Chapter title and chapter opener

  • A head
  • B head
  • Bulleted list
  • Numbered list
  • Block quote

Sales and Marketing

There are varied ranges of ways for marketing of the book. For instance, you can go for a quiet launch like announcement on blog. On the other hand, you can also go for some hardcore marketing which includes advertisement and blog tour. You can also submit your book for the review of readers, creating a marketing plan on social media etc. A well planned marketing campaign needs to be executed for the promotion of your book. Some other popular ways for book marketing includes giveaways, newsletters, sales, advertisement and social media. So, it would be advisable to create a plan to make your writing and publishing smooth and hassle free.