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The Magic: Jaadu in Hindi

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Book                              :           The Magic: Jaadu in Hindi

Author                           :           Rhonda Byrne 

ISBN                               :           978-81-83222-96-9

Binding                          :           Paperback

Publisher                      :           Manjul

Number of Pages        :          292

Language                      :          Hindi


In this revolutionary book, Rhonda suggests 28 days of Magical exercises that will help to employ the power of gratitude for getting everything we want in life. Gratitude according to Rhonda is the important key in using the Law of Attraction. The book focuses on the importance of gratitude and makes us realize how many things we take for granted.

Rhonda divides her books in 28 days and covers different concepts to help in relationships, in health and wealth. According to her, gratitude is the key to magic. Practising gratitude each day can help to transform one’s life. Byrne highlights how gratitude can affect each and every facet of life, relationships, health and wealth.

The book discusses many varied concepts focusing on the magic of gratitude. The Magic: Jaadu has 28 different topics that are given specific titles. According to Rhonda, everything around us can be better if we realise how much we have to be thankful for. The book promotes positive thinking through exercises. She emphasizes on the good things in life rather than the negative ones. She also reveals how we can change our mistakes into blessings, the magical way out of negativity, and how we can make all our wishes come true.

She also stresses that the universal law of attraction operates at every level of our life. A good job, a small vacation, a supportive family, Rhonda discusses the importance of being grateful for every tiny and big thing. Employing examples from the holy scriptures and lives of great personalities like Einstein and Newton, Rhonda reveals how gratitude plays a significant role at every level.

The author gives a set of exercises and insights to practise in our daily lives. The Magic: Jaadu is a practical manual that aims at improving the lives by implementing the simple acts of gratitude.

Originally published in 2012 in English, this translation in Hindi is by Manjul publishers.

About Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne is a prominent author, self-help expert and Australian television producer best known for her book The Secret.

Her other popular works include The Secret Daily Teachings, The Secret Daily Teachings, and The Secret Gratitude.

Born in 1951, Rhonda Byrne has produced many Australian T. V. shows. She has produced Sensing Murder, and Marry Me. She has also been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and is also on Time Magazine’s most influential people list. The Secret has sold 19 million books in total, and together with the movie raked in $300 million

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