IGNOU BEGE-102 - The Structure of Modern English

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The Structure of Modern English

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IGNOU BEGE-102 Code Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title The Structure of Modern English
  • Language(s)
  • Code BEGE-102
  • Subject English
  • Degree(s) BA
  • Course Generic Electives (GE)

IGNOU BEGE-102 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Phonetics and Phonology-I

  • Unit 1 - An Introduction to Phonetics
  • Unit 2 - English Vowels-1
  • Unit 3 - English Vowels-2
  • Unit 4 - English Consonants-1
  • Unit 5 - English Consonants-2

Block 2 - Phonetics and Phonology-II

  • Unit 1 - Word Stress
  • Unit 2 - Stress and Rhythm in Connected Speech
  • Unit 3 - Intonation-1
  • Unit 4 - Intonation-2
  • Unit 5 - Intonation-3

Block 3 - Morphology-I

  • Unit 1 - Words and their Elements
  • Unit 2 - Morphology: Some More Basic Concepts
  • Unit 3 - Inflectional Morphology of English-1
  • Unit 4 - Inflectional Morphology of English-2
  • Unit 5 - Inflectional Morphology of English-3

Block 4 - Morphology-II

  • Unit 1 - Derivational Morphology-1
  • Unit 2 - Derivational Morphology-2
  • Unit 3 - Derivational Morphology-3
  • Unit 4 - Word Compounding-1
  • Unit 5 - Other Word Formation Processes

Block 5 - Syntax-1: Sentence Structure-I

  • Unit 1 - What is a Sentence?
  • Unit 2 - Basic Sentence Patterns
  • Unit 3 - The Subject
  • Unit 4 - The Predicate: The Verb
  • Unit 5 - Objects and Complement

Block 6 - Syntax-2: Sentence Structure-II

  • Unit 1 - Adverbials
  • Unit 2 - Negatives
  • Unit 3 - Questions
  • Unit 4 - Imperatives and Exclamations

Block 7 - Compound and Complex Sentences

  • Unit 1 - Clause Types and Sentence Types
  • Unit 2 - Compound Sentences
  • Unit 3 - Complex Sentences-1
  • Unit 4 - Complex Sentences-2
  • Unit 5 - Complex Sentences-3

Block 8 - Syntax-4: The Noun Phrase and the Verb Phrase

  • Unit 1 - The Noun Phrase-1 The Head: Pre-modification
  • Unit 2 - The Noun Phrase-2 Post-modification: The Relative Clause
  • Unit 3 - The Noun Phrase-3 Post-modification: The Prepositional Phrase
  • Unit 4 - The Verb Phrase-1 Lexical, Auxiliary and Phrasal Verbs
  • Unit 5 - The Verb Phrase-2 Tense, Aspect, Modality
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IGNOU BEGE-102 (July 2022 - January 2023) Assignment Questions

SECTION A I a. Write short notes on the following: i. Countable and non-countable nouns. ii. The Diphthongs in English iii. The falling tone. iv. Free morphemes and bound morphemes v. Irregular verbs I b. Write the phonetic transcription of the following words i. Transplantation ii. Ant iii. Material iv. Confidential v. Perpendicular I c. Mark the primary stress in the following words using the appropriate stress mark i. examination ii. democracy iii. abundance iv. photography v. authority Section B II a. What are affixes? Describe the various types of affixes. Give examples of each type. II b. Based on their grammatical function, how are pronouns classified? Give examples of each class. II c. What are restrictive and non-restrictive clauses? Explain with suitable examples. II d. Explain the differences between explicit and implicit negation with suitable examples. Section C III a. Fill in the blanks as directed. i. She will come tomorrow ------ she feels better. (use an appropriate subordinating conjunction). ii. The sportsman ----- impressed the judges most was Krishnan. (use a suitable relative pronoun). iii. I bought …. dozen apples. (use the correct article). iv. My friend …. (go) to the library before I reached the college. (use the correct form of the verb in brackets). v. The government …. (plan) to construct a new road to the village for the last two years. (use the correct form of the verb in brackets). III b. Rewrite as indicated. i. John is the tallest of all the boys. (Rewrite using positive degree). ii. Neither of us were pleased to see his work. (correct the sentence and rewrite). iii. Mary is very hardworking, …… (add question tag). iv. She is very weak. She cannot walk fast. (Combine to form a single sentence). v. John said, “Mary, I will be going to London tomorrow.” (Rewrite as indirect speech).

IGNOU BEGE-102 (July 2021 - January 2022) Assignment Questions

1) Write short notes on the following by giving examples: i) Difference between phonetics and phonology ii) Morpheme and its types iii) Conversion and its types iv) Grammatical features of noun phrase 2a) Write the phonetic transcription of the following words. Then mark the stress. 1. Okay 2. Transplantation 3. Pleasant 4. Afternoon 5. Precipitate 2b) What are consonants? Write a detailed description of the different types of consonants in English. 3a) Place these words in the appropriate column based on the number of syllables they contain. 1. titanic 2. similar 3. prompt 4. organisation 5. dictator 6. adieu 7. someone 8. poem 9. organism 10. comparatively 3b) What are affixes? Discuss pre-fixation and different types of prefixes in detail. Illustrate your answer with examples. 4a) State which of the following sentences are compound and which are complex? 1. The house was destroyed in the fire, but the whole family was saved. 2. If I do not get this job, I will start a business. 3. He said that he was so disappointed that he would not try again. 4. The men who rule the world with their pens are mightier than those who rule the world with their swords. 5. Neither the colour nor the design of this cloth appeals to me. 4b) What are the different types of questions? Give examples. 4c) Convert these statements into questions: 1. I live in a beautiful village located in Tamil Nadu. 2. Yes, he arrived at 5 p.m. 3. I graduated from IGNOU in 2020. 4. Mahima gave a book to Ravi on his birthday. 5. In October we celebrate Dusshera. 5) Negative the following sentences. i Sarita responded to the student query immediately. ii. Rohit will never visit his grandfather. iii I only have a few books on linguistics. iv There is nobody in that ghost town. v COVID 19 vaccines have reached every corner of the world. 6a) Giving examples, write briefly about illocutionary force of different types of sentences. 6b) Identify the sentence type and the illocutionary force for each of them: 1. Have a great day 2. How funny he is! 3. Get well soon 4. Will you come back tomorrow? 5. Please share your email address 7a) Rewrite the following sentences by using the words in bold as indicated in the brackets: The first one is done for you. 1. Anita speaks in a bold manner. (adverb) ---Anita speaks boldly 2. Annie is independent and confident. (noun) 3. Raju cooks delicious food. (adverb) 4. Mothers take care of their children wholeheartedly. (adjective) 5. This university serves a large section of student population through online mode. (noun) 7b) Place these subordinating conjunctions (if, because, what, so that, when) into the gaps in the sentences given below: i. Please come early tomorrow __________we can finish the report on time. ii Mohan will reach on time ____________ it does not rain. iii Sushant and Amrita migrated to Canada _______________ they wanted to start their own business on North America. iv This monument is very old. No one knows________ it was built. v Yesterday after the tournament____________ the captain said was unbelievable.
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