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Can I work for Gullybaba?

We don't know - can you? We are growing at a very fast pace and are seeking extremely smart people to come work with us.

Current Openings


Post: Personal Assistant

Qualification: - Graduate in any stream

Experience :- 0-1 Years

Key Skills

  • Good written and spoken communication skills
  • Excellent Computer and Administration skills

Post: English Typist

Qualification: - Graduate in any stream

Key Skills

  • Good knowledge about Fonts
  • Complete knowledge about PageMaker

Post: Graphic Designer

Qualification: - Graduate & Post Graduate in any discipline/ A Diploma in this field

Experience :- 0-2 Years

Key Skills

    • Exceptional creativity and innovation.
    • Excellent IT skills, especially with design and photo-editing software
    • Detail oriented, Artistic

Post: Proofreader require for Life Science

Qualification: - Graduate & Post Graduate in Life Science

Experience :- 0-3 Years

Key Skills

    • Good knowledge of English Language
    • Able to mark errors
    • Should have good knowledge of English grammar, punctuations and sentence formation


    • Genetics
    • Animal Diversity
    • Plant Diversity
    • Developmental Biology
    • Taxonomy and Evolution

Post: Physics Writer

Qualification: - B.Sc & M.Sc in Physics

Experience :- 0-3 Years

Key Skills

  • Good Writing skill in English


  • Electrical Circuits and Elctronics
  • Modern Physics
  • Physics of Solids
  • Mathematical Methods in Physics-III
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Communication Physics 

Post: Hindi Proofreader

Qualification: - Graduate & Post Graduate

Experience :- 1-3 Years

Key Skills

        • Good knowledge of Hindi Language
        • Able to mark errors
        • Should have good knowledge of Hindi grammar, punctuations and sentence formation
        • Candidate having knowledge of Hindi Typing will be preferred

Post: English Proofreader

Qualification: - Graduate & Post Graduate in English

Key Skills

        • Good knowledge of Language
        • Able to mark errors
        • Should have good knowledge of English grammar, punctuations and sentence formation

Post: Content Developer

Qualification: - Graduate in B.Ed./Post Graduate in M.Ed. (MA in Education)

Key Skills

        • Required a Content Developer for Hindi M.Ed in following Topics:-
        • (i) Higher Education : Its Context and Linkages
        • (ii) Instruction in Higher Education
        • (iii) Higher Education : The Psycho-social Context
        • (iv) Planning and Management of Higher Education

Post: Bangali Typist (Freelancer)

Qualification: - Graduate in any stream

Key Skills

  • Required a Bangali Typist with good editing skills

Post:  Receptionist
    • Required receptionist for our office at Tri Nagar

Desired Qualification :- Graduate in any stream

Experience :-  0-2 years

Key skills

    • Handling and managing all front office activities
    • Pleasing personality and english speaking
    • Interaction with clients and visitors
    • Maintaining records of incoming and outgoing calls to clients
    • Must have knowledge of general administration work activities – MS Office, Excel etc.
    • Should have good communication skills
    • Maintain the general filing system and file all correspondence
    • Answer all incoming calls and handle caller's inquiries whenever possible
    • Perform other related duties as required


    • SEO and SMO Executives are required for our Tri Nagar Office

Desired Qualification :-  BCA/MCA

Experience :- 1- 3 years

Key Skills

    • Analyze websites from an SEO and Technical perspective 
    • Keeping abreast with latest updates in Search engine Algorithms & Search World In General
    • Social media marketing through Linkedin, Facebook , google plus and business forums
    • Good knowledge of google keywords
    • Handle on-page & off-page SEO activities
    • Provide On Page Optimization incorporating various on page elements involved in SEO and suggestions implemented

Post: Magento Developer

Qualification : BCA/MCA

Basic Requirements:

    • Minimum of 1 years strong PHP coding experience
    • Minimum of 1 years real-world Magento development experience
      – Developing and integrating customized extensions into Magento applications
    • Familiarity with source control
    • Solutions-oriented thinking; always looking for the smart solution to a problem rather than jumping at the first answer
    • A preoccupation with staying on top of industry trends and technologies

Proven Skills & Technical Requirements:

    • Expertise in authoring and extending Magento extensions
      – No core code modifications
    • Expertise in database concepts (MySQL)
    • Competent with MVC & PHP object-oriented programming
    • Strong knowledge of Magento configuration options
    • Strong knowledge of Magento-specific data organization
      – Categories
      – Product attribute sets/attributes
      – Product import
    • Strong knowledge of Magento theme components (layout, block, template)
    • Strong knowledge of (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries
    • A desire to be personally responsible for production-level code
    • Ingenuity to leverage all the tools at your disposal
    • Comfort working with Linux in a web-oriented context

Post: Content Writer

Qualification :- Graduates with good communication skill

Key Skills

    • Educated/Qualified
    • Must have good editing skills
    • Flow of question and answer
    • Should be able to generate precise, relevant and concise content
    • Should have good knowledge of English grammar, punctuations and sentence formation
    • Should cover all the blocks provided by IGNOU as per syllabus

Post: Marketing Executive

Qualification: - MBA Marketing

Key Skills

      • Able to generate enquiries and meet targets
      • Good knowledge about publishers in Delhi
      • The candidate should be smart and good in communication & presentation skills

Post: English to Hindi Translator

Desired Qualification :- Graduate in any stream

Experience :-  2 years

Post: Hindi Typist

Qualification: - Graduate in any stream

Key Skills

  • Good knowledge about PageMaker in Walkman-Chanakya-905 & SG-12 Font only

If you are interested, please email us at jobs@gullybaba.com with your resume. Please write <POST Applied> in the subject line