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You Can Heal Your Life ( Hindi )

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Book                          :       You Can Heal Your Life ( Hindi )

Author                       :       Louise L. Hay 

ISBN                           :       978-81-73157-39-4

Binding                      :       Paperback

Publisher                  :       Prabhat Prakashan

Number of Pages   :       224

Language                 :       Hindi

Edition                       :       2015


About the Book:-

The mind-body connection is elaborately explained in Louise Hay's international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life (Hindi). The causes for poor physical health are wrongly explained by conventional medicine, according to this self-help book. It goes in detail about the various mental blockages due to which physical diseases are manifested in our bodies.

This book, from the new-age-thought movement, has some interesting and unconventional ideas about reality. The author makes use of the law of attraction to give readers an understanding of how negative situations are attracted by negative-thinking individuals. Similarly, people who have a habit of thinking positively comes across situations with far better outcomes.

The reasons for our diseases are not germs or infections but a negative thinking pattern which excludes spirituality. Emotional blocks created by individuals in their lifetime cause undue stress and result in physical ailments. The author talks about how affirmations can clear emotional blockages from a person's system.

Towards the end of the book, the author gives a list of the various physical conditions caused by certain emotional thought patterns. According to the book, cancer is caused by carrying too much resentment inside. The emotion of love is a powerful agent to remove all disease-causing negative blockages and the author stresses on the importance of loving all throughout the book.

You Can Heal Your Life (Hindi) was published by Prabhat Prakashan in 2009 and is available as a paperback.

Key Features:-

  • The book is an international bestseller which has sold over 35 million copies, in more than 30 different languages.
  • It was also adapted into a 2007 documentary film with the same title as the book.


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