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IGNOU BFDI-73 - Introduction to Fashion Industry

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Introduction to Fashion Industry

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IGNOU BFDI-73 Code Details

IGNOU BFDI-73 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Understanding of Fashion Industry

  • Unit 1 - Understanding and Sourcing of Fabrics
  • Unit 2 - Concepts and Principles of Textile Fibres
  • Unit 3 - Growth of Global Fashion Industry
  • Unit 4 - Growth of Indian Fashion Industry

Block 2 - Fashion Markets

  • Unit 1 - Market Segmentation
  • Unit 2 - Apparel Categories (Men, Women and Kids)
  • Unit 3 - Indian Fashion Designers
  • Unit 4 - Sustainability and Ethical Issues

Block 3 - Fashion Retailing

  • Unit 1 - Overview of Retailing
  • Unit 2 - Retail Operations
  • Unit 3 - Customer Relation
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IGNOU BFDI-73 (January 2024 - July 2024) Assignment Questions

Part I Q1- What role does fabric sourcing plays in the quality of garments. Q2- Write a short note on: (a) Levels of Segmentation (b) Future of Fashion Sustainability Q3- Explain why is consumer behavior said to be the biggest threat to sustainability in fashion business. Part II Case Study/Activity Q4- Write a survey report (Approx 1000 words) on any one national female fashion brand.

IGNOU BFDI-73 (July 2023 - January 2024) Assignment Questions

Part I Q1- What is the future of Indian Fashion Industry? Explain. Q2- Write a short note on: (a) Branded Market (b) Fabric Width Q3- What do you mean by Fashion Marketing? Explain about STP process in detail. Part II Case Study/Activity Q4- Write a survey report (Approx 1000 words) on recent fashion trends in apparel category for adolescent girls.
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