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IGNOU Important Links

IGNOU keeps on notifying its students regarding the examination date, change in fee structure, introduction of one thing and deletion of others from time-to-time. However, the source of informing students tends to be its official website. It so happens that at times, IGNOU students tend to be so engrossed in their preparation, project-making or other very important works, that they fail to catch up with these “vary important” information. By the time they come to know about it, it becomes too late. And in this way, students miss information they cannot afford to miss. It costs them dearly in terms of examination or something of almost equal importance.

Gullybaba has now come forward to remove the obstacle that keeps on coming before the students of IGNOU. We have devised “Important to Know” section exclusively for any kind of notification that comes from IGNOU. We will share all crucial information almost in real time. And all that students of IGNOU will have to do is to click on that section, i.e. Important to Know. All important news related to you is now just one click away.

IGNOU Examination Form

Guidelines And Instructions For Submission Of On-Line Examination Form

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IGNOU Project Report Upload (Instructions)

Guidelines For Submission Of Final Project/Dissertation/Field Work Journals/Internship Reports

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Terms And Results (Online) - December-2021

IGNOU Datesheet

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