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- Religions of the World,
Latest Solved Assignment

(December 2023 - June 2024)

BPY-04 Assignment

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IGNOU BPY-04 December 2023 - June 2024 - Solved Assignment

Are you looking to download a PDF soft copy of the Solved Assignment BPY-04 - Religions of the World? Then GullyBaba is the right place for you. We have the Assignment available in English and Hindi language.

This particular Assignment references the syllabus chosen for the subject of Philosophy, for the December 2023 - June 2024 session. The code for the assignment is BPY-04 and it is often used by students who are enrolled in the BA Degree.

Once students have paid for the Assignment, they can Instantly Download to their PC, Laptop or Mobile Devices in soft copy as a PDF format. After studying the contents of this Assignment, students will have a better grasp of the subject and will be able to prepare for their upcoming tests.

IGNOU BPY-04 (December 2023 - June 2024) Assignment Questions

1. What is religion? Differentiate between philosophy of religion and theology.
Discuss and evaluate Emile Durkheim’s Sociological perspective of religion.

2. Discuss psychological perspective of religion.
a) Discuss Freud conception of religious practices as neurotic.
b) Compare Exclusivist and inclusivist approaches of religious experience.

3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 200 words each.

a) Discuss Carl Jung’s psychological perspective of religion.
b) How John Hick use Wittgenstein’s philosophy to show the irreducibility of religious experience? Discuss.
c) Discuss Islamic metaphysics.
d) Write a note on the philosophical implications of four noble truths.

4. Answer any four of the following questions of the following in about 150 words each.

a) How Christian Philosophy proves Bible as the word of God?
b) What is apaurusheyata?
c) Explain the idea of salvation in Sikhism.
d) How Confucian Philosophy describe Human? Evaluate.
e) “Tao is indescribable.” Describe.
f) Evaluate the idea of Spirit Mediumship.

5. Write short notes on any five of the following in about 100 words each.

a) Monotheistic idea of Moses
b) Holocaust
c) Gospel
d) Navjote
e) Ishtdevta
f) Rajayoga
g) Mahavira
h) Syadavada

IGNOU BPY-04 (December 2022 - June 2023) Assignment Questions

1. Write a note on the metaphysics of Sikhism.
Compare Max Weber’s and Emile Durkheim’s Sociological perspective of religion.

2. a) Moral philosophy of Zoroastrian philosophy.
b) Moral Philosophy of Christianity.
Write an essay on the foundations of religious belief.

3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 200 words each.

a) Explain Max Weber’s idea of ‘authority in Society’.
b) Write a note on the John Hick’s idea of irreducibility of religious experience.
c) Discuss five pillars of Islam.
d) Write a note on the idea of Ashtangika marga in Buddhism.

4. Answer any four of the following questions of the following in about 150 words each.

a) Write a note on the ethical teachings of Shintoism.
b) Differentiate between Shruti and Smriti.
c) Explain briefly the idea of moksha in Hindusim.
d) Evaluate Confucian Idea of Education.
e) Write a note on the concept of God in Tao’s philosophy.
f) Write a note on the Secularistic Approach towards Religious Plurality.

5. Write short notes on any five of the following in about 100 words each.

a) The
b) Ethical Imperative of Plurality
c) Religious Experience
d) Totemism
e) Yi
f) Gnanayoga
g) Triratna in Buddhism
h) Zakat

IGNOU BPY-04 (December 2023 - June 2024) Assignment Questions

1. धर्म क्या है? धर्म दर्शन और धर्म-मीमांसा के मध्य अन्तर कीजिए।
इमाइल दुर्खीम के धर्म सम्बन्धी सामाजिक दृष्टिकोण की चर्चा और मूल्यांकन कीजिए।

2. धर्म सम्बन्धी मनोवैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण की चर्चा कीजिए।
अ) धार्मिक प्रथाएं न्यूरोटिक रूप में, फ्रायड की इस अवधारणा की चर्चा कीजिए ।
आ) धार्मिक अनुभव के अपवर्जन (एक्स्क्लुजिविस्ट) एवं समावेशी (इन्क्लुजिविस्ट) दृष्टिकोणों में तुलना कीजिए।

3. निम्नलिखित में से किन्हीं दो प्रश्नों के उत्तर लगभग 200-200 शब्दों में लिखिए।

अ) कार्ल युंग का धर्म सम्बन्धी मनोवैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण की चर्चा कीजिए ।
आ) यह दिखाने के लिए कि धार्मिक (धर्मगत) अनुभव का अपचयन सम्भव नहीं, जॉन हिक किस तरह विटगेन्सटाइन के दर्शन का प्रयोग करता है? चर्चा कीजिए ।
इ) इस्लाम की तत्त्वमीमांसा की चर्चा कीजिए।
ई) चार आर्य सत्यों के दार्शनिक निहितार्थों की टिप्पणी लिखिए।

4. निम्नलिखित में से किन्हीं चार प्रश्नों के उत्तर लगभग 150-150 शब्दों में लिखिए।

अ) इसाई दर्शन कैसे सिद्ध करता है कि बाइबिल ईश्वर का शब्द है?
आ) अपौरुषेयता क्या है?
इ) सिख दर्शन में मोक्ष के विचार की व्याख्या कीजिए।
ई) कन्फ्युशियस का दर्शन मानव को कैसे वर्णित करता है? मूल्यांकन कीजिए।
उ) "ताओ अनिर्वचनीय है ।" वर्णित कीजिए।
ऊ) आत्म (स्पिरिट) की मध्यस्थता के विचार का मूल्यांकन कीजिए।

5. निम्नलिखित में से किन्हीं पांच पर लगभग 100-100 शब्दों में लघु टिप्पणी लिखिए।

अ) मोज़ेज़ का एकत्व (मोनोथिएस्टिक) विचार
आ) होलोकास्ट
इ) गॉस्पेल
ई) नवजोत
उ) इष्टदेवता
ऊ) राजयोग
ए) महावीर
ऐ) स्यात् वाद

BPY-04 Assignment Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title Religions of the World
  • Language(s) English and Hindi
  • Session December 2023 - June 2024
  • Code BPY-04
  • Subject Philosophy
  • Degree(s) BA
  • Course Generic Electives (GE)
  • Author Panel
  • Publisher Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

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  • 30th April (if Enrolled in the June Exams)
  • 31st October (if Enrolled in the December Exams).

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Hindi Language

  • December 2023 - June 2024 22 Pages (0.00 ), PDF Format SKU: IGNGB-AS-BA-BPY04-HI-400

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