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The Lover: You Have Been Missing

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Book                        :         The Lover: You Have Been Missing

Author                      :         Acharya Prashant

ISBN                         :         978-93-86276-12-4

Binding                     :         Paperback

Publisher                  :         Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :         369

Language                 :         English

Edition                      :         2017


The Lover: You Have Been Missing

'The Lover you have been missing' is one of its kind, a book that talks of the essence of love. Till now we have found love to be referred in personal aspects or rather, as an image or person. The author has vividly talked of the love that is universal, beyond persons and images — the love that is your true nature, that once tasted, becomes one with you. He retorts on how love has been brought down to a 'rotten' definition by us. He talks of an immersion in love that brings courage and completeness with it. He shatters all the misconceptions and conceptions around love, beautifully elucidating how men and women stand at two ends of duality. Author, sensationally, breaks all images associated with love and brings you to love in its truest form.

About the Author

A contemporary young mystic, whose Shabd-Yoga sessions, Shoonya-Smaran methods, and Anahad-Kriya celebrations are bringing the purest essence of transcendental wisdom to today’s world.
Marvelous are the ways of existence. His journey took him to technical and management education at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi) and IIM (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad). He then served for a few years as a management professional, besides a few weeks in the Indian Civil Services. These lucrative options, however, hold little importance when the Truth beckons.
Responding to a higher calling, he undertook a rigorous spiritual pursuit for a long time, turning to the service of the timeless.

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SKU 978-93-86276-12-4
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Language English
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