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Teaching English

Are you pursuing a course in teaching English at IGNOU? If yes, then you are on the right path to become a qualified educator. But one thing that might become a roadblock in this journey would be our assignments. These assignments are way beyond and just academic requirements, they are important building blocks in your education.

Why are IGNOU Teacher English assignments important online?

Assignments are a very important part of your teaching English course.

  • Assignments allow you to apply the theoretical knowledge that you gain in your studies to real teaching scenarios. Practical experience is pretty important in shaping your skill as an educator.
  • Assignments work as a means for your instructor to understand your understanding and also provide feedback. The constructive feedback will help you improve and excel in your studies.
  • Your assignment scores contribute towards the overall academic performance. Excelling in assignments can impact your final grades positively
  • Assignments encourage critical thinking, research and creativity which are very important attributes of a successful teacher.


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