How to fill the Front Page of IGNOU Assignment?

Published on Monday August 28, 2023 12:08 by Ashish

As the Term End Examination of December 2023 is nearing, the Students of IGNOU want to know how to fill up the front page of their assignment correctly. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) requires students to follow specific guidelines when submitting their assignments. This is crucial as assignments are an integral part of the evaluation process.

The front page (often referred to as the cover page or title page) of the IGNOU assignment typically contains important details about the student and the assignment itself.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to fill the front page of an IGNOU assignment

Firstly, you need to take the printout of the front page of Assignment in A4 Size and fill in the following details correctly

Program Title: At the top of the page, write the title of the program, you have enrolled in. If there's a specific title provided by IGNOU for the assignment, use that.

Name: Write your full name as registered with IGNOU.

Roll Number:
Write down your Roll Number correctly on the front page of your assignment.

Enrollment Number: Mention your unique enrollment number.

Email ID:
Write your complete email ID.

Write your complete postal address along with the correct PIN code. This might be needed for sending back evaluated assignments or any related correspondence.

Course Code: Mention the code of the course for which the assignment is being submitted. For instance, "MEG-01" for an MA English course.

Course Title: Write the full name of the course. Using the earlier example, it would be "Master of Arts in English."

Assignment Code: Mention the code provided by IGNOU for the specific assignment you're submitting.

Study Centre Name:

Study Centre Code: Each student is allotted a study center. Mention its code here.

Regional Centre Code:
Each student is required to write the Regional Centre Code.

Mobile Number: Each student is needed to write their contact number. Give the mobile number which is in working condition.

Date of Submission: Write the date on which you're submitting the assignment.

Signature: Sign at the appropriate space.


Ensure that all details are legible and written neatly.
Avoid unnecessary decorations or graphics on the cover page unless specifically instructed.
Always make a copy of your assignment for your own reference before submitting it.
Adhere to submission deadlines to avoid penalties or non-acceptance of assignments.
Lastly, keep in mind that the specific details and format might change, so always refer to the assignment guidelines provided by IGNOU for the particular year or session you're enrolled in.