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Science of StorySelling

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Book                        :         Science of StorySelling

Author                      :         Keshave Lal

ISBN                         :         978-93-88149-69-3

Binding                     :         Paperback

Publisher                  :         Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :         169

Language                 :         English

Edition                      :         2019


Science of StorySelling

About the Book

Stories sell more than any other product or service. When Plato said some 2,500 years back, “Those who tell the stories rule the society”. This was not true just in his time but even now, when the same message was reverberated a few years back by Steve Jobs when he said, “The most powerful person in the world is storyteller”. Ironically, this power has been known by many but used by just a few to its best potential.

Storytelling is science as well as art. Knowing the science behind it and using it as an art can make you immensely powerful. This book puts some light on the science of storytelling and also talks about some powerful tools to help you use that power, ultimately to help you change the quality of your life.

About the Author

Keshave Lal is a communication expert, entrepreneur and a passionate mind coach & researcher. He grew up in a middle-class family, living as a very shy, introverted and average kid. When at a very young age, his passion drove him to achieve something big, he went on to experiment with his life and began to challenge all his fears.
During his working career of 9 years, he worked with many organizations, in various domains and at various positions. But along the way he did not just work on professional career but also worked on his personal transformation by attending and being part of dozens of seminars and trainings, which later inspired him to give back to the society. In 2016, he left his well-paid job at American Express and started as a communication coach.
Today, he runs a mind training and research firm 'MindGenesis', through which he empowers hundreds of people to take control of their lives by training and taming their minds.

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SKU 978-93-88149-69-3
Author Keshave Lal
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Language English
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