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How to Write IGNOU AHE Project? (2018)

IGNOU AHE-01 Project The common question that hounds the students of IGNOU is: “how to write IGNOU AHE-01 Project? Even those students, who get some information, online and offline, do not find them comprehensive and conclusive and this is one of the important reasons why they too want to get reliable and comprehensive information on how to prepare for IGNOU AHE-01 Project. If you are also among those IGNOU students, who want to get concrete information about how to write IGNOU AHE-01 Project, the given tips and tricks will prove to be of great helps and benefits:

  • Be Wise in Selecting the Topic: Selecting the topic of your IGNOU AHE-01 Project is something that is very very important. You have to sit in silence and ponder over the topic. Your topic should be related to the project and its title should get the attention of the examiner at first place. Mind, well begun is half done. While selecting the topic of your project, spare a thought on the topics you are good at. If you have comprehensive knowledge about a topic relevant to the project, you can do wonder with your writings. The topics for AHE-01 Course may include Global Warming, Pollution, Wind Energy, Solar Energy and the likes.
  • Stick to the Timeframe: I have come across with some students who, in a quest to make the project that is the best, historic and epoch-making, did not respect the last day of submitting the project report. So, I wish and advise you that you submit your report on or before the last day that is advertised for the submission. It is important to know here that for July session, 30th April has been assigned as the last day of submission of the IGNOU AHE-01, whereas the students enrolled in January session, can submit their project on or before 31st October of the previous year. But, you should check it with the website, to avoid any kind of hassle in last days. This is of course one of the most important things to know about on how to write IGNOU AHE-01 Project.
  • Write in Beautiful Handwriting: Some students complain of getting very less marks in comparison with their expectations. I think one of the plausible reasons for getting evaluated poorly is the handwriting. Handwriting is indeed a culprit. Suppose two students are equally competent as far as knowledge is concerned. But, the one whose handwriting is not good, will certainly end up getting less marks than the one whose handwriting is clean. Handwriting is important to focus on for IGNOU Project AHE-01 Project as printed papers are not allowed.
  • Be Mindful of the Pages of your Project: Some students make it unnecessarily long, while some make it embarrassingly thin. If you want to get your project evaluated highly, you will have to be mindful of the number of pages that you should write. You should complete your project in 20-25 pages. But, it is important to note here that these 20-25 pages should be of substance, these should not be just the dustbin dirt. Your next page should be the continuation of your previous page and your last page should contain the gist of all your pages and provide a thumbnail impression of your pages and convey a message so impressively to your examiner that he/she could ill afford to mark your poorly. If you know it, you will certainly move some inches ahead in your quest to learn as to how to write IGNOU AHE-01 Project.
  • Get Proper Knowledge of the Sequence of your Pages: Right from the cover page to bibliography, your project should have the sequence of the pages properly arranged. The cover of your page should include your name, enrollment number, session, topic, study centre and ITS Code and Regional Centre Code. The subsequent pages should be Index, Certificate, acknowledgement, introduction about topic, general information about topic, needs, types, applications, disadvantages, key challenges, some key facts, final thought and bibliography.
  • Project Report Help Materials: You can rely on the project report synopsis of some of the trusted names of education. Good thing about these help materials is that they are presented exactly in the way it should be written, presented and brought up before the examiner. By reading these help materials, rest assured, you will get the marks you are thinking in the most optimistic mood. If your medium is Hindi, the reference materials for IGNOU Project AHE-01 will certainly prove to be of immense help and benefits. Just read these assignment reference materials and make your way to project writing a child’s play.

Good Luck!!!!

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