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Preparation of Diploma / Bachelor in Tourism (BTS) – IGNOU PTS-04 Project

Published on Friday December 9, 2022 10:06 by G team


A degree in the tourism field opens diverse opportunities for professional success. Following the completion of Bachelor in Tourism (BTS) you will be able to work for various sectors such as hospitality management, travel agencies, tour operators, event management, eco-tourism, and many others. IGNOU offers a bachelor's degree in Tourism which helps you to learn key skills to thrive in this field. But one thing makes this course difficult, it is the PTS-04 Project which is compulsory to complete to obtain the degree. If you’re struggling to prepare the Synopsis and Report of PTS-04, then do not worry, in this guide, we’ll walk you through the complete process to prepare an excellent IGNOU PTS-04 Project. 

IGNOU PTS-04 Project (Indian Culture: Perspective For Tourism)

The Bachelor of Tourism or Diploma in Tourism program at IGNOU has project work with the code PTS-04 – Indian Culture: Perspective For Tourism. This project work is designed to make you aware of the diverse and rich cultural heritage of India. It helps you to explore the opportunities and strategies to enhance and promote tourism potential. By doing IGNOU PTS-04 Projet, you examine the historical background and cultural diversity of India in the context of heritage sites, religious tourism, festivals and events, etc. Now let’s move ahead and check out the procedure to prepare the synopsis and project report.

How to Formulate IGNOU PTS-04 Project Synopsis

Preparing the IGNOU PTS-04 Project Synopsis requires a lot of effort and research. You will need to find relevant and reliable sources for the information to be included in the proposed study. But this is not the only task. First of all, you have to look for a Guide who will help you to complete the project. If you don't know who is your Guide then connect with your Study Center Coordinator, and they’ll assign you a Guide. After a guide is assigned to you the next task is to select an appropriate topic. You can consult with your guide and finalize a topic of your interest. 

Once you decide on a topic to work on next you should begin preparing the BTS PTS-04 project proposal. Your project proposal is a mini document where you outline the proposed study. It describes what you propose to do and how you intend to go about it. Your proposal should contain: 

  • Introduction 
  • Objectives 
  • Data Collection Method
  • Data Analysis 
  • Work Plan 
  • Limitations (if any)

These are some of the key pointers you have to include in your project proposal. Your proposal should be around 400-500 words. You can write the PTS-04 Project in any language, Hindi or English but the language of your project should be the same as the one you chose while registering for the course. After preparing the proposal, get it approved by your Guide. Once you get the approval of your guide, send it to the IGNOU Maidan Garhi, Delhi. While sending make sure that it has an annexure approval by your Guide.

Preparing IGNOU PTS-04 Project Report

Once you get approval on your proposal. Get ready to write a complete report on it. Your PTS-04 Project Report can be around 40-50 pages, covering the key aspects and relevant data related to your topic. You have to collect all the data and content before you begin to write the report. Your report should contain your observations as well as a factual presentation of data and information. The format to be followed for writing the report is given below.

  • Introduction: Here you explain your topic, its importance, background, and other key aspects. 
  • Objectives: In this section elaborate on the key objective of your project.
  • Literature Review: If you have studied any literature, then do mention it here.
  • Methodology: This simply means explaining how you gathered and analyzed the data. So mention here the research design, data collection techniques, sampling, data analysis, Limitations, etc. 
  • Analysis of Data: In this section, you present all the key data and findings of your study. 
  • Conclusion: In the end, conclude your study, write a summary of findings, and also add references. 

This is an outline of the project report of BTS PTS-04. Your project should be divided into headings and subheadings and should essentially cover the above-mentioned points. Once you prepare the project report, get it reviewed by your guide, and after their approval send it to the IGNOU Maidan Garhi, Delhi. Also remember to attach all the required pages such as Originality Certificate, Declaration, Acknowledgment, Table of Content, and Annexures. You can also check the detailed guidelines of the IGNOU PTS-04 Project on eGyan Kosh.

Topics for IGNOU PTS-04 Project

Choosing a topic may make you feel confused, if that’s the case don’t worry we’re suggesting some topics/themes for the PTS-04 Project. 

  • Study of Culture, Arts, and Crafts in Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Tourism Development & Tourism Products with Special Reference to Rajasthan
  • Potentials and Attractions of Pilgrimage Tourism in Delhi
  • To Study Ancient Monuments and Cultural Heritage Sites in Delhi
  • To Study of Carpet weaving industry of Kashmir
  • A Study to Explore the Culture and Tourist Destinations in Kashmir Valley
  • Historical Background of the Culture and Tradition of the Kashmiri Pandits
  • To Explore the Culture and Heritage of Jammu Dogras
  • To Explore the Art and Culture in Ladakh
  • Rites, Rituals, and Social Customs among Kashmiri Hindus of India
  • The Traditional Music of Kashmir
  • Instruments used with the Traditional Music of Kashmir
  • Folk Arts of Kashmir with Special Reference to Bhand Pather
  • A Study of Some Hill Stations in the State Jammu & Kashmir
  • A Study about Monuments of Kashmir
  • A Study about Religious Sites of Jammu & Kashmir for Pilgrimage Tourism

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Question

  1. How to select a good topic for the BTS PTS-04 project? 

Selecting a good topic for the PTS-04 project is easy. If you’re struggling don't worry, connect with your guide, and they will assist you. Moreover, we have given some topics above, you can refer to them. 

  1. What is the procedure for submitting the PTS-04 synopsis and project report? 

Your PTS-04 project requires approval from your guide, following their approval you need to send one of your project proposals to the IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, Delhi. Similarly for the report, get it approved and send it to IGNOU, Delhi. 

  1. What are important points to remember during the submission of the IGNOU  PTS-04 Synopsis?

While submitting the project proposal or report, you must ensure that it has all the required attachments such as Pro Forma Approval for Synopsis, Originality Certificate, Acknowledgement, Table of Contents, and Annexures In the Report File. Also, your report should be well structured, typed in approximately 40-50 pages, divided into headings and subheadings.

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