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IGNOU BEGG-171 - Media and Communication Skills

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Media and Communication Skills

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IGNOU BEGG-171 Code Details

IGNOU BEGG-171 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Introduction to Mass Communication

  • Unit 1 - The Concept of Communication
  • Unit 2 - Mass Media and Communication
  • Unit 3 - Characteristics of Different Mass Media
  • Unit 4 - Writing for Mass Media

Block 2 - Advertisements

  • Unit 1 - Types of Advertising
  • Unit 2 - Public Service Advertisements
  • Unit 3 - TV Ads and Story Boards
  • Unit 4 - Ethics in Advertising

Block 3 - Media Writing

  • Unit 1 - Script Writing for Radio and TV
  • Unit 2 - Writing for News
  • Unit 3 - Editorial Writing
  • Unit 4 - Editing for Print and Online Media

Block 4 - Introduction to Social and Cyber Media

  • Unit 1 - Types of Social Media
  • Unit 2 - The World Wide Web
  • Unit 3 - Internet and Impact on Journalism
  • Unit 4 - Impact of Social and Cyber Media
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IGNOU BEGG-171 (July 2023 - January 2024) Assignment Questions

Section A Short answer questions based on Blocks 1 and 2(Answer each question in 300 words) 1. What do you understand by communication? 2 List some negative impacts of the internet. 3. List some characteristics of radio. 4. Role of ASCI. Section B Short answer questions based on Blocks 3 and 4(Answer each question in 300 words) 1. List some of the popular formats in television. 2. Discuss the characteristics of News writing for Broadcast. 3. Identify the main elements of World wide Web. 4. Trace the brief history of the Internet. Section C Long answer questions based on Blocks 1 to 4(Answer each question in 500 words) 1. What do you understand by the term “E-mail”? What are the golden rules for E-mail communication? 2. What do you understand by Cyber crimes? What preventive measures can one take to keep one safe from cyber crimes? 3. What is editing? Why do we need to edit? 4. Discuss the steps involved in structuring a TV advertisement.

IGNOU BEGG-171 (July 2022 - January 2023) Assignment Questions

Section A Answer each question in about 300 words. 1 List the various functions of Communication? 2 Elaborate the seven C’s of Communication? 3 List the various types of Mass Media. 4 Discuss some of the broad objectives of advertising. Section B Answer each question in about 300 words. 1 Name the various shot sizes and describe them. 2 What is an Editorial? Discuss its importance? 3 Discuss some uses of networking for an organization and for individuals. 4. What is Multimedia? Mention some of the uses of Multimedia. Section C Answer each question in about 700 words. 1 Critically examine the negative as well as positive impacts of the Internet. 2 How do you differentiate between ethical advertising and unethical advertising. Discuss. 3 Describe the principles and process involved in news scripting for the broadcast media. 4 What are the characteristics of Cyber Media. Examine its impact on our lives.
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