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BEGE104 English For Business Communication (IGNOU Help book for BEGE-104 in English Medium)

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Book                            :       BEGE-104 English For Business Communication

Author                         :       GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                             :       978-93-81970-84-3

Binding                        :       Paperback

Publisher                    :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages        :       303

Language                   :       English

Edition                         :       2018


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BEGE-104 English for Business Communication


Block- 1 Recruitment-I
Unit-1 Getting Ready for the Job Market
Unit-2 Preparing a Portfolio
Unit-3 Responding to Advertisements
Unit-4 Writing a CV and Letter of Application

Block- 2 Recruitment-II
Unit-1 Preparing for Interviews
Unit-2 Facing Interviews
Unit-3 Phone and Walk-in Interviews
Unit-4 Group Discussions

Block- 3 Business Etiquette and Profiles
Unit-1 Greetings
Unit-2 Importance of Small Talk in Business
Unit-3 Business Organisations
Unit-4 Jobs and Responsibilities

Block- 4 Using Telephone at the Workplace
Unit-1 Features of Telephone Communication
Unit-2 Making arrangements and Appointments
Unit-3 Leaving and taking messages
Unit-4 Voice Mail, Video Conferencing and Conference Calls

Block- 5 Writing Skills: Internal and External Business Correspondence
Unit-1 Modes of Communication
Unit-2 Internal Business Correspondence-I
Unit-3 Internal Business Correspondence-II
Unit-4 External Business Correspondence-I
Unit-5 External Business Correspondence-II

Block- 6 Making Presentations at the Workplace
Unit-1 Presentation Skills-I: Essentials of Presentation Skills
Unit-2 Presentation Skills-II: Outlines and Structures
Unit-3 Presentation Skills-III: Using visual aids
Unit-4 Presentation Skills-IV: The ending
Unit-5 Telephone Presentations

Block- 7 Participating in Meetings at the Workplace
Unit-1 Setting the Agenda and Planning a Meeting
Unit-2 Types of Meetin
Unit-3 Conducting and Participating in Meetings-I: Role of the Chairperson
Unit-4 Conducting and Participating in Meetings-II

Block- 8 Proposals and Reports
Unit-1 Basic Features of Proposals
Unit-2 Project Proposals
Unit-3 Reports-I
Unit-4 Reports-II


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2. Question Paper - June 2013
3. Question Paper - Dec 2013
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5. Question Paper - Dec 2014
6. Question Paper - June 2015
7. Question Paper - Dec 2015
8. Question Paper - June 2016
9. Question Paper - Dec 2016
10.Solved Paper - June 2017
11. Question Paper - Dec 2017
12. Solved Paper - June 2018

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