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Salt Water

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  Book Name            :         Salt Water

  Author Name         :         Shrey

  Publisher Name    :         Penguin metro  reads

  ISBN-13                   :         978-0-143-42044-6

  Language               :         English

  Binding                    :         Paper Back

  No of Pages           :         272

  Edition                     :         2014


Salt Water

Shrey as Rajagopal, also known as Shrey is the author of the high flying book, Saltwater. Giving us a glimpse into the murky side of over-privileged kids having too much fun, this book describes the rarely seen aspects of Mumbai's elite. Rish is a psychologically troubled person who had recently lost his best friend, Sahil, in the wake of a deadly drug addiction. Halfway through college, he leaves the Unites States to come back to India and find some solace. But his intentions go wrong and Rish is drawn into a drug filled, hard-partying social circle that leaves him in unforeseen situations.

The author has constructed the character of Rish from his own personal experiences as a college student. Having studied with spoilt, rich kids who had too much to spend, Shreyas Rajagopal had always stood on the sidelines watching these kids go on party binges. The burden of too much money and the discontentment that comes from having no concerns are the major themes explored by the author in this book. With a plot that takes you through expensive penthouses and sophisticated pubs in Mumbai, the ailing of an entire generation is vividly described.

Saltwater is a book with an unconventional storyline that explores the lives of privileged young adults living in Mumbai. It was published in 2014 by Penguin India and is available in paperback format.

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