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MHI-1 Ancient And Medieval Societies

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Book                           :        MHI-1  Ancient And Medieval Societies

Author                        :        Pratibha Thakur

ISBN                            :        978-93-81066-10-2

Binding                       :        Paperback

Publisher                   :        Gullybaba Publishing  House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages    :        345

Language                  :        English         

Edition                        :        2015


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MHI-1 Ancient And Medieval Societies


Block- 1 Early Human Societies
Unit-1 Hunting and Gathering
Unit-2 Pastoral Nomadism
Unit-3 Transition to Agriculture
Unit-4 The Neolithic Revolution
Unit-5 Implications for the World

Block- 2 Bronze Age Civilisations
Unit-6 Culture and Natural Settings of the Early Civilisations
Unit-7 Technological Foundations and Socio-Economic Parameters
Unit-8 Writing and Artistic Expression
Unit-9 The Social Structure Reconstructed

Block- 3 Formation of States and Empires
Unit-10 Formation of States and Empires – A General Introduction
Unit-11 The Persian Empire
Unit-12 Ancient Greece
Unit-13 The Roman Empire

Block- 4 Alternative Social Formations
Unit-14 Latin America
Unit-15 Africa
Unit-16 Nomadic Empires

Block- 5 Religion, State and Society
Unit-17 The Late Roman World
Unit-18 The Arab World
Unit-19 China

Block- 6 Feudalism
Unit-20 Debates on Feudalism
Unit-21 Feudalism: Forms and Structures
Unit-22 Phases of Feudalism
Unit-23 Trade and the Decline of Feudalism

Block- 7 Trade and Commerce in The Medieval World
Unit-24 Oceanic Trade
Unit-25 Business Communities
Unit-26 Commercial Practices
Unit-27 Craft production

Block- 8 Medieval World in Transition
Unit-28 Science and Technologies and Expansion of Knowledge
Unit-29 Religious Establishment
Unit-30 Transition to Modern World

Block- 9 Pre-Modern World: An Overview
Unit-31 Trends and Transition in Population
Unit-32 Urbanism
Unit-33 Technologies of Warfare and Communication
Unit-34 Kinship Pattern and Family Structure

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