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In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. The very reason for the existence of 'Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.' is to nurture our young generation with knowledge that can help them employable at the best places, educate them on the contemporary topics and above all help them in becoming better human beings. We at Gullybaba sincerely believe that education is not about reading books and passing examinations. Contrary to it, education is like a virtue, that remains throughout life.


In a quest to make ourselves goal specific, we have assigned some tasks for ourselves, we name these short-term goals.


    • People willing to publish from us / budding authors:
      • In the lines of Dhiru Bhai Ambani, “Think first, Think fast. Ideas are no body’s monopoly’. We are of the perception that creativity is embedded in all of us and this is the reason we provide every possible publishing assistance to all, whether you have written something and wish to publish a book or it has always been your desire to write a book, though you are yet to pen down your thoughts.
      • With our assistance, you can throw all the worries regarding publishing to the wind.

Apart from this, we do also value and reward ideas. If any one comes to us with an idea, we find fit for writing a book on, we can provide him or her a ghost writer on their request. You need to just give your idea and the ghost writer will do the writing part.

  • For Authors: We at Gullybaba sincerely believe that our authors are our engines, our guiding force, our USPs. We work with them diligently and take care of topics they write on, how they represent their work to their prospective readers, how can they become more presentable, more readable, so on and so forth. Though we carefully choose our association with authors, but do not necessarily select only the famous ones. Our authors come from all spheres, from established ones to just one book to their credit. It is simply because we do not attach much value on fame, but on the content, on the subject matter. We are striving for the day when the name Gullybaba will become a sobriquet for the paradise of authors, a launch pad of great ideas, a receptive centre for ignited minds.
  • For Staff: Gullybaba is not a publishing house that became famous overnight. When We think of the distance that we have travelled since our inception and the coveted position that we enjoy in our field, much of its credit goes to our staff. They are not our employees, but members of Gullybaba family, our inseparably close associates, our very face, our signature. Since our growth, development and prosperity are directly proportional to the growth of the people associated with us, we do not spare any chance to make them feel happy, elated and cheerful. We have adopted comprehensive approach for their welfare and as we grow, they will equally get compensated and rewarded.
    Our Efforts We do not make efforts to penetrate the market and expand the reach of our books. We make sincere efforts to know the contemporary educational needs and then do our level best to fulfill those needs with our books. As a fully functional enterprise 'Gullybaba' does its level best to live up to the highest expectations of our existing and prospective readers.
  • Equip our readers: We at Gullybaba strive to equip our readers to face challenges and overcome these through our quality books. We also provide our readers with an opportunity to amend books the way they want. We heartily welcome any suggestions from our readers about our books and their contents. We gleefully incorporate the considerable changes in our next addition of the book and send letter of thanks to the concerned reader/s.
  • Education that promises more than a job: No doubt, education can be a means for a better livelihood. Higher degree tends to translate into higher salary packages. But, our future goals comprise the efforts to impart the education that promises more than just a job. We at Gullybaba work in tandem to impart knowledge that can prove to be Premise of Progress for ever family, every society.


We aim to help our students in particular and our nation, world in general with  superlative and knowledge-enriching books following supreme ethical practices. We strive to enlighten the world with the power of wisdom and bring in prosperity, joy and contentment in life of every individual.


To emerge as a global publishing house with the ability to cater to the literary demands of almost every section of the world society.