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English Skills for Lawyers

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Book                             :         English Skills for Lawyers

Author                          :         Krishnaveer Abhishek Challa

ISBN                              :         978-93-50356-31-9

Binding                         :         Paperback

Publisher                     :         Universal Law Publishing

Number of Pages      :         96

Edition                          :         2016

Language                    :         English


English Skills for Lawyers

Communication and English skills are essential and are a prerequisite for every field. Apprentice of Legal Practice have to be equipped with these important skills before they officially start their career in law. Even those who are into legal practice have to brush up their skills at regular scrutinizing. Lawyers must be able to take in a great deal of information, often on topics about which they are unfamiliar. The ability to digest information from lengthy, dense texts is essential, equally important is the ability to listen to clients and understand their unique issues and concerns. Whether in the courtroom or the law office, lawyers must be effective communicators. If lawyers could not translate thoughts and opinions into clear and precise English, it would be difficult for the  law to serve society. After all, the law is embodied in words, and many of the disputes that give birth to laws begin with language-its meaning, use, and interpretation, Litigation leads to written judicial opinion; congressional enactments are recorded as printed statutes; and even economic transactions must be expressed as formal, written contracts. English Skills for Lawyers` is an attempt to provide a platform for budding lawyers to equip themselves with Communication and English skills. The book is interactive to make the self-study easier and effective. It is advised that the apprentice learn the skills simultaneously with their respective subjects so as to master the skills for their specific field.

Key Features of English Skills for Lawyers:-

(i) Language: English
(ii) Publisher: Universal Law Publishing
(iii) Genre: Academic and Professional

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