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IGNOU MEG-08 - New Literature in English

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IGNOU MEG-08 Code Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title New Literature in English
  • Language(s)
  • Code MEG-08
  • Subject English
  • Degree(s) MA
  • Course Optional Courses

IGNOU MEG-08 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Introduction

  • Unit 1 - Naming the Discipline
  • Unit 2 - African Literature: Culture and Post-Nationalist Politics in Kenya and Nigeria
  • Unit 3 - Caribbean Literature: The Aesthetic of Diaspora
  • Unit 4 - South Asian Literature
  • Unit 5 - Australian Literature: Interrogating National Myths
  • Unit 6 - Canadian Literature: Scanning the Literary Landscape

Block 2 - A Gain of Wheat: Ngugi Wa Thiong’o

  • Unit 1 - Africa- the Dark Continent and Kenya-the Land of Gikuyu and Mumbi
  • Unit 2 - Literature and Politics
  • Unit 3 - Modern Novel in Africa
  • Unit 4 - Modern Ngugi wa Thiong’o-Life, Literature and Ideology
  • Unit 5 - A Grain of Wheat-Summary
  • Unit 6 - A Grain of Wheat-An Evaluation

Block 3 - A Dance of Forests: Wole Soyinka

  • Unit 1 - An Introduction to Nigeria and to the Yoruba World
  • Unit 2 - Whole Soyinka’s Life and Work
  • Unit 3 - A Dance of the Forests: Summary
  • Unit 4 - Critical Commentary on a Dance of the Forests
  • Unit 5 - Whole Soyinka’s Major Dramatic Works Excluding: A Dance of the Forests

Block 4 - Bapsi Sidhwa: Ice-Candy-Man

  • Unit 1 - The Author Background, Works, and Significance of the Title
  • Unit 2 - The Narrative Voice in Ice Candy-Man
  • Unit 3 - Feminist Inscription in Ice Candy-Man
  • Unit 4 - Why did Mr. Biswas want a House?
  • Unit 5 - Ice Candy-Man as a Novel of Partition
  • Unit 6 - Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Candy-Man: A Postcolonial Perspective

Block 5 - A House for Mr. Biswas: V.S. Naipaul

  • Unit 1 - Naipaul and His Critics
  • Unit 2 - Mr.Biswas and the Tulsis
  • Unit 3 - Mr. Biswas and his Dream House
  • Unit 4 - Why did Mr. Biswas want a House
  • Unit 5 - Putting A House for Mr. Biswas in Perspective

Block 6 - Caribbean Poetry: Derek Walcott and Edward Brathwaite

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Caribbean Poetry
  • Unit 2 - Derek Walcott-I
  • Unit 3 - Derek Walcott-II
  • Unit 4 - (Edward) Kamau Brathwaite-I
  • Unit 5 - (Edward) Kamau Brathwaite-II
  • Unit 6 - Theoretical Paradigms for Caribbean Literature

Block 7 - The Solid Mandala: Patrick White

  • Unit 1 - The Novelist and the Novel
  • Unit 2 - Openings and Preoccupations
  • Unit 3 - Denizens of the Australian Emptiness
  • Unit 4 - Message in Motifs
  • Unit 5 - Techniques
  • Unit 6 - Perspectives

Block 8 - The Stone Angle: Margaret Laurence

  • Unit 1 - The Novelist and Her Main Thematic Concerns
  • Unit 2 - Hager and Theme of Self-Alienation
  • Unit 3 - The Stone Angel: A Novel of Awakening
  • Unit 4 - Major Aspects of the Novel
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IGNOU MEG-08 (July 2023 - January 2024) Assignment Questions

1. Discuss the relationship between literature and social commitment with reference to the texts in your course. 2. A Grain of Wheat is a novel about Kenya’s struggle for freedom. Discuss. 3. What political statement does Soyinka make in his play A Dance of the Forests? 4. Discuss the manner in which Bapsi Sidhwa presents the partition in Ice-Candy Man. 5. Examine A House for Mr. Biswas as a diasporic novel. 6. Write a critical account of the relationship between history and language in Derek Walcott’s poetry. 7. Analyse the evolution of a distinct ‘video style’ in Braithwaite’s poems. 8. The characters in The Solid Mandala are a reflection of the themes of the novel. Discuss. 9. What are the various functions that the stone angel serves in the novel The Stone Angel? 10. Migrant intellectuals have played a significant role in institutionalizing postcolonial theory. Discuss.

IGNOU MEG-08 (July 2022 - January 2023) Assignment Questions

1. Canada’s literary enterprise has passed through many stages. Discuss its journey and the impacts that have helped Canada to evolve its own literary traditions and identity. 2. Write a detailed note to show how the literatures in English, emerging from South Asia, reflect the colonial encounter. 3. Through his novel, A Grain of Wheat, Ngugi presents his views about the British colonial rule in Kenya. Discuss with examples from the text. 4. Soyinka believed that an artist should not live in an ivory tower and instead should write works which were socially relevant. Discuss how A Dance of the Forests reflect his social concerns. 5. Ice-Candy Man highlights feminist concerns. Elucidate the role played by the major female characters of the novel. 6. A House for Mr. Biswas is a chronicle of socio-political changes vis-à-vis Trinidad society. Discuss with examples from the text. 7. Language is an effective tool for exerting control and battles can be fought on the linguistic terrain. Discuss this with reference to the Caribbean colonization. 8. Critically analyse the poem ‘Ananse’ by Edward Brathwaite. 9. Write a detailed note on myth, symbol and allegory present in The Solid Mandala. 10. Discuss The Stone Angel as a novel of awakening citing examples from the text.
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