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Learn Everything You Need to Know About the IGNOU Master of Arts in Education (MAEDU)

Published on Wednesday July 27, 2022 14:49 by Umesh Singla

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Students who are seeking out the syllabus structure of the IGNOU MADEU program can get their entire syllabus from this page. We have to tell you approximately the credit system that is available for the brand new syllabus. Each of the courses is provided with the correct credit.

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MAEDU OR Master of Arts in Education is a Master's degree conferred to students. Like any other college course, MAEDU is also a two-year course.

With the educational session of July 2019, the IGNOU has adopted the Choice Based Credit System offered by using the University Grants Commission. The Choice-based Credit System, that's on offer for a Master's degree, offers adaptability to the students to examine the subjects/publications in their needs and pursuits.

Master of Arts in Education: What Is It About?

The course of M.A. Education is a postgraduate program that comes within the circulation of arts and humanities. MA  is obtainable through both the modes of education, i.e., regular and correspondence. MA in Education is a pedagogical path that is designed to impart advanced classes to eligible applicants in theoretical as well as practical academic notions and techniques. Students who enroll within the route of MA Education, ought to conclude their degree with the submission of a research dissertation.

MA Education basically deals with the fundamental elements of Education and the elements that are associated with it. Candidates who have a look at this course, get to study human rights, schooling psychology, environmental training, free schooling, existence sciences, and lots more. The number one aim of the route of M.A. in Education is to build proficiency in pedagogy and management in the enrolled college students. It has the goal of improving the know-how of education and additionally the appreciation of the economic, political, and social forces which can be majorly liable for influencing the choices of instructional leaders. M.A. in Education hones the talents of students. This course helps the students in discussions and analyses of theories associated with training for his or her software to actual-world reports whilst also presenting competency in instructional leadership.

How Is M.A. Education Course Beneficial?

  • It offers a wider and more comprehensive understanding of education as a field of knowledge and serves the varied needs of a learner.
  • It offers a higher level of specialization in specific aspects of education.
  • It develops professionals for effective participation in different dimensions of education.
  • One can pursue further higher studies like M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree programs.
  • The course meets the growing demand for experts in the fields of educational planning, teaching, and training at primary, secondary, and tertiary education levels. New and emerging fields of educational management and administration also require the services of M.A. (education) graduates.

MAEDU :Course Highlights

Program   Type Degree
Mode Open Distance Learning
School School of Education
Duration 2 Years
Medium English
Specialization Education
Description The M.A. (Education) programme aims at producing a team of well-trained individuals knowledgeable in education & its various dimensions. More specifically, the M.A.(Education) programme intends to:
a) provide a learning experience, which will enable students to understand and appreciate knowledge structures and paradigms of education;
b) develop professionals for effective participation in educational actions in different areas of education; and
c) create a community of scholars adequately equipped for participation in educational discourse.
Eligibility Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with or without a Degree in Education from a recognized University
Fee Structure Rs.18200/- for full Programme (1st year - Rs.9200/-, 2nd year - Rs.9000/-)

Following Are the IGNOU MAEDU Courses Offered for Students

The M.A. (Education) program comprises four groups of courses with differential weightage. The total
number of credits will be 68 and each student is expected to cover 34 credits each year.
Group A: Basic Course on Education
Group B: Core Courses
Group C: Courses on Knowledge Generation in Education
Group D: Specialized Areas in Education

Program Details:

Group A: Basic Course on Education (4 Credits)

This course provides a concise but comprehensive articulation of education. The course familiarizes learners with the various aspects and task areas in the field of education. It also provides a conceptual overview of education with its multiplicity and complexity.

Group B: Core Courses

The core courses are intended to provide an in-depth understanding of the significant aspects of education. They bring out the variety of concepts, processes, and tasks in education from a proper ‘educational’ perspective. With these in view, four courses are visualized, all of which are compulsory for all students.

Course Code Title of the Course Credits

Group C: Courses on Knowledge Generation in Education

The course structure of Group C is worked out in such a way that there is adequate scope for both theoretical understandings of the process of knowledge generation in education as well as ‘hands-on experience' in research activities. The theoretical understanding of the process of knowledge generation in education is presented in the course “Educational Research”. Similarly, the practical experience in educational research has been visualized as a more meaningful and rewarding experience in the form of a dissertation.

Group D: Specialized Areas in Education

Under Group D, you have to complete four or five courses worth 24 credits in one specialized area. You have to choose one out of five technical areas. The technical areas are Higher Education, Distance Education, Educational Technology, Educational Management, and Adult Education. Suppose you have already acquired a Diploma Post-Graduate Diploma in any of the offered areas of specialization. In that case, you are required to choose one area of specialization from the remaining areas of specialization. For example, if you have acquired a PG Diploma in Educational Technology (PGDET), you are required to choose one from the remaining areas of specialization, i.e. Distance Education, Higher Education, Educational Management and Adult Education.

Courses to be offered in the 2nd Year of the Programme (Total of 34 Credits)

1. Out of the following Specialized Areas, a learner has to choose one specialized area.

A. Higher Education (24 Credits)
B. Distance Education (24 Credits)
C. Educational Technology (24 Credits)
D. Educational Management (24 Credits)
E. Adult Education (24 Credits)
2. Dissertation Work (10 Credits)
NOTE:- Student Handbook and Prospectus are also available on the university’s website Information about the courses provided here is partial and should not be treated as comprehensive. i.e. The university would be offering another course than those mentioned here. Students are advised to check with the university for the latest information in regard to the course.