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IGNOU BCSL-13 - Computer Basics and PC Software Lab

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Computer Basics and PC Software Lab

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IGNOU BCSL-13 Code Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title Computer Basics and PC Software Lab
  • Language(s) English
  • Code BCSL-13
  • Subject Computer Application
  • Degree(s) BCA
  • Course Core Courses (CC)

IGNOU BCSL-13 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Lab Course

  • Unit 1 - Operating System
  • Unit 2 - Word Processor
  • Unit 3 - Spread Sheet
  • Unit 4 - PowerPoint
  • Unit 5 - E-mail
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IGNOU BCSL-13 (July 2023 - January 2024) Assignment Questions

Q1. Answer the following in the context of the Linux Operating System (a) Run the following (Linux commands and write the output) i) ln ii) ls iii) ps iv) who v) diff (b) Create a text file consisting of 30 lines and display the first 5 and last 5 lines of this file. Count the number of times the word “has” appeared in this file. Display the file permissions of the file created by you and change its permissions to rwx------. Q2. Create a presentation using any Presentation software on the important features of the Linux Operating System (minimum 10 slides) having the following features: (i) All slides should use a common design template. (ii) Add one audio and one video to at least one slide each. The video file should run on a full screen option. (iii) All the slides should have a timer-based transition. (iv) All the slides should have proper headings and slide notes. (v) Each slide should have one image related to the Linux operating system. Q3. (a) Use a Word Processor to create information about BCA. It should include a multi-level list highlighting the courses that a student should study (with subtopics) in the first semester; a detailed table about courses, blocks, and units of BCS011; and a few paragraphs about the 2ndsemester ourses. (b) Design a flyer for “The Sustainable Development of India”. Use different styles, sizes, fonts, colours and effects. Q4. Create a worksheet containing the billing information of a company as given in the following table: You must enter all the labels and amounts as stated. For the Sale Amount (SA), Discount Amount (D) and Amount to be Paid (FP), you may use the following formulae: SA = S * P DA= D * SA FP = SA – DA The total amount to be paid is the sum of all the FPs. Q5. Use MS Outlook or any other email software to perform the following tasks: a) Make a weekly meeting schedule for a group meeting with four of your friends about the agenda – “Importance of Practical in BCA”. This weekly meeting should be scheduled for 4 consecutive weeks. b) Write an email to your friends (at least 5) inviting them to a prayer meeting. Make your Signature and add it to the e-mail message. c) Create a vacation/ holiday message that should be sent to all the emails received by you in a vacation week (say 20th September to 27th September). d) Suppose a person is sending across many e-mails which you want to delete automatically. Configure your mail account to achieve this functionality in your mailbox.

IGNOU BCSL-13 (July 2022 - January 2023) Assignment Questions

Q1. (a) What is Object Oriented Programming (OOP) approach? Explain featurs of OOP. (b) Briefly explain different operators of C++. (c) Explain use of followings in C++ programming, with an example program for each. (a) :: (b) for loop (c) ?: Q2. (a) Write a C++ program to add two matrices. (b) Explain the following in detail, in context of C++ programming. i. Abstract class ii. Order of constructer calling in inheritance (c) Write a C++ program to explain how an object can be passed as a parameter to a function. Q3. (a) What are containers? Explain any two container classes of C++. (b) What is inheritance? What are different types of inheritance supported by C++? Explain advantage of inheritance with the help of a program. (c) What is operator overloading in C++? Explain use of operator overloading with the help of a program to add two real numbers. Q4. (a) Explain the following in detail with the help of examples, in context of C++ programming i. Object and Class ii. Virtual Function iii. Friend function iv. Constructors (b) What is template? Write appropriate statements to create a template class for Queue data Structure in C++. Q5. (a) What is exception? What is need of exceptions handling in C++? Write program to handle arithmetic as exception in C++. Make necessary assumptions. (b) What is function overriding? Write a C++ program to explain concept of function overriding. (c) Explain Explain how I/O formatting is done in C++ with the help of a program.
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