IGNOU BEGE-103 - Communication Skills in English

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Communication Skills in English

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IGNOU BEGE-103 Code Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title Communication Skills in English
  • Language(s)
  • Code BEGE-103
  • Subject English
  • Degree(s) BA, BTS
  • Course Generic Electives (GE)

IGNOU BEGE-103 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Some Concepts for Communication in English

  • Unit 1 - English-In India and the World
  • Unit 2 - Global English and Indian English
  • Unit 3 - The Globalization of Communications: A Global Village
  • Unit 4 - Globalization and Communication Skills
  • Unit 5 - Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

Block 2 - Listening and Speaking in Informal Contexts

  • Unit 1 - Informal Interpersonal Functions
  • Unit 2 - Small Talk
  • Unit 3 - Making Enquiries/Asking Questions
  • Unit 4 - Agreeing and Disagreeing
  • Unit 5 - Conversation Conventions

Block 3 - Listening and Speaking in Formal Contexts

  • Unit 1 - Preparing for Interviews
  • Unit 2 - Interview and Job Search Etiquette
  • Unit 3 - Group Discussions and Meetings
  • Unit 4 - Oral Presentation Skills and Public Speaking–1
  • Unit 5 - Oral Presentation Skills and Public Speaking-2

Block 4 - Writing

  • Unit 1 - Writing a Cv or Resume
  • Unit 2 - Letters: Structure and Conventions
  • Unit 3 - The Language of Formal Letters
  • Unit 4 - Some Kinds of Formal Letters
  • Unit 5 - Job Related Letters

Block 5 - Print Media

  • Unit 1 - Language of Formal Reports
  • Unit 2 - Some Kinds of Official Reports
  • Unit 3 - Writing Summaries and Notes
  • Unit 4 - Some Kinds of Official Reports
  • Unit 5 - Language of Formal Reports

Block 6 - Mediated Communication

  • Unit 1 - Mediated Communication
  • Unit 2 - The Radio
  • Unit 3 - Television
  • Unit 4 - Producing Content for Radio and Television
  • Unit 5 - Listening to English over the Media

Block 7 - The World Wide Web and Corporate Communications

  • Unit 1 - Networks and Multimedia
  • Unit 2 - Writing for the World Wide Web
  • Unit 3 - Corporate Communications
  • Unit 4 - Using the Right Words: American or British?
  • Unit 5 - Language Skills for Web Content Writing

Block 8 - Using Language for Communications: Rhetoric and Argumentation

  • Unit 1 - The Non-Literal use of Language
  • Unit 2 - Rhetoric and Grammar
  • Unit 3 - A First Guide to Argumentation
  • Unit 4 - More Fallacies and Arguments in Advertising
  • Unit 5 - Presuppositions, Dilemmas and Language
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IGNOU BEGE-103 (July 2022 - January 2023) Assignment Questions

1. Write short notes on any four (04): a) Irony b) Paradox c) Simile and Metaphor d) Oxymoron e) Euphemism f) Antithesis 2. Explain with examples: a) Dialect b) Accent c) Style d) Code mixing e) Code switching 3. Prepare your Curriculam Vitae in about 250 words. 4. Enumerate the essentials of oral communication at a formal level. 5. Differentiate between information and communication? 6. Write a Report on any one of the following: 1. Women’s Day celebration in your college 2. Vaccination Camp organised in your locality 3. Impact of on-line learning on children 4. Pollution Drive by the local 7. You purchased an Air Conditioner through Amazon. When installing it, you discovered that air filter is missing. Write a letter of complaint to the relevant person in the organization. o asking how such an error happened o stating how this mistake has caused inconvenience to you o asserting that you would expect a replacement as soon as possible 8. Outline the few essentials to be kept in mind while taking part in a Debate Competition.

IGNOU BEGE-103 (July 2021 - January 2022) Assignment Questions

1. What are the usual topics of small talk? Describe some of the conventions we must follow for ease and flow of conversation. 2. Write short notes on the following: a. The difference between dialect, accent and style b. Code mixing and code switching 3a. Write your C.V. in about 250 words. 3b. Write a covering letter to an employer outlining your positive traits and enumerating why you would be suitable for a particular job (choose the job). 4. What is the purpose of a group discussion? What is the difference between a general group discussion and an interview group discussion? You have to participate in a group discussion as a part of a job interview. How would you prepare yourself? 5. Comment on the importance of either rhetoric or grammar in life.
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