IGNOU Master of Arts in Economics (MEC) UAE

Published on Monday July 25, 2022 09:58 by Umesh Singla


The IGNOU international division offers selected courses to FRSIs (through Regional Centres in India) and Overseas Students (through Overseas Study Centres of the University). The international division has expanded its academic courses and different regional centers in various parts of  South Asia, the Middle East, and African nations.

IGNOU offers around 60 academic programs to its overseas / FSRI students. Currently, IGNOU offers its study courses in the U.A.E
(Sharjah), Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Sultanate of Oman are among the Gulf countries. Sri Lanka and Nepal, are among the SAARC countries and  Ethiopia, Ivory Coast  and Kenya in Africa.

IGNOU Sharjah (UAE) Centre

So, if you are living in the UAE and looking to study at IGNOU University, now you can easily do that because IGNOU offers different courses for overseas students in the UAE With over 40 courses in the country.

If you are searching for study alternatives in UAE, then you have come to the right place. GullyBaba is an online study portal that provides a lot of information and IGNOU Help Books on the global division’s units of courses across various nations.


MEC OR Master of Arts in Economics is a Master's degree conferred to students. Like any other college course, the MEC course duration is a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 4 years.

With the academic session of July 2019, the IGNOU has adopted the Choice Based Credit System presented by the University Grants Commission. The Choice-based Credit System, which is on offer at the Master's degree level, gives adaptability to the students to study the subjects/courses of their needs and interests.

IGNOU UAE international division follows the same guidelines as Indira Gandhi National Open University. UAE FRSIs (through Regional Centres in India) and Overseas can now adopt the IGNOU MEC Study Syllabus and courses depending upon their needs and Students' Requirements.

MEC Course Details

  • MEC stands for Mathematics, Economics, Commerce
  • Students can choose to study MEC group subjects after their Matriculation
  • MEC course offers various career opportunities in the Commerce stream
  • MEC course offers various career opportunities in the Arts stream
  • MEC course offers various career opportunities in Education and Teaching field.
  • Students can pursue their diploma courses and certification courses in MEC subjects. After successful completion of courses, employment opportunities increases.
  • In the MEC Course, Mathematics is useful in the development of the brain and various aspects of students.
  • In MEC Course, Economics helps students to understand the economy of the nation and it is a vast subject in the Humanities stream.
  • In MEC Course, Commerce helps students to understand trade and business.
  • There are various top universities in the world which offer various courses in Mathematics, Economics and Commerce subjects.

Following are the IGNOU MEC Courses Offered for students in UAE:-

Eligibility Criteria for Admission Masters 
Master's Degree

Min. Age- No Bar

Max. Age- No Bar Course

Course Details
Duration(Min.)- 2 Years

Duration (Max.)- 4 Years

Medium to Instruction – English, and Hindi

First Semester

Course Code Title  Title of the Course Credits
MEC-101 Micro Economic Analysis 6
MEC-002 Macro Economic Analysis 6
MEC-103 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis 6
MEC-004 Economics of Growth and Development 6
MEC-105 Indian Economic Policy 6

Second Semester

Course Code Title  Title of the Course Credits
MEC-006 Public Economics 6
MEC-007 International Trade and Finance 6
MEC-108 Economics of Social Sector and Environment 6
MEC-109 Research Methods in Economics 6
                   Optional Courses (Choose 12 Credits Only)
MECP-101 Project Work- MECP-101 6
MECE-001 Econometric Methods 6
MECE-003 Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice 6
MECE-004 Financial Institutions and Markets 6
MECE-002 Computer Applications in Economic Analysis 6
MPA-15 Public Policy and Analysis 8
MPA-17 Electronic Governance 4

NOTE:- Student's Handbook and Prospectus are also available on the university’s website www.ignou.ac.in. Information about the courses provided here is partial and should not be treated as comprehensive. i.e., the university would be offering another course than those mentioned here. Students are advised to check with the university for the latest information regarding the course.