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MS42 Capital Investment And Financing Decision (IGNOU Help book for MS-42 in English Medium)

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Book                              :       MS-42 Capital Investment And Financing Decision

Author                           :       Sudhir Kochhar

ISBN                               :       978-93-81638-24-8                  

Binding                          :       Paperback

Publisher                      :       Gullybaba Publishing House  (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages       :       304

Language                     :       English









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MS - 42 Capital Investment & Financing Decision


Module- 1 Overview of Financial Decisions

Unit-1 Nature of Long Term Financial Decision
Unit-2 Cost of Capital
Unit-3 Capital Structure Decisions

Module- 2 Investment Decisions under Certainty

Unit-4 Project Planning
Unit-5 Capital Budgeting Decisions
Unit-6 Economic Appraisal
Unit-7 Project Monitoring and Control

Module- 3 Investment Decisions Under Uncertainty

Unit-8 Capital Budgeting Decisions and Capital Asset Pricing  Model
Unit-9 Project Evaluation Under Risk and Uncertainty
Unit-10 Risk Analysis in Investment Decision

Module- 4 Financing Decisions 

Unit-11 Financing through Domestic Capital Markets (Domestic Sources)
Unit-12 Globalisation of Financial Systems and Sources of Financing
Unit-13 Financing Through FIs
Unit-14 Other Modes of Financing

Module- 5 Strategic Financing Decisions

Unit-15 Management of Earnings
Unit-16 Financial Engineerings
Unit-17 Investors Relations
Unit-18 Financial Restructuring

1. Solution Paper - June 2007
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2007
3. Solution Paper - June 2008
4. Solution Paper - Dec 2008
5. Solution Paper - June 2009
6. Solution Paper - Dec 2009
7. Solution Paper - June 2010
8. Question Paper - Dec 2010
9. Solution Paper - June 2011
10. Question Paper - Dec 2011
11. Solution Paper - June 2012


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Language English
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