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How to fill the Front Page of IGNOU Assignment?

Published on Monday August 28, 2023 12:08 by G team

Preparing and submitting an IGNOU assignment becomes super easy when you do it correctly. If you're an IGNOU student and looking for an IGNOU Assignment Front Page Download, then you are at the right spot; in this article, we are not only sharing the Temple for Front Page of the IGNOU Assignment but also guiding you on how to fill it appropriately so that you don't get confused with lots blank field in the A4 size sheet.

IGNOU Assignment Cover Page & Front Page Instructions

The IGNOU requires students to follow specific guidelines when submitting their assignments. This is crucial as assignments are an integral part of the evaluation process. The front page is referred to as the cover page or title page of the IGNOU assignment and contains essential details about the student and the assignment itself. You need to make a separate cover page for each of your subject's assignments.


Many students submit their assignments without a cover page, or they fill in their names and other details in a regular assignment sheet, but that is not the correct way; it makes it difficult for the evaluators to check that. So, if you also do that, avoid doing it and compulsorily attach the cover page given by the IGNOU. Having a Front Page of IGNOU Assignment has lots of benefits:

  • The cover page makes evaluation easier
  • Helps separate various subject's assignments
  • It makes the assignment look good
  • It enables you to score better

A step-by-step guide to fill the Front Page of IGNOU Assignment

Now let's understand the Step-by-step guide to fill in your details on the Front Page of the IGNOU Assignment. IGNOU has already provided a cover page in an A4 size sheet, which you should use as a cover page for your assignments. Below, we have also given the cover page, which you can download. First, let's see what you have to mention in the sheet fields.


Step 1: On the cover page, you first need to fill in your enrollment number.

Step 2: Fill in your full name as in your ID card and other official documents.

Step 3: Next, you need to write the complete postal address along with the PIN.

Step 4: After that, write the program title. If your program is a Bachelor of Arts, then write the same but not its shortened versions, such as a BA.

Step 5: Write the course code; it is a specific course or subject for which you are submitting an assignment, such as BEGAE-182, BCS-12, MCO-01, etc.

Step 6: After this, fill in the course title, which means the subject or course for which you are submitting an assignment.

Step 7: Next, write the Assignment Number/Assignment Code/Session. You can get this number or code at the top right side of your assignment question paper. This code is divided into three parts. The first part denotes the subject code, the second part shows the type of work, and the third part describes the session. For example: BAGAE-182/TMA/2023-24.

Step 8: Next, you need to write your study center code with the address.

Step 9: Then write down your phone number.

Step 10: Give your email ID for future communications.

Step 11: At the bottom of the page, you need to write the date of submission of the assignment and provide a signature.


This is the model way to fill in your details on the Front Page of IGNOU Assignment. After filling in all these details, you're all set to move forward with the submission of your assignments.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page Download

We hope you've learned how to fill in all the details on the front page of the IGNOU Assignment. Now, you are ready to start filling in the details on the actual cover page. If you need the IGNOU assignment cover page, then don't worry. We are providing you with a readymade cover page for the IGNOU assignment. Just click the link below, download it, and fill in the details as instructed.


Click Here to Download the IGNOU Assignment Cover Page

Keep Points to Remember

Below mentioned are some of the key points to keep in mind while submitting the assignments:

  • Before submitting your assignments, ensure that all details are written neatly.
  • Don't do unnecessary decorations or use graphics on the cover page.
  • Make a copy of your assignment by taking a printout for your reference.
  • Always keep the submission deadlines in mind to avoid penalties or non-acceptance of assignments.
  • Lastly, keep in mind that the specific details and format might change, so always refer to the assignment guidelines provided by IGNOU for the particular year or session you're enrolled in.

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What should be mentioned on the front page of the IGNOU Assignment?

The Front Page of IGNOU Assignment should have details such as enrollment number, Student Name, Programme Code, Program Title, Course Code, Course Title, Assignment Number/Code/Session, Study Center Code, Phone Number, Submission Date, and Signature, etc.


Is the use of the IGNOU Assignment Front Page PDF compulsory, or am I allowed to design my own?

For your convenience, IGNOU provides a sample of the Front Page of the IGNOU Assignment, but it is not compulsory to use. You can also use your own, but it must have all the required details.


Do I have to create a cover page for each assignment?

Yes, you have to make a front page for all your IGNOU assignments.


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