What comes next after Admission in IGNOU?

Published on Wednesday February 1, 2023 15:30 by Ashish

Every year lakhs of students get enrolled in IGNOU. But after enrolling, many students do not know what do students have to do after admission to IGNOU is confirmed.
The students of IGNOU tend to get very upset because they do not get any correct information about their program from anywhere. In this blog, we have incorporated all the information that is worth knowing after a student takes admitted to a program IGNOU.
So if you have also taken admitted to a program and want to know what you have to do next, for this you must read this blog carefully and completely so that if you want any information related to your program, you could be able to find it through this blog. This will help you complete your program easily, without any interruption.

What to do after admission is confirmed?

All the students who have taken online admission in IGNOU, all those students need to download their identity cards by logging in to their user ID. The ID card downloaded by the IGNOU website is the original card of the students which is verified by IGNOU. It is important to mention here that the student does not need anyone to attest to that identity card from anywhere.
Students get identity cards only once. And that simply means that only one identity card will remain valid till the completion of the program, i.e. for three years. IGNOU does not issue new identity cards to its students every year.

Hard Copy Study Material?

IGNOU provides two types of study material to its students, one of which is soft copy study material, in which students have to download soft copy material from IGNOU's official website, and the other study material is hard to copy, in which hard copy study material is sent by post to their address given by the students.
Students can also take their hard copy study material from their regional centre or headquarters. If you want to take your study material from the regional centre or headquarters directly, you can take it after two months of the confirmation of your admission. Importantly, you will not be able to receive your study materials unless you show your identity card.

Creating assignments

If you are a student of IGNOU, then you must know that it is mandatory to make and submit assignments in IGNOU. But if you have enrolled in IGNOU for the first time, then you should know that all the students in IGNOU have to make and submit assignments for all their subjects for which students get marks. Every student must also pass assignments. 30 per cent of marks of assignments are added to the mark sheet of the student.

How and where to download assignments question paper from?

If you are wondering where to download the assignment, you have to go to the download option by going to IGNOU's website where you have question papers for all the program assignments. And you have to download the question papers of your program from there.

Submitting assignments?

It is also mandatory for all students to submit assignments after making them so that after the assignments are checked, marks can be given to the students. In order to submit assignments, the students have to go to their study centre and submit their assignments. However, in the Corona period, coming to the study centre was not required. The students were given the link to submit their assignments online.

Filling the exam form and exam fee for the exam

Filling out the exam form and exam fee for the exam
It is mandatory for every student to fill out their exam form and exam fee because if a student does not fill out the exam form and exam fee for his examination, then he cannot sit in the student exam. IGNOU conducts exams twice a year. IGNOU exam form is filled in March-April and second September to October In which both times the exam form and fee are filled In which students have to pay the exam fee. Students can fill out the exam form by visiting the official website of IGNOU Things to keep in mind
While filling out the exam form, fill in your subject carefully in the exam form so that there is no mistake in it

Downloading hall ticket for the exam?

In order to take the exam in IGNOU, students must have a hall ticket, for which students will have to go to the official website of IGNOU and download it. Hall tickets are uploaded on the IGNOU's website 10 days before the exam so that students can know their exam centre and exam date.

Things to keep in mind before going to the examination center?

Before going for the exam in the exam, keep in mind that students should not forget to carry their student identity card, or hall ticket at all because if the students forget to take either of these two things together, they will not be allowed to sit in the exam. Therefore, before going to the exam centre, check all your things properly.