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Science Lesson Plan (IGNOU Help book for Science Lesson Plan in English Medium)

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Book                              :        Science Lesson Plan

Author                           :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                               :        978-93-82688-29-7

Binding                          :        Paperback

Publisher                      :        Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages       :        143

Language                     :        English


Science Lesson Plan


1. Introduction

2. Teaching of Science

3. Different Lesson Planning
• Photosynthesis     7th Class
• Clinical Thermometer     7th Class
• Rusting of Iron and Crystallisation   7th Class
• Types of Properties of Soil   7th Class
• Breathing     7th Class
• Reproduction in Plants     7th Class
• Commercial use of Microorganisms   8th Class
• Types of Synthetic Fibres   8th Class
• Combustion      8th Class
• Asexual reproduction in Animals   8th Class
• A force can change the state of motion   8th Class
• Sound produced by Humans   8th Class
• Can Matter cahnge its State    9th Class

• Atom      9th Class
• Organisation of a cell     9th Class
• Acceleration     9th Class
• Second Law of Motion     9th Class
• Weight of an object on the Moon   9th Class
• Rate of doing Work    10th Class
• Transportation in Plants    10th Class

4. Microteaching

5. Lesson Planning based on Microteaching
• Balanced Diet     6th Class
• Blood      7th Class
• Natural Resources     8th Class
• Tissue       9th Class

6. Become an Ideal Pedagogue


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