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EEC-13 Elementary Statistical Methods And Survey Techniques

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Book                           :        EEC-13 Elementary Statistical Methods And Survey Techniques

Author                        :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                            :        978-93-82688-13-6

Binding                       :        Paperback

Publisher                   :        Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages    :        336

Language                  :        English


EEC-13 Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques

Block 1 Data and its Presentation

Unit-1 Basic Concepts
Unit-2 Data Collection Methods
Unit-3 Tabulation and Graphical Representation of Data

Block 2 Summarisation of Univariate Data

Unit-4 Measures of Central Tendency
Unit-5 Measures of Dispersion
Unit-6 Measures of Skewness and Kurtosis

Block 3 Sumarisation of Bivariate Data

Unit-7 Presentation of Bivariate Data
Unit-8 Correlation Analysis
Unit-9 Regression Analysis

Block 4 Index Numbers, Time Series and Vital Statistics

Unit-10 Index Numbers
Unit-11 Deterministic Time Series and Forecasting
Unit-12 Vital Statistics

Block 5 Probability and Probability Distribution

Unit-13 Elementary Probability
Unit-14 Probability Distributions - I
Unit-15 Probability Distributions - II

Block 6 Sampling Theory and Survey Techniques

Unit-16 Basic Concepts of Sampling
Unit-17 Sampling Procedure

Block 7 Statistical Inference

Unit-18 Statistical Estimation
Unit-19 Testing of Hypothesis
Unit-20 Chi-Square Test for Nominal Data


1. Solution Paper - Dec 2010
2. Solution Paper - June 2011
3. Solution Paper - Dec 2011
4. Solution Paper - June 2012
5. Solution Paper - Dec 2012


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