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MPA012 Administrative Theory (IGNOU Help book for MPA-012 in English Medium)

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Book                          :        MPA - 012 Administrative Theory  

Author                        :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                           :        978-93-81066-44-7 

Binding                       :        Paperback

Publisher                    :        Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages       :        270

Language                   :        English

Edition                        :        2019


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MPA-012 Administrative Theory

Chapter-1 Public Administration Meaning, Nature, Scopeand Importance
Chapter-2 Nature and Typologies of Organization
Chapter-3 Development and Growth of Administrative Theories

Chapter-4 Scientific Management Approach
Chapter-5 Administrative Management Approach
Chapter-6 Max Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy
Chapter-7 Critique of Bureaucracy
Chapter-8 Human Relations Approach
Chapter-9 Views of Herbert A. Simon on Decision-making in an Organization
Chapter-10 Organizational Structure, Processes and Functioning
Chapter-11 Socio-Psychological Approach: Views of Chris Argyris
Chapter-12 Socio-Psychological Approach: Views of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg
Chapter-13 Socio-Psychological Approach: Views of Douglas McGregor and Victor Vroom
Chapter-14 Open and Cooperative Systems
Chapter-15 Systems Approach: Views of David Easton and Chester Barnard
Chapter-16 Concept of Learning Organization
Chapter-17 New Organization Culture
Chapter-18 New Public Administration
Chapter-19 Perspective of Public Choice
Chapter-20 Pertinence of Critical Theory
Chapter-21 New Public Management Perspective
Chapter-22 State of Administrative Theory in 21st Century

1. Solution Paper - June 2007
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2007
3. Solution Paper - June 2009
4. Solution Paper - June 2010
5. Solution Paper - Dec 2010
6. Solution Paper - June 2011
7. Question Paper - Dec 2011
8. Question Paper - June 2012
9. Question Paper - Dec 2012
10. Question Paper - June 2013
11. Question Paper - Dec 2013
12. Question Paper - June 2014
13. Question Paper - Dec 2014
14. Question Paper - June 2015
15. Question Paper - Dec 2015
16. Solution Paper - June 2016
17. Solution Paper - Dec 2016
18. Solution Paper - June 2017
19. Question Paper - Dec 2017
20. Solution Paper - June 2018

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