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IGNOU BEGLA-135 - English in Daily Life

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English in Daily Life

BEGLA–135 provides insight into the usage of the English language in day-to-day life. It includes four disciplines: greetings and goodbye, the world around us, media and entertainment, and burning issues. In BEGLA–135, students learn about starting and ending conversations, feelings, body language, describing daily events, family, friends, money matters, public services, people at work, social injustice, peace, and young leaders.

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IGNOU BEGLA-135 Code Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title English in Daily Life
  • Language(s) English
  • Code BEGLA-135
  • Subject English
  • Degree(s) BAG, BSWG, BCOMG
  • Course Core Courses (CC)

IGNOU BEGLA-135 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Greetings and Goodbye

  • Unit 1 - Starting and Ending Conversation
  • Unit 2 - Social Small talk
  • Unit 3 - Feeling
  • Unit 4 - Social Non-Verbal Communications: Body Language

Block 2 - The World Around Us

  • Unit 1 - Family and Friends
  • Unit 2 - Describing Daily Events
  • Unit 3 - Money Matters
  • Unit 4 - Public Service

Block 3 - Media and Entertainment

  • Unit 1 - The Media
  • Unit 2 - The Floating Markets of Thailand
  • Unit 3 - People at Work
  • Unit 4 - The Smell of Food

Block 4 - Business Issues

  • Unit 1 - Social Injustice
  • Unit 2 - Make Peace not war
  • Unit 3 - Young Leaders
  • Unit 4 - Doing Away with Exams
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IGNOU BEGLA-135 (July 2023 - January 2024) Assignment Questions

SECTION A Answer the questions given below. 1. Define the following termsa. a. Telegram b. Blogs 2. Write antonyms of the following wordsa. a. Admire b. Cowardice c. Crooked d. Abound 3. Write the meanings of the given idioms and use them in sentences of your own. a. Beat around the bush b. Cut corners c. Up in arms d. Get your act together 4. Use the correct form of the verb given in the bracketa. a. I _(has, had) a math test yesterday. b. I_(will go, will went) to the store later. c. I had already_(fallen, fall) asleep when my alarm went off. d. I_(are reading, am reading)a newspaper. 5. Complete the following sentences by using appropriate subordinate clausesa. a. I don’t know_. b. The child needed help__________. c. __she was not able to find a good job. d. She said___. SECTION B Answer the following questions in about 150 words each. 1. How to begin and end conversation appropriately? 2. Write a newspaper report for a local daily pointing to sudden rise in pollution in your area. 3. Write a letter to your friend explaining her the importance of discipline in life. 4. Construct a dialogue between two students discussing their plans for holidays. 5. Write 7/8 diary entries for the most thrilling day of your life till date. SECTION C Answer the following questions in about 200-250 words each. 1. Describe a new market area that you visited recently. You can describe in terms of its location, infrastructure, it’s comparison with other similar places etc. 2. Write an essay on Gender Sensitization.

IGNOU BEGLA-135 (July 2022 - January 2023) Assignment Questions

Section A 1. Read the following passage and answer the given questions. ‘A great mass’ of something means a great amount. When the new method of manufacturing articles in great numbers was introduced, a new name was wanted for it and ‘Mass production’ was the one that came into use. In what ways does mass production differ from the older methods of manufacture? Formerly a craftsman, or skilled workman, often made the whole of an article himself by hand. He put into his work all his skill, all his experience. He was proud of the fruits of his labour. His reputation, his standing among his fellows, depended on his skill and on his character. He would have been ashamed if any serious fault had appeared in his work. He was envied and admired by fellow-craftsmen whose skill was not equal to his own. Articles made in this way could not be mass-produced. Each article differed slightly from the others; in every one there was something of the maker’s individuality. The finished article was sold at a high price, the price representing the time and the skill of the craftsman who had made it. Many such articles, made long ago with loving care, possess a quality and a beauty that mass-produced goods cannot equal. The wonderful pottery of ancient China, the lovely carpets of Persia, the engraved sword of Damascus, the silver-ware of the Middle Ages _ all these things show the individual craftsmanship of their long-dead makers. These articles were made for the rich and for those who were moderately well off. The poorer classes could not hope to possess works of art. Their household utensils, their clothes and their farm tools were roughly and cheaply made, though very practical in serving the purposes for which they were designed. [Mass Production by G. C. Thornley] a) How did the term ‘mass production’ come into use? b) Why are handmade articles dearer than mass-produced goods? c) Enumerate the qualities of a craftsman in older times. d) Give a suitable title to the passage. 2. Use the following words in sentences of your own. a) Pottery b) Envied c) Individuality d) Mass-produced e) Engraved SECTION B Do as directed 1. Change the following sentences from direct speech to indirect speech. i) The passenger said, “Will you leave the compartment immediately?” ii) Gandhi said, “Haven’t I the right to travel first class?” iii) The constable said, “Don’t you understand simple instructions?” iv) Gandhi said, “Shall I not try to root out the disease of colour prejudice?” v) The general manager said, “Hasn’t justice been given to you?” vi) The merchants said, “Isn’t this injustice to be treated badly?” vii) Gandhi said, “Can’t we lodge a strong protest?” viii) The official said, “Don’t you know this is a different country?” ix) The official said, “Do you want me to throw you out?” x) The official said, “Shall I call the police?” 2. Rewrite these sentences using the correct form of the verb given in brackets. i) Did you remember (lock) the safe. ii) Rita hoped (get) a bucket of clean water. iii) The boss refused (accept) my resignation. iv) Usha hopes (draw) your portrait before the end of this month. v) My sister’s afraid of heights. She refused (go) rock climbing. vi) My American friend invited me (spend) my summer holidays with her. vii) The air hostess asked the passengers (fasten) their seat belts. viii) The women had come (draw) water from the well. ix) They arranged (meet) after office hours. x) The Sherpa warned the mountaineers not (smoke) while using oxygen masks. SECTION C 1. Draft a biographical sketch of your favourite sportsperson in about 250 words. 2. Write a report in about 250 words on ‘Gender Discrimination’ that is still prevalent in our societies. 3. Write a dialogue between a student wishing to seek admission in IGNOU and an Admission Help Desk Incharge. (250-300 words).
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