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MSOE-004 Urban Sociology

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Book                           :        MSOE - 004 Urban Sociology

Author                        :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                            :        978-93-81066-70-6

Binding                       :        Paperback

Publisher                   :        Gullybaba Publishing House  (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages    :        225

Language                  :        English

Edition                        :        2016



MSOE - 004 Urban Sociology


Block- 1 Concepts
Unit-1 What is Urban Sociology?
Unit-2 Urban Centre, Urbanization and Urban Growth
Unit-3 City and Metropolis
Unit-4 Rural-Urban Continuum

Block- 2 Urban Ecological Processes and Theories
Unit-5 Invasion, Succession, Concentration, Centralization and Segregation
Unit-6 Models of Urban Growth: Concentric Zone, Sectors, Multiple Nuclei, Exploitative and Symbolic
Unit-7 Social Area Analysis and Recent Advances

Block- 3 Evolution of Indian Urban Structure
Unit-8 Ancient, Medieval and Colonial Cities: Case Studies
Unit-9 Typologies of Cities
Unit-10 Temporal Evolution of Ancient, Modern, Pre-Industrial and Industrial Cities
Unit-11 Functional Classification of Cities: Commercial, Administrative and Pilgrimage Towns
Unit-12 Trends and Pattern of Urbanization

Block- 4 Urban Sociology in India
Unit-13 Development of Urban Sociology
Unit-14 Urban Sociology in India

Block- 5 Urbanization and It’s Impact
Unit-15 Level, Trends and Patterns
Unit-16 Marriage, Family and Kinship
Unit-17 Traditional Neighbourhoods and Modern Cities
Unit-18 Urban Influences on Rural Areas

Block- 6 City and Occupations: Comparative Perspectives (Case Studies)
Unit-19 Formal Sector
Unit-20 Urban Informal Sector
Unit-21 Changing Occupational Structure and Impact of Economic Liberalization

Block- 7 Urban Issues in India
Unit-22 Poverty
Unit-23 Slums
Unit-24 Environment and Infrastructure

Block- 8 Urban Governance
Unit-25 Local Self-Government and the Emergence of Voluntary Organizations
Unit-26 Urban Planning
Unit-27 Media and Governance

1. Solution Paper - Dec 2007
2. Solution Paper - June 2008
3. Solution Paper - Dec 2008
4. Solution Paper - June 2009
5. Solution Paper - Dec 2009
6. Solution Paper - June 2010
7. Solution Paper - Dec 2010
8. Solution Paper - June 2011
9. Question Paper - Dec 2011
10. Question Paper - June 2012
11. Question Paper - Dec 2012
12. Question Paper - June 2013
13. Question Paper - Dec 2013
14. Question Paper - June 2014
15. Question Paper - Dec 2014
16. Question Paper - June 2015
17 Question Paper - Dec 2015

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