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Reasonable Future of Humanity

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Book                         :         Reasonable Future of Humanity GullyBaba 2016

Author                       :         Choogin V. V.

ISBN                          :         978-93-85533-16-7

Binding                      :         Paperback

Publisher                   :         Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages       :         135

Language                   :         English

Edition                        :         Jan, 2016


Reasonable Future of Humanity GullyBaba 2016

This book 'Reasonable Future of Humanity' is dedicated mainly to those who are living a life being deprived from those things which are necessary in daily life. Through this book the author wants to tell us all that while creating life on the Earth, the Almighty God endowed a man with an intelligent and generous nature which is still present in the existence of man. But for some reason, with multiplication and development of the people relationship, a great degradation of morality, misinterpretation of  beautiful and useful man's nature existed during years before and still exists nowadays.

In the beginning the Almighty God endowed men with all the uniform qualities and equal commodities for life. But, man himself became selfish and created differences among the human beings on the basis of various aspects. This planet 'The Earth' is the home of all, but the man has divided it in parts of lands and countries and a class of working people remain deprived of basic necessities of life. This discrimination among the mankind is not fair.

According to the author of this book, the time has come to offer in easily understandable language clear and real program of actions to humanity needed on the way of independent countries, tribes and nations re-organisation into one united, rational country EARTH with high moral and ethical relationship.

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SKU 978-93-85533-16-7
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Language English
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