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IGNOU DNHE-04 Project – Nutrition and Health Education

DNHE-04 Project – Nutrition and Health Education

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Code - DNHE-04

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About DNHE-04 Project – Nutrition and Health Education

What is 'case study'? Case, we mean any family, individual and community on which the entire conclusion is drawn. On various cases, we study various/different topics and study/draw our inferences and conclusions. As a student, I have tried to select two cases on individuals' community group. First group is of the people who are living in the remote or village areas below poverty line. For second case study, I have selected middle income or higher income groups. I have tried to draw major inferences according to my own knowledge and gathering of data and conclusions drawn are also entirely mine.


  • The main objectives of the case study are:-
  • To study community X and find the nutritional health status in its families children.
  • To find how many children in the community X are suffering from malnutrition and the infection due to it.
  • To find/study on how infection and malnutrition interrelated.
  • I have tried to find how poverty affects malnutrition or how what are the factors behind the malnutrition in children of group A and Group B of community X.
  • I have to see whether the case study is true for both groups or not. Comparing both the groups we have to see whether grout a and group b possess and difference with the and decrease in number of children

Topic Covered

  • Introduction
  • Objective of the Case Study
  • Methodology
  • Questionnaire for Survey
  • Personal Data
  • Data of Children
  • What is Malnutrition?
  • Infection and Malnutrition
  • Effects of Malnutrition on Infection
  • Weights of Children
  • Frequent Infections in Children
  • Conclusion
  • Questionnaire

DNHE-04 Project Details

  • Title Comprehensive Analysis of Nutrition and Health Education
  • Language(s) English
  • Code DNHE-04
  • Subject Nutrition and Health Education
  • Degree(s) DNHE
  • Course Projects
  • Pages Report: 57
  • Size 4.87 MB, PDF Format
  • Author Panel
  • Publisher Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Pages: Report: 57 Size: 4.87 MB, PDF Format

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