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How can an International Student Pursue IGNOU Program from India

Published on Thursday January 20, 2022 18:37 by Editor

IGNOU has an International Division that deals with the admission for distance education of International Students. IGNOU has many international divisions and regional centers in several countries. Indian students or foreigners (NRI) who have migrated to foreign countries are eligible to take a course at IGNOU. This division was introduced in the year 1997 as a cell, and in 2002, it was made into a full-fledged division.

Check out this article if you are an international student who wants to pursue the IGNOU program from India.

Let’s start with the courses, remember not all courses are available for international students. Only selected courses are available, and the fee structure varies for international students. Students have to pay both international fees for exams and service charges. You can check out their official website to get the complete details about the fee structure.

Effective Time and Stress Management Skills

Published on Saturday January 8, 2022 20:15 by Article Manager

To ace in your academics or any other factor in life, time management and keeping calm are essential qualities. While it comes naturally to some of us, not everyone is as lucky, especially to those students who are working and studying side by side.

But with some basic disciplinary practices and imbibing a few habits, you can improve your time and stress management significantly. Especially for students in IGNOU, we understand the pressure of the syllabus. IGNOU Solved Assignments make you feel confident about your preparation but a few more tricks will definitely help too.

So, here we have shared a few Tips and Tricks that can help students keep their stress in check as they smoothly manage time for the entire syllabus.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Graduating from IGNOU?

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:59 by Editor


Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is India’s largest open and distance learning provider that is well-known for its quality education. IGNOU offers a wide list of courses that lead to the awarding of internationally recognized diplomas and degrees. Distance education is widely adopted by students nowadays. The main objective of IGNOU is to bring quality education to every corner of the country. Just like any other public university, there are some pros and cons of graduating from IGNOU. We believe the pros overweight its cons by a large margin, as IGNOU is the best platform to learn and study at affordable prices. But you should still be aware of both aspects before you make your final decision.


Career Opportunities at IGNOU

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:58 by Editor


The IGNOU was founded to provide high-quality education to all individuals through open education and distance learning. The program also aims to strengthen and encourage the human resources of India through education. The main benefit of distance learning is the ability to study while working. IGNOU courses can help you upgrade your skills and will put you in a better position for the future. Today alumni of IGNOU are serving the nation in the best way.

What Are Some Helpful Tips for Students Starting Their First Year at IGNOU?

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:58 by Editor

Yes! You might be a bit scared or have that initial fear before stepping into a college, no matter whether it is a regular one or distance mode. That is quite natural and the best tip that I can give you is to get good acquaintances about the course you are going to pursue and the college you are going to study.

Assuming that you are an IGNOU student who will start your first year, I will be giving you some helpful tips that might be greatly insightful to you. Now without any further adieu, let’s get into the article. 

Tips for students starting their first year at IGNOU:

  • Is the IGNOU degree valid? 

Trust me! IGNOU is a valid degree. There might be people confusing you that IGNOU distance mode education is not accepted. This is not true. Gone are the years when people didn’t value distance education, but these days IGNOU degree has been considered in the employment sector. So need not worry about it. Ignore this doubt and start concentrating on your studies. 

  • It will take time to understand your college procedure.

Initially, it will take some time for you to follow the rules and regulations and the different procedures followed in IGNOU. Don’t panic. Keep in touch with your regional center and study center and seek help if you face any problems regarding the course and other college stuff. 

  • Go through your course prospectus.

It is pivotal to go through your IGNOU course prospectus at least once. This will add more clarity about the course and will also clear your doubts regarding the course.

  • Get your study materials on time.

Study materials are important for you to write assignments; that being said, it is crucial to get your study materials correctly to complete and submit your assignments on time. The course materials take a lot of time to reach the hands of students who dwell in remote areas to take advantage of the online study materials.  

  • Print your ID card

Once your admission is confirmed at IGNOU, you will be given an ID card. This ID card is valid till you complete the course, which is why you need to print out your ID card. 

  • Don’t sit and relax

Just because you are pursuing a distance mode of education, it doesn’t mean that you have got a lot of time. So you sit and relax, rather take your studies seriously, and spend time solving assignments and preparing for your term exam.

  • Assignments are important

Assignments carry as much as 30% of total marks, so this tells you the weightage of it. So take your assignments seriously and work on them. Also, submitting your assignments on time is very important.

  • Apply for the term exam

Once you have submitted your assignment, your next task is to fill the exam form. Yes, you read it right. You must fill the exam form and apply for the exam 2 or 3 months before the term-end exam.

  • Check the official site regularly for updates.

You can regularly update IGNOU on their official website. So keep checking the website for any new instructions or updates regarding your course. 

Final words

These are some of the best random tips that can greatly help you while starting your studies here at IGNOU. If you need any help, you can contact the study center or regional center. Once you complete a couple of months here, you will get used to the college procedure and other things. Hope these tips gave you a good insight into IGNOU. Cheers!


What is IGNOU school of Continuing Education?

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:56 by Editor


We all are aware of today’s competitive world. The socio-economic growth of present India demands high-level skills. When you see the competition out there, you may get the urge to outnumber the race by upgrading your knowledge level. 

So if you are someone who has completed your degree long before but want to continue your higher studies after a long gap, “Continuing education” is for you.

What is a School of Continuing Education?

Continuing education refers to any post-secondary learning or program specially designed for adults after they have completed formal education. This type of education can vary from one-time class/seminar to online classes and entire degree programs. If you are a professional, you might not get sufficient time to do a regular course. So here the continuing education comes as a golden opportunity to develop skills in this competitive world.

IGNOU School of education

IGNOU’s main vision of the school of continuing education is to support and encourage lifelong learning. This type of education benefits in fulfilling the educational and professional pace of an individual.

IGNOU has introduced the School of Continuing Education, aiming to build more professional and skilled people with its skill-based programs for inclusive and sustained development.

IGNOU initially planned to start programs in two board disciplinary areas like Women’s education and rural development for SOCE(school of continuing education). After that, few more sectors were given importance, and a number of programs were introduced based on it. Some of them were Child Development, Rural Development, Disability, Youth and Development Work, Food Safety, Nutrition, and Dietetics.

Currently, IGNOU’s SOCE has four disciplines assigned to its Academic council. They are 

  • Rural Development
  • Child Development
  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Home Science

Importance of Continuing education

Continuing education can help workers to stay updated with the latest development and new advanced technologies to shine well in their fields. Also, some sectors demand continuing education remain certified or licensed in particular sectors.

This type of education can increase the chances for promotion in your company. Or at least you can demand a pay hike.

If possible, you can start a new career after completing this type of education. This may sound great for people who love to explore new fields.

Now that you are confident to pursue continuing education, you can take up a suitable course at IGNOU and develop your skills. You can also get guidance from your company on which course to pursue in continuing education. 

Final words:

I hope this article has given you useful information and if you feel it is worth sharing, then send it to your friends. Remember, it’s never too late to start anything. These days, you get a lot of opportunities to develop skills, and IGNOU has paved the way for it. Best of luck with your new journey.


How to Move ahead After Admission in IGNOU

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:56 by Editor

If you have enrolled yourself in IGNOU and wonder about the next procedure, you must read this article to learn how to move ahead after admission to IGNOU.

The first thing you must do when you do get admission for the particular course is to check whether the particulars given are correct on IGNOU’s official website. 

The details you need to check are 

  1. Your name
  2. Your parent’s name
  3. Your address
  4. Study center
  5. The course you opted

First, let me guide you on how to check it

Step 1:

Log in to the official IGNOU website 

Step 2:

Click on the student support tab

Step 3:

Now go to student support and click on the drop-down list and choose the student zone.

Step 4:

On the right side of the page, you will see registration details given there. Click on it.

Step 5:

A new page opens up, and you need to fill in your nine-digit enrollment number and select your program code from the drop-down list. Then click on the submit button.

Step 6:

Once done, your registration details will appear on a new page. Here, you can see all your details. In case if you find any error in the details given, then you can report it to your regional center immediately. If there is any spelling correction, it is recommended to enclose your high school mark sheet along with your application. 

Once you have checked your details, let’s move on to the next segment.

Admission through online/offline mode

The next thing you need to do is to check the confirmation letter, identity card, and study materials.

Mostly, everyone applies to IGNOU online, and your admission confirmation letter will be sent to your mail. You will also get your Identity card. 

Once you get your ID card, you need to download and print it. 

Note: If you have downloaded your ID card online, then you don’t need to get attested by the regional director. 

If you have applied to IGNOU via offline mode, then you need to go to the regional center because the admission confirmation letter and identity card will be sent here. You will get it during the induction meeting.

What is an induction meeting?

When your admission is confirmed, and when you have checked your details and received your confirmation letter and ID card, the final thing you need to do is “Go to your regional center.”

There will be an induction meeting conducted in the regional center in order to make the procedures and rules regulations of the university well known to the students. 

You will be informed via SMS or email about the date, time, and venue of the induction meeting. This meeting will be greatly beneficial for you to know more about IGNOU and the course you are about to pursue. 

 You get a chance to meet your colleagues, your study center coordinator, assistant coordinators, counselors, and other staff members. Also, the regional director or assistant regional director will participate in the meeting and will guide you on how to proceed further upon your confirmation of your admission. 


If you are a newbie to IGNOU, I hope this article cleared your doubts about proceeding further once your admission is confirmed. Share this article with your buddies as well. Thanks for reading through.


Why IGNOU is the Best Alternative for Higher Education

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:56 by Editor

Many people have the misconception that distance education doesn’t benefit and pursuing it is a waste of time. But I would say that they lack awareness. IGNOU has been setting an example that distance education can provide education with zero compromises on quality.

Pursuing regular studies is not everyone’s cup of tea. If people are not ready to spend their time and money due to some reasons, they must be given an alternative option. So this is where IGNOU acts as the best alternative for higher education. 

If you want to learn more about why choosing IGNOU is an alternative to the usual high education, then continue reading this article, and get a clear idea.


Did you know that IGNOU is the only central university in India that offers courses in open and distance learning? Yes, you read it right, and so far, it has succeeded in giving quality education. Also, it is known as the largest open university in the world right now. 

There are other universities that offer distance mode of education, but they are state open universities and are operating via state legislatures. 

You can pursue any degree like starting from diploma, certificate, undergraduate, postgraduate, M.phil, and Ph.D. programs here in IGNOU in best-in-class quality. 

Talking about the study materials, you can get study materials from the university or download them online. You need to submit assignments, and it has 30% of marks. Only when you submit the assignments are you allowed to write the term-end exam. IGNOU conducts exams twice a year, in June and in December.

Why should you prefer distance education in IGNOU?

There are many reasons why distance education in IGNOU is the preferred choice of many people. And as mentioned already, apart from time and money, I have listed some reasons. 

Distance education offers flexibility.

You don’t have to complete your course in one go in distance mode. You are given adequate time and options to pursue your course. Also, you get an easily adaptable schedule for studying, so you can work or fulfill all kinds of commitments, and at the same time, you get to pursue your higher education. 

Variety of courses

This is an added advantage in IGNOU because even top universities offer only a list of courses, but IGNOU provides various courses. So you are free to choose any course of your wish and pursue that. 

Recently, the Central Advisory Board of Education(CABE) announced that top higher-ed institutions with high NAAC ratings would be eligible to offer online degree courses. So this has added great credit to the distance learning environment. 

Quality of education

Just because you are pursuing a course in distance education doesn’t mean you can be lethargic. IGNOU follows some strict rules to ensure that good quality of education is provided to its students. So it monitors student’s progress via assignments and exams. 

Students get an opportunity to study in a flexible study environment, and at the same time, they must follow the rules and regulations to complete their course efficiently.

Apart from these, in IGNOU distance education, you can take advantage of the remoteness, ease of study, cost, and employability features.

Final words

I hope you got a clear idea of why IGNOU is the best alternative for higher education. Give this article a thumbs up if you find it gave you the information you were looking for!


How to write IGNOU Exam Paper to get good marks guaranteed?

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:45 by Shabir Virk

It is rightly said that students’ life is the best life if there is no examination. Examination puts a spoke in the wheel of their merriment. But, examination is important as it compels the students to learn, get knowledge and upgrade their degree. Examination is indeed the very benchmark that differentiates a successful student from the unsuccessful one.

IGNOU Exam is arguably more scary than any other examination due to a number of reasons. The first and foremost reason is that the examination does not give any leeway for the students to copy and score. It is always better to write less, or leave the copy blank than to resort for a short cut method, i.e., to copy from your friends, for its examiners are more intelligent than you can ever think of. The other reasons that make IGNOU Exam more intimidating than others include thorough examination of question papers, concept-based questions, no any short-cut method to impress the examiner except writing well and comprehensively, and the value that it holds.

In the last two paragraphs, you might have learnt the importance of examination in general and importance of IGNOU Exam in particular. Now, I will like to focus on the title of my blog, i.e., . How to write IGNOU Exam Paper to get good marks guaranteed?

  • Write in your own words: You are free to read as many books as you find appropriate to augment your knowledge or to make your concept clear on a particular subject, but when it comes to writing, use your own words. Imported words will be more disservice than good for marking point of view. If you write the sentence/s of any author, you have read, do not forget to give credit to your source(the author). This is one of the most important things you should take to your heart if you want to know as to How to write IGNOU Exam Paper to get good marks guaranteed.
  • Write Comprehensively: You need not be concise while answering IGNOU Exam Paper. Mind, not only your knowledge but the way you answer the question is examined here. You must show how richly you can write a question in your own language with all the important/necessary headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, picture, illustrations and graphs.
  • Write in neat and clean handwriting: No matter how much knowledge you have in your subject, or how methodical you are in answering the questions, if your handwriting is not legible, it will be like multiplying Crore to 0. That means, the result will be 0, your answer sheet will fail to catch the eyes of examiner. So, make sure your handwriting in neat and clean.
  • Use Examples: Use examples to back up your statements. It will add value to your writing and ease the work of the examiner. By just reading the example, he/she will come to know your point. Use of example will also avoid any sort of ambiguity in your statement.

Suppose you have to show importance of a thing, you may write..is as important as money is for us, or if you have to write about about life, you may take example of camera to explain life in a more understandable way—“Life is a camera. Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out-take another shot.” It is arguably one of the most important things to know on how to write IGNOU exam paper to get good marks.

Refer to the book thousands of students opted to know the tips on how to write IGNOU exam paper to get good marks. Click on the link.

Its time to clear your confusions regarding IGNOU Assignments

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:43 by Editor


IGNOU students have lots of confusions regarding assignments like submission, validity, latest assignments, etc. Read clarifications to your confusions point wise.

Q1. Is validity of IGNOU assignment limited to a particular semester or till the paper’s registration?

Ans. NO! It’s not really true. Once you submitted your assignment and completed (cleared) is valid for entire duration of the IGNOU programme.

Thus, even if someone fails a paper or re-registers for a paper; he/she simply has to reappear in the TEE (if he has already passed the Assignment). That’s there’s no need to resubmit the IGNOU assignment for the said paper.

Q2. Are Term-End Examination and Assignments connected?

Ans. There is only one connection: A student has to submit an assignment in order to appear in the respective subject’s TEE. If assignment is not submitted, then the student is not allowed to apply for the respective paper in TEE. His/her TEE examination form will be accepted only when the Study Centre verifies that the assignment for the said paper has been submitted.

Except for this connection, IGNOU assignments 2020 and IGNOU term-end examination form are absolutely unconnected.

Q3. Can I submit the assignments, which I made during the last semester?

Ans. No, you can’t. Irrespective of the TEE you plan to appear in, you have to submit ONLY the latest IGNOU Assignments. The latest or new IGNOU assignments are uploaded in every semester. Hence, you must prepare fresh assignments meant for that semester only.

Q4. Can I submit IGNOU Assignments ONLY with the TEE form? 

Ans. No, it’s not true. IGNOU assignments can be submitted without TEE form. These two are not connected with one another. That’s you can submit IGNOU assignments without applying for the TEEs of the respective subjects even once. But since, registration for a paper is valid only for limited period, hence it’s good to keep clearing the TEEs as well. Else one has to re-register for the paper after limited time.

Q5. What is the late fee for late submission of IGNOU assignments?

Ans. Actually, there’s NO Fee at all to submit the IGNOU Assignments. The fee and Late Fee are for the submission of Examination Form. If you submit your Examination form after the Last Date then you will have to pay the Late Fee in addition to the examination fee for each paper. The Last date to submit TEE examination form for IGNOU Term End Examinations WITHOUT LATE FEE is March 31st for June TEE and September 30th for December TEE.

Q6. Can I submit IGNOU assignment on any day?

Ans. Yes, you can. You can submit your assignments at your study centre when it opens. Mostly IGNOU study centres remain open in weekend (Saturday and Sunday) only. You have to submit your assignment before the last date of submission of TEE form or last date of assignment submission.

IGNOU Solved Assignment Reference Material 2018 

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Is it Tough to Pass IGNOU Exams?

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:42 by Editor


If you want to answer this question without beating around the bush, then we say that it is ‘not’ tough to pass IGNOU exams. We can’t deny that it is a little challenging to pass the IGNOU exam, but still, it is not an impossible thing. Since IGNOU does a strict evaluation, many students get this question, whether it is hard to get through this examination. So in this article, let’s discuss how you can get through the IGNOU exams with flying colors.

Tips to Pass IGNOU exams:

Most students waste their precious time searching for guides or question/answer solutions. This is not completely wrong but spending too much time searching for notes is not advisable. Also, chances are there for getting misguided. So refer to useful materials. IGNOU offers study materials for also all courses. So keep that for reference and prepare for the exam seriously.

Don’t start your preparation at the last minute. You won’t be able to cover the entire syllabus. Also, you will be more tensed and likely to score fewer marks in the final exams. So plan for the exam preparation. Put a time table and spend at least 1 to 2 hours every day. This practice will help you cover all the portions, and you will also have extra time to revise.

Prepare your assignments seriously. This is because preparing the assignments will help you in two ways. You will study some parts of your syllabus, and your assignment marks carry extra marks. So you can grab both the benefits when you take your assignments seriously.

Refer to the previous year’s question paper. This trick works not only in distance learning education but also in regular college exams. So you need to be very conscious about the previous year’s question papers. Once you analyze these question papers, you will find that some questions are repeatedly asked in the exams, and if there is luck, you might also find some questions from previous years’ question papers.

Presentation is important

  • The way you present your answer sheet is crucial.
  • Don’t write too many answers on the same page. At the same time, don’t write a few lines on a page. Both are extreme ends, which may irritate the person who evaluates your paper.
  • Highlight the important points in your answer.
  • Try to attempt all the questions.
  • Keep your answers simple; neither too short nor too long. It is important to write precisely and in a way where anyone can understand.
  • Handwriting also plays a significant role in the answer sheet presentation.


This was all about the tips and guidelines to pass IGNOU exams. When you have gone through the above-given tips, you might have realized that it is not that tough to pass this exam. Don’t be obsessed with your examinations, and keep studying continuously. Having good rest and sleep is essential. So take regular breaks while preparing for the exams. Good luck!

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Study Two Courses Simultaneously in IGNOU

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:41 by Editor


Are you a student looking for the answer to the question, “Can I pursue two courses simultaneously in IGNOU?” Then continue reading this article to know the answer.

Yes, You can apply for 2 degrees from IGNOU, to be pursued simultaneously. It is not invalid. The sole invalid combination of dual-degree is pursuing two regular courses together. But there are some restrictions too. Let’s know about them in detail.

Remember, pursuing two degrees/diploma at the same time is not allowed. If you’re a student who goes to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree from IGNOU as a distance learning course, you can’t pursue an identical degree from another institution. Only that one degree is valid.

So you can pursue a bachelor’s from the local University, and then you may further apply for a certificate program from IGNOU. This is a rule given by UGC with which just one degree is valid during a single school year.

If you’re applying for a Masters or a baccalaureate from IGNOU, you can pursue a 6-month certificate course. This is a 6-month certificate course that doesn’t cause a degree, and thus you’ll be able to pursue it with any course of study.

But again a diploma and a degree can’t be done together. As additionally mentioned on the IGNOU University website, you cannot pursue two academic programs simultaneously from an equivalent University unless it is a certificate program of 6 months duration.

This means that you’ll have a certificate program and degree simultaneously from IGNOU. IGNOU Admission process works twice a year, once in the January cycle and in the June – July cycle. Therefore, you can enrol for the 6-months certificate program twice a year.

Also, remember that the certificate program is often completed under two years only. So if you enrol during a course and do not have time to review for the course this semester, you’ll enol in the next semester.

What is considered valid?

Let’s look at what is considered valid in IGNOU university.
1. One PG diploma and one diploma/certificate.
2. You can do one diploma and one certificate course simultaneously.
3. You can do one degree along with one diploma or PG diploma or a certificate course.
4. Postgraduate diplomas can be enrolled, and they will be valid.
5. You are also allowed to enrol in two diplomas or two certificate courses together in the same academic year.

We hope the points mentioned above are clear to you now.


So coming to the question of whether two degrees can be done simultaneously, you can pursue one degree from regular mode and the other degree from distance education mode in IGNOU.

Pursuing two courses simultaneously is not encouraged because it will affect performance and marks in both courses. So it is not advisable to take admission in two courses. You can take admission in one course and focus on that and score good marks. So this was about pursuing two courses simultaneously in IGNOU.

We hope you got what you were looking for in this article.

Also, Visit:

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How to Change the IGNOU Regional or Study Centre?

Published on Tuesday December 7, 2021 12:38 by Editor

It was during the tenure of Rajiv Gandhi, in the year 1985 when IGNOU was established. The Indira Gandhi National Open University was established to provide quality education to the Indian Population through distance and open education. It is one of the largest universities in the world serving millions of Indians by providing a higher quality of education, irrespective of their section/segment in the society. IGNOU is currently operated by Central Government and by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (HRD). Continue reading to know more.

What are Regional and Study Centres?

Regional Centre:

  • It is the main source for the students to the university.
  • It acts as the head of that region.
  • It looks into the admission of students.
  • It provides study materials, essentials and other necessaries for the students.
  • It helps students with their queries regarding admission and other policies.
  • IGNOU has a total of 67 regional Centres.

Study Centre:

  • A Study Centre is used for classes, providing lab facilities, providing necessary components/equipment for that respective course.
  • It conducts examinations for the students.
  • The assignments, attendance are taken care of by the Study Centre.

How to Change Regional or Study Centre?

As discussed in the first paragraph, the main intention of establishing IGNOU is to provide quality education to interested people by means of “Distance Education”. It is very important to enroll in the Regional Centre and complete all the needed formalities. Later, it is the role of the Study Centre to conduct online/in-class lectures and practicals. It is evident that many people migrate/move from place to place for various reasons. So, to minimise/discard the gap between distance and education, IGNOU has done an excellent job by setting up many regional and Study Centres. Due to this, it becomes quite easy for students to continue the same course/subject even when they transfer to another place.

To Change Regional Centre-

IGNOU has many Regional Centres, at least one in each state. If a student wants to change his/her regional centre to any other centre, he/she can apply for the change of the Regional Centre. The request must be raised at the current regional centre from where he/she wants to get transferred to the desired regional centre. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the student to carry their study certificate with respect to completed assignments from the current study centre to the changing one. The students must obtain a “No Objection Certificate (NOC)” from the concerned RC and SC where the student wants to transfer. The process of transfer will be done by RC after proper verification of the student’s course details, details about the fee, assignment, marks, attendance and other important activities of the students which matter. If the procedure is followed in a synchronized manner, he/she is free to study at other centres.

To Change Study Centre-

As discussed earlier, each state has one RC and more than one SC. To further change the study centre, the student must fill the application form and submit it to IGNOU. The application form for the change of study centre can be found on the IGNOU official website or at the regional centre. The application form contains many details, which need to be filled in by the students. The form wishes to seek the details like,

  1. Enrollment number
  2. Date of change
  3. Name of the student
  4. Residential address of the student
  5. The medium of the study
  6. Program of the study
  7. New study centre code
  8. Signature with the date

The above application form can be filled on the IGNOU website or physically at the regional centre. Once the information is provided to IGNOU, it will do the background check on the students and RC and SC carry forward the necessary proceedings.

IGNOU Bonafide Certificate and Migration Certificate

Published on Wednesday November 24, 2021 15:50 by Editor

IGNOU issues a Bonafide Certificate to its students to confirm that a particular student is enrolled with the university. The IGNOU Bonafide Certificate has many benefits. In this article, students will know the advantages and application process of getting an IGNOU Bonafide Certificate and Migration Certificate.

Registration Process for IGNOU Courses

Published on Wednesday November 24, 2021 15:38 by Editor

Have you been thinking about getting into IGNOU this year and would like to know how the admission process works? Here is everything you need to know about the registration process for IGNOU courses.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University, or IGNOU, is among the finest open universities in India. The university offers a variety of courses at a fair price. Furthermore, students have access to several regional centres spread across India and abroad. The university also attracts international students who enrol in a variety of courses and programs. Students of all ages are welcome to apply. Their simple registration procedure means people do not need to worry about waiting in line for admission and explore each course in depth before deciding which to enrol in.

To help you apply to IGNOU, we’ve created this quick overview of the application process!

Please follow these steps to apply for admission to IGNOU: