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Tourism studies

You are on the right path to become a qualified professional in the tourism industry if you are an IGNOU student pursuing the course in tourism studies. These assignments are a challenge as they are more than just academic requirements, they're important for building your knowledge also.

Why do assignments matter in tourism studies?

Assignments play very important role tourism studies course for different reasons

Assignments make it very easy for you to apply your theories that you learn in your studies to the real-world tourism scenarios. This hands-on experience is very important for developing skills like tourism professionals.

Assignments work like a means for your instructors to understand what you have understood and also offer you the right feedback. Feedback is very important for you to grow and succeed in your studies.

Assignments encourage critical thinking research and creativity which are very important for a successful career in tourism.

Your assignment score contributes towards the overall academic performance. Excelling in these assignments can have a positive impact on your final grade.

Dealing with time constraints

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