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IGNOU Master of Art in Sociology (MSO) UAE

Published on Monday July 25, 2022 09:58 by Umesh Singla

Indira Gandhi National Open University has prolonged its outreach beyond the borders of the country. The globalization of higher education, mainly via the distance mode of shipping, has given an altogether exceptional angle to the go-border transport of  IGNOU’s academic packages in numerous international locations. The International Division came into eistence after the international operations of the University. The Division established on 16 October, 1997 as a Cell and was upgraded to the fame of a full-fledged Division in 2002. From 1996 onwards, the International Division has been assigned the task of offering and promoting the academic programs of  IGNOU by way of organizing bilateral and multilateral co-operations with numerous partner institutions and organizations/universities throughout the globe. At present, IGNOU is offering academic programs in 35 countries across the globe via 62 Partner Institutions.

IGNOU Sharjah (UAE) Centre

If you are living in the UAE and looking to study at IGNOU University, now you can easily do that because IGNOU offers different courses for overseas students in the UAE with over 40 courses in the country.

If you are looking for study options in UAE, then you have come to the right place. GullyBaba is an online study portal that provides complete information about IGNOU Study Material and IGNOU's international division units. IGNOU not only offers courses in India but also provides program courses across different countries.


The IGNOU MSO Term End Examinations are conducted twice a year, i.e in June and December. The students who will take admission to the IGNOU Master Degree Program Sociology for the July cycle can appear in next year's term end examination whereas the students who will take admission in January academic cycle, can appear in December examinations for the same year

IGNOU UAE's global division follows the same guidelines as Indira Gandhi National Open University. UAE FRSIs (through Regional Centres in India) and Overseas can now adopt the IGNOU MSO courses relying upon their wishes and Student's requirements.

What is a Choice-Based Credit System?

University Grants Commission has provided you with the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) program wherein the students have a choice to select from the prescribed courses, which are referred to as the core, elective or minor, or soft ability courses and they could study at their very own pace and the entire assessment is graded-primarily based on a credit device.

The basic concept is to look at the needs of the students to hold up-to-date with the development of higher education in India and overseas. CBCS targets to redefine the curriculum keeping pace with the liberalization and globalization in education.

Program Objective

The MA distance learning program in Sociology has been developed with an approach to offer higher studies to learners in Sociology.

It has been designed in  this manner that it gives advanced sociological understanding, views, and skills to learners the world over, which include the humans residing in far-off and inaccessible regions.

The IGNOU MA Sociology field includes the disciplines which specialize in classical and advanced standards and theories, study techniques and perspectives, social problems of development, the nation of sociology in India, social troubles of improvement, education transnational groups, migration, urbanization, development of the most important segment of the population and rising concerns within the society inside.

It is social technological know-how that particularly uses Sociological concepts and its various methods of empirical investigation and important evaluation to realize the understanding of social order, social disease, and social alternatives.

Following are the IGNOU MSO Courses Offered for students in UAE

Highlights of the course complete complete
Complete Name of Program: Master of Arts in Sociology

Least Duration of the program: 2 Years

Most extreme Duration of the course: 5 Years

Qualification Criteria: Complete a higher degree or bachelor's degree program from a recognized institute or university.

 Age Bar: No Bar

Full Program expenses: 9000/-

Accessible Medium: English and Hindi

IGNOU MSO Syllabus (Updated)

First Year

Course Code Course Name Credits
MSO-001 Sociological Theories and Concepts 8
MSO-002 Research Methodologies and Methods 8
MSO-003 Sociology of Development 8
MSO-004 Sociology in India 8

Second Year

Course Code Course Name Credits
MSOE-001 Sociology of Education 8
MSOE-002 Diaspora and Transnational Communities 8
MSOE-003 Sociology of Religion 8
MSOE-004 Urban Sociology 8
MPS-003 India: Democracy and Development 8
MPA-016 Decentralization and Local Governance 8

Note: Student Handbook and Prospectus are additionally accessible on IGNOU’s official site Data about the courses given here is partial and ought not to be treated as complete. The organization would offer other courses than those referenced here. Students are advised to check with the institution for the most recent information concerning the course.

Those looking for admission in IGNOU MSO Courses in UAE can apply through the IGNOU Online admission portal within the stipulated time.