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- Business Mathematics and Statistics,
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IGNOU BCOC-134 July 2019 - January 2020 - Solved Assignment

Are you looking to download a PDF soft copy of the Solved Assignment BCOC-134 - Business Mathematics and Statistics? Then GullyBaba is the right place for you. We have the Assignment available in English and Hindi language.

This particular Assignment references the syllabus chosen for the subject of Mathematics, for the July 2019 - January 2020 session. The code for the assignment is BCOC-134 and it is often used by students who are enrolled in the BCOMG Degree.

Once students have paid for the Assignment, they can Instantly Download to their PC, Laptop or Mobile Devices in soft copy as a PDF format. After studying the contents of this Assignment, students will have a better grasp of the subject and will be able to prepare for their upcoming tests.

IGNOU BCOC-134 (July 2021 - January 2022) Assignment Questions

Section – A

1. Compute median from the following data:

2. From the following data calculate:
a. Coefficient of correlation
b. Standard deviation of Y
X=0.854Y; Y=0.89X; σx =3

3. Calculate the trend values by the method of least square from the following data and estimate the sales for the year 2025.

4. Solve the following equation using Cramer’s rule:
2x+y-z=3; x+y+z=1; x-2y-3z=4

5. Find the limit of the following function:
lim x --> ∞(x+1) (2x+3)
(x+2) (3x+4)

Section – B

6. Discuss the types of discounts.

7. Define inverse matrix and discuss its properties.

8. Briefly explain the functions related to business and economics.

9. What is index number? Discuss the three principal types of indices.

10. Define correlation and regression and explain the relationship between correlation and regression coefficients.

Section – C

11. Write short notes on the following:
a. Properties of matrix multiplication
b. Distrust of statistics

12. Differentiate between the following:
a. Simple and Compound interest (with example)
b. Absolute and Relative measure of dispersion

IGNOU BCOC-134 (July 2019 - January 2020) Assignment Questions

Section – A

  1. For two firms A and B belonging to same industry, the following details are available:

    (a) Which firm pays larger amount as wages?
    (b) Which firm shows greater variability in the distribution of wages?
    (c) Find combined average monthly wage and the standard deviation of the wages of all the employees in both the firms.
  2. The performance of a student in a business school was evaluated as follows. Calculate weighted mean from the given data and distinguish between weighted arithmetic mean and simple arithmetic mean.
  3. Calculate the coefficient of rank correlation from the following data:-
  4. From the following data obtain the two regression equations.
  5. Calculate Fishers Ideal Index from the data given below and show that it satisfies the Time Reversal and Factor Reversal tests.

Section – B

  1. What is a Matrix? Explain the types of matrices with examples.
  2. What do you understand by a minor and cofactor of a square martrix? Explain with examples.
  3. Explain Input – Output Analysis. What are its assumptions?
  4. Explain the types of Algebric functions with examples.
  5. What is continous compounding? Explain with the help of an example.

Section – C

  1. Distinguish between the following:
    (a) Inverse and Composite Function.
    (b) Additive and Multiplicative model of time series analysis.
  2. Write short notes on the following:
    (a) Continous Discount
    (b) Consumer Price Index Number

IGNOU BCOC-134 (July 2021 - January 2022) Assignment Questions

खण्ड - क

1. निम्नलिखित सॅमको से माध्यिका परिकलित कीजिए:

2. निम्नलिखित सॅमको से परिकलित कीजिए:
क. सहसंबंध गुणांक
ख.Y का मानक विचलन

3. निम्नलिखित सॅमको से न्यूनतम वर्ग की विधि द्वारा प्रवृत्ति मूल्यों की ज्ञात कीजिए और वर्ष 2025 के लिए बिक्री का अनुमान लगाइए।

4. निम्नलिखित समीकरणों को ऊमर नियम का उपयोग करते हुए हल कीजिये:
2x+y-z=3; x+y+z=1; x-2y-3z-4

5. निम्नलिखित फलन की सीमा ज्ञात कीजिए:

खण्ड - ख

6. बट्टो के प्रकारों की चर्चा कीजिए।

7. प्रतिलोम आव्यूह को परिभाषित कीजिए तथा इसके गुणों की चर्चा कीजिए।

8. व्यापारऔर अर्थशास्त्र से संबंधित फलनों को संक्षेप में समझाइए।

9. सूचकांक क्या है? सूचकांकों के तीन प्रमुख प्रकारों की की चर्चा कीजिए।

10. सहसंबंध और प्रतिगमन को परिभाषित करें और सहसंबंध और प्रतिगमन गुणांक के बीच के संबंध की व्याख्या करें।


11. निम्नलिखित पर संक्षिप्त नोट लिखिए:
क. आव्यूह गुणन के गुण
ख. सांख्यिकी पर अविश्वास

12. निम्नलिखित में अंतर करें:
क. साधारण और चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज (उदाहरण के साथ)
ख. अपकीरण का निरपेक्ष और सापेक्ष माप


IGNOU BCOC-134 (July 2019 - January 2020) Assignment Questions

BCOC-134 Assignment Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title Business Mathematics and Statistics
  • Language(s) English and Hindi
  • Session July 2019 - January 2020
  • Code BCOC-134
  • Subject Mathematics
  • Degree(s) BCOMG
  • Course Core Courses (CC)
  • Author Gullybaba.com Panel
  • Publisher Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Assignment Submission End Date

The IGNOU open learning format requires students to submit study Assignments. Here is the final end date of the submission of this particular assignment according to the university calendar.

  • 15th July 2021 (if Enrolled in the July 2020 Session)
  • 30th Sept. 2021 (if Enrolled in the January 2021 Session).

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Hindi Language

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