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- English Communication Skills,
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Chapter-wise Reference Book with Previous Year Solved Question Papers of BEGAE-182 English Communication Skills for IGNOU BAVTM, BSCG, BSC (Honours), BA (Honours), BAG, BAECH, BAHIH, BAPSH, BAPCH, BAPAH, BASOH, BAEGH English.

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About BEGAE-182 Help Book Latest Edition

IGNOU’s Bachelor of Arts (BAG) English offers a course, BEGAE–182, that provides students an opportunity to learn communication skills in the language. BEGAE–182 disciplines include the communication process, globalization, verbal and non-verbal communication, asking questions, discussions, meetings, presentation skills, writing and reading skills, and vocabulary development.

BEGAE-182 English Topics Covered

Block 1 - Understanding Communication

  • Unit 1 - The Process of Communication
  • Unit 2 - The Globalisation of Communication: A Global Village
  • Unit 3 - Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Block 2 - Listening and Speaking in Informal and Formal Contexts

  • Unit 1 - Informal Interpersonal Functions
  • Unit 2 - Making Enquiries/Asking Questions
  • Unit 3 - Group Discussions and Meetings
  • Unit 4 - Presentation Skills: Essentials of Presentation Skills

Block 3 - Reading and Writing Skills

  • Unit 1 - The Reading Skill
  • Unit 2 - Vocabulary Development
  • Unit 3 - The Writing Skill: Some Basic Guidelines
  • Unit 4 - The Language of Formal Letters

Previous Year Solved Question Papers Included

BEGAE-182 English (Total-9, Solved-7, Unsolved-2)

  • Sample Paper-I
  • Sample Paper-II
  • Guess Paper-I
  • Guess Paper-II
  • February (2021)
  • December (2021-2022)
  • June (2022-2023)

BEGAE-182 Help Book Details

  • University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
  • Title English Communication Skills
  • Language(s) English
  • Code BEGAE-182
  • Subject English
  • Course Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
  • ISBN 978-93-89601-63-3 (English)
  • Pages 170 (English)
  • Weight 136gms (English)
  • Dimensions (L) 21cm, (W) 15cm, (H) 1cm
  • Author Panel
  • Publisher Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.