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Tricks to Score Good Marks in IGNOU Examinations

Published on Tuesday February 1, 2022 12:33 by Editor

It is rightly said that a student's life is the best life if there are no exams. Examination puts a spoke in the wheel of their merriment. On the other hand, examinations are important as they compel the students to learn, get knowledge and upgrade their degree. Examinations are indeed the very benchmarks that differentiate a successful student from the unsuccessful one.

IGNOU Exam is unarguably scarier than any other examinations due to a number of reasons. The first and foremost reason is that the examination does not give any leeway for the students to copy and score. It is always better to write less or leave the copy blank than to resort to a shortcut method, i.e., to copy from your friends. The other reasons that make the IGNOU Exam more intimidating than others include a thorough examination of question papers, concept-based questions, no short-cut method to impress the examiner except writing well and comprehensively, and the value that it holds.

In the last two paragraphs, you might have learnt the importance of examination in general and the importance of the Exam in particular. Now, let's come to the title of the blog, i.e., Tricks to Score Good Marks in IGNOU Examinations. Here are some important points you must take care of:

  • Write in your own words: You are free to read as many books as you find appropriate to augment your knowledge or to make your concept clear on a particular subject, but when it comes to writing, use your own words. Imported words will be more of a disservice than good for a marking point of view. If you write the sentence/s of any author, you have read, do not forget to give credit to your source (the author). This is one of the most important things you should take to your heart if you want to know the Tricks to Score Good Marks in IGNOU Examinations.
  • Write Comprehensively: You need not be concise while answering the IGNOU Exam Paper. Mind, not only your knowledge but the way you answer the question is examined here. You must show how richly you can write an answer in your own language with all the important/necessary headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, picture, illustrations and graphs.
  • Write in neat and clean handwriting: No matter how much knowledge you have in your subject, or how methodical you are in answering the questions, if your handwriting is not legible, it will be like multiplying Crore to 0. That means, the result will be 0, your answer sheet will fail to catch the eyes of the examiner. So, make sure that your handwriting is neat and clean.
  • Use Examples: Use examples to back up your statements. It will add value to your writing and ease the work of the examiner. By just reading the example, he/she will come to know your point. Use of example will also avoid any sort of doubtfulness in your statement.

Suppose you have to show the importance of a thing, you may write: as important as money is for us, or if you have to write about about life, you may take the example of the camera to explain life in a more understandable way—“Life is a camera. Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out good, take another shot.” It is arguably one of the most important things to know how to write an IGNOU exam paper to get good marks.