Preparation of IGNOU CPIP 104 (Certificate in Consumer Protection) Synopsis/Project Proposal

Published on Friday December 9, 2022 11:40 by Ashish

The learners have to choose a particular area in which they are interested in. Then in consultation with the Guide, they have to select a particular topic for their project work.

The project proposal is an outline of the detailed work to be undertaken by the learner.

The following format can be followed for preparing the project proposal

  • The Title of the Proposed Project
  • Background of the Study
  • Literature Review
  • The rationale of the Study
  • Objectives of the Study
  • The hypothesis of the Study If any
  • Research Methodology: Sample, Tests/Tools, Statistics to be used
  • References/Bibliography

Preparation/Formulation of IGNOU CPIP 104 (Certificate in Consumer Protection) Project Report/Dissertation/Thesis


The size of the project report depends on the nature of the theme of the project you have selected. However, it is desirable that the project report should be around 100 pages typed in double space. The report should be in A4 size sheet.

The Report should be in the following format.

S. No. Parts Description
1 TITLE The first page of the report should indicate the title of the project, name of the candidate, address, enrollment number and year.
1. Certificate
2. Acknowledgment
3. Table of Contents
2 INTRODUCTION This section will introduce the problem. It should be able to give an idea to the reader what the topic is all about, how did the topic emerge, and what made the researcher take up the topic. The introduction must contain the rationale and purpose of the research.
3 REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE Review of literature is a collective body of works done by earlier researchers and published in the form of books, journals, articles. It helps in generating ideas and developing significant questions for the research work.
4 SIGNIFICANCE The rationale for carrying out a particular project is explained here.
5 OBJECTIVE /HYPOTHESIS This will basically consist of the main objectives or purpose of the research. For example, to study the effect of family environment on the self-concept of the students. A hypothesis is also provided which is a tentative statement about the cause and effect relationship between the independent and dependent variables.
6 METHODOLOGY The methodology includes Sample, Tests/Tools, and Statistical Analysis. The size and nature of the sample will depend on the topic selected. Tests/ tools are to be selected based on the objectives of the research. The data collected with the help of the tests/ tools are then analyzed by using appropriate statistical techniques.
7 RESULT AND DISCUSSION The findings of the research after the statistical analysis of data are reported in tabular and graphical form. This is then discussed in the light of the existing research studies. The implication of the findings is also discussed.
8 CONCLUSION Under this heading, the learner has to conclude the findings of the research.
9 DELIMITATION Constraints and limitations of the research are mentioned here.
10 SUGGESTIONS Based on the research findings, the learner can give suggestions for further research in a particular area.
11 REFERENCES (APA STYLE) References have to be written in APA format. These should be alphabetically listed.