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You Can Create An Exceptional Life

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Book                            :         You Can Create An Exceptional Life

Author                         :          Louise L. Hay

ISBN                             :          978-93-81431-09-2

Number of Pages     :          164 

Binding                        :          Paperback

Publisher                    :          Hay House India

Language                   :          English

Editon                          :          2011


You Can Create An Exceptional Life

Both Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson are self-help experts teaching life improvement through positive affirmations. Louise Hay’s book has inspired millions of people, and Cheryl Richardson is one among them. In this book, Cheryl Richardson takes the readers on a journey through Louise Hay’s life through an interview with the older woman.

In the first chapter, Louise Hay, now in her nineties, talks about how she overcame the many challenges in her life, like an unhappy childhood, a broken marriage, and cancer, through positive thinking, affirmations, and meditation. She talks about the power of the positive affirmations and her mission to help other people realize it.

She talks about how people can easily incorporate the habit of positive thinking and affirmation into their lives and experience all the beneficial changes that such thoughts can bring. She gives simple tips to help people cultivate these habits.

She gives advice on how to deal with negative attitudes in people without being confrontational. She describes one experience where she was put off by the negative attitude of the sales people in a shop. Instead of becoming upset, she left the store and came back later. By leaving, she refused to be affected by their negativity.

She tells people to start their days with positive thoughts. A bad beginning to a day could make the whole day a bad experience. And, as she points out, life is made of days and each bad day adds up to a bad life. On the other hand, good days make life feel good.

She also shares her experience on living life with wisdom, breaking bad habits not by fighting against the habits, but by changing mental attitudes that encourage the habit. She also talks about aging gracefully and finally, preparing to meet the end of life with acceptance and dignity.

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