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NIOS Question Paper October 2016

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D.El.Ed.-502 Pedagogic Processes in Elementary schools

October, 2016
Time: 3 hours Maximum 
Marks: 70

General Instructions : 
(1)Candidate must write his/her Roll Number on the first page of the question paper.
(2)Please check the question paper to verify that the total pages and total number of questions contained in the paper are the same as those printed on the top of the first page. Also check to see that the questions are in sequential order.
(3)For the objective type of questions, you have to choose any one of the four alternatives given in the question, i.e., A, B, C or D and indicate your correct answer in the answer-book given to you.
(4)Making any identification mark in the answer-book or writing Roll Number anywhere other than the specified places will lead to disqualification of the candidate.
(5)Answers for questions, like matching, true or false, fill in the blanks, etc., are to be given in the answer-book.
(6)Write your Question Paper Code No. 53/DEE/O/7, Set u on the answer-book.

Ques 1. Which of the following affects the process of learning?
(A) Maturity of the students
(B) Social background of the students
(C) Economic background of the students
(D) Heredity

Ques 2. Constructivist approach of teaching is based on
(A) Experiences of the learners
(B) Interaction with the social environment
(C) Creation of new knowledge
(D) All of the above

Ques 3 . When you are teaching through inductive method, you are proceeding
(A) From general to particulart
(B) From particular to general
(C) From abstract to concrete
(D) From concepts to processes

Ques 4. Which of the following is the main feature of group learning?
(A) It motivates the students to learn
(B) It develops creative thinking in the students
(C) The students follow teacher’s instruction
(D) It develops emotion for each other

Ques 5. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a good TLM?
(A) Familiarity
(B) Costly
(C) Multiple utility
(D) Novelty

Ques 6. Multigrade teaching can be more effective by
(A) Proper use of time
(B) Proper involvement of the students
(C) Appropriate sitting arrangement
(D) Appropriate use of TLM

Ques 7. As a teacher, which of the following activities will you adopt to improve learning of weak students?
(A) Teaching lesson again and again
(B) Organizing exhibitions
(C) Conducting repeated examination
(D) Adopting of remedial teaching

Ques 8. How will you engage your students to learn for maximum time?
(A) Planning the class time carefully
(B) Engaging the students to work in groups
(C) Providing the students hands on experience
(D) Giving the students written work

Ques 9. Intradisciplinary integration refers to
(A) Integration of knowledge and skills of many subjects
(B) Integration of knowledge and skills of same subject
(C) Integration of knowledge and skills beyond the subjects
(D) Integration of both interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary

Ques 10. The main issue in the girls’ education is
(A) Access to the school
(B) Unfavourable school climate
(C) Discriminatory practices in the school
(D) All of the above

Ques 11. How will you use ICT in the classroom?
(A) In group discussions
(B) In activity organization
(C) In assessing the students
(D) In playing games

Ques 12. As a teacher, you should do formative assessment of your students to
(A) Improve teaching process
(B) Improve learning process
(C) Improve quality of students learning
(D) Discourage dropout of students

Ques 13. As a teacher, you must integrate textbooks for
(A) Effective learning of students
(B) Better teaching of teachers
(C) Effective learning of teachers
(D) Effective teaching and learning process

Ques 14. Which of the following is assessment for learning?
(A) Summative assessment
(B) Formative assessment
(C) Periodic assessment
(D) Diagnostic assessment

Ques 15. As a teacher, you must use teacher-made tests for
(A) Making assessment more continuous and comprehensive
(B) Easy assessment of students
(C) Identifying difficulties of the students
(D) Using assessment a tool for learning of the students

Question Nos. 16 to 30 are very short answer-type questions. Answer them very briefly :

Ques 16. Fill in the blank :
One of the factors affecting the learning process is _____ to learn.

Ques 17. Fill in the blank :
Competency in any area refers to _____ in a task or activity.

Ques 18. Which teaching-learning method will you use to show placement of poles in a bar magnet?

Ques 19. Fill in the blank :
Classroom organization is one of the most important aspect of _____ teaching.

Ques 20. What types of activities are essential for all-round development of the students?

Ques 21. Why is learner-friendly environment essential in a classroom?

Ques 22. Fill in the blank :
The materials for activity must be relevant, contextual and related to _____ experience.

Ques 23. Fill in the blank :
When there is integration within many subjects, it is called _____ integration.

Ques 24. How many units are there in a computer system?

Ques 25. What is the main reason of being disadvantaged for some children in the normal classroom condition?

Ques 26. As a teacher, what skill do you need to integrate ICT in the classroom?

Ques 27. What is the process called when the assessment of the students is done at a point of time?

Ques 28. What are the two broad types of test items?.

Ques 29. Why is feedback in assessment for learning important?

Ques 30. As a teacher, what will be your focus during reflection on student’s assessment?

Question Nos. 31 to 40 are short answer-type questions. Answer them briefly :

Ques 31. List out any four principles of discovery learning.

Ques 32. What type of approach to teaching and learning will you adopt for all-round development of your students? Discuss any one such method with an example based on your own experience.

Ques 33. What are the aspects of special attention in multilevel teaching? Explain any one.

Ques 34. Describe any two strategies for motivating the students to learn.

Ques 35. Why are concrete TLMs essentially required for children at primary level? Discuss any two points with suitable examples.

Ques 36. What is integrated learning? How many types of integrated curriculum are there?

Ques 37. How many categories are of children with special needs (CWSN)? Name them.

Ques 38. What types of models are available for integrating ICT in the classroom? Describe them in brief that why these are required.

Ques 39. Describe any two types of tools to collect quantitative data for evaluation.

Ques 40. What types of evaluation tools are required to assess the behavioural traits of students? Explain any two in brief.

Question Nos.  41 and 42 are long answer-type questions. Answer them elaborately :

Ques 41. State the characteristics of learning process. Describe the factors that affect the learning process of the children.

Ques 42. What are the dimensions to be included in Performance Report Card of the students and why? Explain each in brief.