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MHI5 History Of Indian Economy (IGNOU Help book for MHI-5 in Hindi Medium)

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Book                         :        MHI-5 History Of Indian Economy in Hindi Medium

Author                       :        Vimal Kumar Sharma, Kavita Saini 

ISBN                          :        81-89086-99-5

Binding                      :       Paperback

Publisher                   :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages       :       410

Language                   :       Hindi

Edition                        :       2018


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MHI-5 History Of Indian Economy In Hindi


Block- 1 Historiography, Environment and Economy
Unit-1 Historiography of the Pre-Colonial Economy – Ancient
Unit-2 Historiography of the Pre-Colonial Period – Medieval
Unit-3 Historiography of the Colonial Economy
Unit-4 Environmental Zones and Indian Economy History

Block- 2 Emergence and Structure of Complex Economy
Unit-5 Origins of Agriculture, Animal Domestication,Craft production to Urbanisation (Case of the Harappan Civilisation)
Unit-6 Archaeology and Geography of Agricultural and Pastora Communities of the Subcontinent to the Middle of the First Millennium B.C.
Unit-7 Comparative Structures of Economies in Some Early States (Maurya, Kushana, Satavahana, Gupta)
Unit-8 Patterns of Trade, Urbanisation and Linkages: North India (C. 600 BC-300 AD)
Unit-9 Patterns of Trade, Urbanisation and Linkages: Peninsular India (C. 300 BC to AD 300)

Block- 3 Early Medieval Economy and its Continuities
Unit-10 The Feudalism Debate in Indian History
Unit-11 Organisation of Agricultural and Craft Production: North India, c. AD 550 – c. AD 1300
Unit-12 Natural of Stratification and Regional Profiles of Agrarian Society in Early Medieval North India, c. AD 550 – c. AD 1300
Unit-13 Organisation of Agricultural and Crafts Production, Regional Profiles of Agrarian Society, Nature of Stratification: South India
Unit-14 Trade, Trading Networks and Urbanisation: North India, c. AD 300 – c. AD 1300
Unit-15 Exchange Networks, Merchant Organisation and Urbanisation: South India

Block- 4 Expansion and Growth of Medieval Economy-1
Unit-16 Agricultural Production
Unit-17 Agrarian Structure: Relations
Unit-18 Non-Agricultural Production
Unit-19 Taxation
Unit-20 Urban Centres in Medieval India

Block- 5 Expansion and Growth of Medieval Economy-2
Unit-21 Inland and Maritime Trade
Unit-22 Business Practices and Monetary History
Unit-23 Technology and Economy
Unit-24 Transport and Communication
Unit-25 Eighteenth Century in Indian History

Block- 6 Trade and Markets
Unit-26 Merchants and Markets: 1757-1857
Unit-27 Colonialism and Trade: 1857-1947

Block- 7 The Rural Economy
Unit-28 Agrarian Policy and Land Rights
Unit-29 Patterns of Commercialisation
Unit-30 Forest Economies in Colonial India
Unit-31 Demographic Change and Agrarian Society in Colonial India
Unit-32 Tribal Society and Colonial Economy
Unit-33 The Question of Agrarian Growth and Stagnation

Block- 8 Craft Production, Technological Change and Industrialisation
Unit-34 The De-industrialization Debate
Unit-35 Crafts Industries and Small Scale Production
Unit-36 Patterns of Industrialization
Unit-37 Technology, Science and Empire
Unit-38 From Planned Economy to Globalisation
Unit-39 The Political Economy of Liberalisation

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